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History Repeats Itself

FINAL CHAPTER AND ORIGIONAL ENDING POSTED!! History has a tendancy to repeat, whether we like it or not. We all know what happened in New Moon, Edward left Bella. What if they meet again in the future and Bella is a vampire that goes by Abi White? Will he find out her true identity, and if he does, will she take him back?


3. Reunion

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The next day, I talked to Alice in the locker room before gym. I asked about Bella and she talked about who I used to be in great detail, including the fact that I blushed a lot. She explained that Edward lied to me when he left, which only made me angrier at him.

Once we were ready for gym, we walked outside to the football field. Alice and I had a large part in kicking the boys’ butts in flag football. Edward was humiliated. I bet that he couldn’t believe girls would be so good at sports. Alice and I did a careful high-five, so that we wouldn’t sound like boulders colliding.

After gym, Alice told me more about Bella. She told me how irresistible my blood was when James nearly killed me. She said that it was hard to resist my blood, but harder to think about Edward and what would have happened if he hadn’t resisted. I had had no idea how good my blood smelled until I was a vampire and could fully understand that blood gave off a pleasant aroma.

During lunch, I told Kimmy and Drew what Alice said about Bella. I was careful to leave out anything that would give them a clue that it was me. I also left out the part about how I used to blush, because I knew it would only embarrass me if they ever found out who I was.

“Wow,” Drew said. “I never would have left Bella. She seems like a hilarious human.” I couldn’t believe how much he reminded me of Emmett when he said that.

“Well, I can’t believe he left her,” Kimmy put in. “He was such an idiot. It was for Bella’s own good, but still, he should have known what leaving would do to her. He lied and said he didn’t love her, which probably drove her to suicide.” I agreed with every word she said.

After school, we ran into Emmett in the parking lot. He was still so... big. Drew stared at him in fear and awe. I bet he was wondering what someone like Emmett could do to a small person like Drew.

“Hello,” I said casually. “Do you need something?”

“Alice saw Carlisle inviting your family over, so she wants to know if you would like to come to our house.” Emmett explained. “You don’t have to come, but Carlisle would probably want you to.”

“Who is Carlisle?” Drew asked suspiciously. “What do you mean by ‘Alice saw’ Carlisle inviting us over?”

“Carlisle is the leader of our coven and he is our ‘dad’.” Emmett explained, putting air quotes around the word “Dad”. “Alice sees the future. She sees the decisions people make, and if they change their mind, her vision changes.”

“We’ll come over,” Kimmy promised.

“You will have to show us where you live, though.” I added so I wouldn’t give myself away when I miraculously knew where they lived.

“Sure,” Emmett said. “We will follow you to your house so you can pick up the rest of your family, then you can follow us to our house.” I nodded and headed for our car.

When we reached our house, Drew and I got out of the car and started up the stairs of our front porch. Looking back, I saw the Cullens, taking up every seat in their Volvo. Edward, Jasper, and Alice were looking at me expectantly, while Rosalie examined her perfect face in a handheld mirror and Emmett was staring at her.

I followed Drew inside and inhaled. Heather and Michael were home.

“Hey!” Drew called, “We are invited to the Cullen’s house. Get in your car and follow us!”

They were in front of us almost instantly. Michael looked tired and annoyed, even though he didn’t need to sleep. Heather’s face had a kind expression, even though I could tell that she would rather stay home. Too bad for them, we were going to the Cullen’s house whether they (or me) liked it or not.

“Who are the Cullens?” Michael asked, sounding uninterested. “Are they human?”

“They are vampires that are…like us.” I said carefully. “They invited us to their house.” I looked up at Heather and she nodded.

I heard a car door close outside, followed by a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Michael muttered and Edward stepped inside. I saw him inhale deeply, and smiled to myself. I rarely spent time inside, so it wouldn’t give off a smell that he would recognize.

“Would you like to stop by our house?” Edward asked smoothly. “They would like to meet you.”

“We would be glad to come.” Heather said. Edward nodded, and she pulled Michael into the garage.

When we arrived at the Cullen house, we followed Alice to the front door. Carlisle and Esme greeted us there. The house looked almost exactly as it had sixty years ago.

“Please, come in.” Carlisle said, holding the door. Once everyone was inside, he introduced everyone in his coven.

I introduced my family, and they looked at me curiously. I knew that they knew there was something familiar about me, but they didn’t know what. I raised my eyebrows, and they looked away. God, I missed them. I had already forgiven Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Emmett in my mind. I was never mad at Jasper because I had soon found out how hard it was to resist spilled blood. Rosalie was never very kind to me, and I didn’t plan on getting to know her, so I didn’t hold anything against her. There was only one person I had left unforgiven. It was the one who had stolen my heart and then broken it.

I heard Heather mention their house, but I didn’t know exactly what she said. I was busy thinking about what had happened the last time I had been inside this house. Alice threw a huge party for my eighteenth birthday, and everyone was extremely kind. Then, I got a paper cut and was almost attacked. I was sent flying into a pile of glass plates, and Carlisle had to stitch up my arm. It seemed like yesterday.

When my thoughts were finally turned back to the present, I realized that I was standing alone. Heather and Esme were talking quietly about interior decorating, and Drew, Jasper, and Emmett were talking about baseball. I was pretty sure that Carlisle had taken Michael up to his study to tell the Cullen family history, and Kimmy, Alice, and Rosalie were upstairs trying on clothing (go figure). The only people who weren’t pulled into a discussion were Edward and me.

“Hello Abi.” He breathed from behind me. I could smell his breath and it was wonderful.


“How old were you when you were changed?” he asked.

“I was changed when I was eighteen.” I said quietly. I knew he would realize I was Bella, even if he wouldn’t say anything. I said the first thing that came to my mind.

“I lived in Montana.” I said quickly. Where did that come from? “I was a terminal cancer patient. I was wandering around outside during the night and I passed out. I woke up as a vampire.”

“Oh.” He whispered quietly. “Well, I was dying from the Spanish Influenza when Carlisle found me.”

I nodded, knowing the whole story. Talking to him was beginning to make me uncomfortable. I felt like history was repeating itself. I would fall in love, and he would stop loving me.

“I’m going to go find Carlisle and Michael,” I said quickly.

“I’ll show you where they are,” he volunteered. “I have nothing else to do.”

“No,” I said forcefully. Then, my voice softened and I said “You should meet the rest of my family.” I ran up the stairs, leaving Edward behind. When I reached the top, I slowed to a walking pace, pretending to look for Carlisle’s office. I couldn’t believe this. It was like a family reunion, everyone was like family. For me, it was, but nobody knew it.

I listened to the story of the Cullen family, and nodded at appropriate times. Inside, I wanted to leave. After he was done, I ran outside like a kid going to recess. The sun was starting to peek out from behind the omnipresent clouds. I stepped into the light, feeling the sun’s warmth. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed these simple pleasures. I closed my eyes. What will I do? I thought, Edward will figure me out. We will have to move again.

Something touched my arm and I immediately punched it its direction. My “attacker” fell to the ground and I spun around to see who it was. Edward was lying on the ground behind me with a confused and surprised look on his face.

“Sorry to bother you,” he began with wide eyes. “Why don’t you glitter?” His expression was so comical that I doubled over laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Edward asked, jumping to his feet in embarrassment.

“Your stupid expression!” I cried, gasping for breath.

“I wanted to talk to you. You looked so beautiful standing out here.” He told me, his golden eyes shining.

I turned away from his penetrating gaze so that I would be able to get mad. Once I had recollected myself, I spun back around and hissed “How dare you say that to me! Leave me alone!”

I took off running, leaving Edward far behind. Blinded by anger, I didn’t stop until I was hit by a disgusting smell. I stopped to look around.

“Don’t move, parasite!” a voice behind me shouted.