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History Repeats Itself

FINAL CHAPTER AND ORIGIONAL ENDING POSTED!! History has a tendancy to repeat, whether we like it or not. We all know what happened in New Moon, Edward left Bella. What if they meet again in the future and Bella is a vampire that goes by Abi White? Will he find out her true identity, and if he does, will she take him back?


1. Goodbye, Bella

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“Take care of yourself.” He breathed, cool against my skin.

There was a light, unnatural breeze. I slowly opened my eyes. He was gone. I walked deeper into the woods in disbelief.

I stopped, twenty minutes later, and sat in a small hole surrounded by bushes. I was totally invisible to anyone who walked by. Tired, I rested my head on my knees and cried until I fell asleep.

I awoke on my back. When I opened my eyes, my vision was blurred by raindrops. I couldn't see well, but I still knew what I saw. Fire.

Suddenly, I realized Edward was gone. I had nobody, no reason to live. I closed my eyes and waited for the fire to reach me.

It reached my hand first, and then spread up my arm. Minutes later, I was completely engulfed in flames. I opened my eyes and only saw trees. I was too weak to do anything, even move or scream.

Then, I saw her. Victoria was standing right beside me with a satisfied look upon her face. I closed my eyes but it didn’t help. The fire raged on. After what felt like an eternity, I drifted out of consciousness.

When I woke up, I could feel the remains of the fire. It hurt, but it was tolerable.

I sat up slowly. It took no effort to move because I was incredibly strong; because I was a vampire.

I pushed the sleeve on my right arm up. There were faint, fading outlines of crescent shaped scars running up my arm. I counted a total of eight. Victoria bit me eight times.

Fighting the weak fire, I stood up. I knew that since I still had venom in my veins, running would be hard. I walked through the woods, away from Charlie’s house. I had to hunt and leave.

Soon, I stumbled across a young deer. Turning myself over to my senses, I attacked it. When my thirst was quenched, I began walking again.

After a few hours, the fire had worn off. Now I’ll try running, I thought. I took off. I felt like I was flying. Running was effortless and since I was a vampire, I wasn’t clumsy. I followed the roads to Port Angeles, staying out of the line of sight of people on the road.

Once I was there, I took all of my money out of my bank account, and then walked into the nearest drugstore. I picked up a pair of scissors, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick, then walked to the register.

“Hello.” The cashier said warmly.

“Um, hi.” I replied then tensed up. She smelled utterly delicious.

“Are you new here?” she asked. “I don’t recognize you.”

“I’m from Phoenix.” I said hastily, holding my breath and hoping not to kill her.

She nodded, handed me a bag and my change then said “Have a nice day.” I nodded and walked out of the little store quickly.

I ran across the street and into a gas station’s bathroom. I pulled out the scissors and looked into the mirror for the first time. My hair was a dark brown, with lighter highlights. My facial features were smaller and more perfect. My eyes were a dark red with a bit of gold on the outside. They were red from my own blood.

I got to work quickly. I cut off my hair at my shoulders and gave myself side bangs that reached slightly below my cheek bones. I put on a light pink eye shadow and eyeliner on my upper lids. Then I applied eyeliner heavily on my lower eyelid so I wouldn’t look like Isabella Swan. I swiped on mascara and lipstick as a finishing touch.

I looked great, to my utmost surprise. Apparently, vampires have really steady hands. After I looked like a different person, I set out in search of a car. I found a silver Volvo, how ironic, with the keys in the ignition.

I jumped in and almost gagged. The car smelled like smoke. I held my breath, put the car in drive and drove.

I can’t be Bella Swan anymore, I thought. I can’t. I am a different person.