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History Repeats Itself

FINAL CHAPTER AND ORIGIONAL ENDING POSTED!! History has a tendancy to repeat, whether we like it or not. We all know what happened in New Moon, Edward left Bella. What if they meet again in the future and Bella is a vampire that goes by Abi White? Will he find out her true identity, and if he does, will she take him back?


8. The Meadow

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Back at home I was mobbed with questions.

“Where were you?”

“Why do you smell so disgusting?”

“It’s almost noon! What took so long for you to get back?”

“What the heck were you doing?”

Avoiding these questions with meaningless mutters, I headed to my room. I did my homework, which took about a minute. Spring break would be over in a few days, and a few weeks later was prom.

I began to daydream, but I always ended up feeling guilty about getting so mad. Finally, I stood up and ran from my bedroom to the Cullen house without stopping. I knocked on the door lightly and Esme opened it.

“Hello Esme,” I said before she could open the door all the way. “Listen, I’m sorry I’ve been so rude lately. I’m not used to there being vampires other than my family around.” I didn’t have to mention the fact that a certain vampire had broken my heart and lied to me.

“Oh, its fine, Abi,” she assured me. “We’re not accustomed to living so close to other vampires ourselves.”

“Do you know where I could find Edward?”

“He is up in his room.” she rolled her eyes. “He listens to way too much music.” I nodded and ran upstairs.

His room was almost exactly the same as it was sixty years ago, except there were a lot more CD’s, a high-tech music player, and a newer sofa.

“Why do you still have CD’s?” I asked.

“I’m an old fashioned person,” he replied, looking out his wall sized window. I sat down beside him and followed his gaze. I didn’t see anything worth looking at.

Finally, he said “I’m trying to forget Bella. You are going to be my new life.”

“I didn’t come here to tell you to forget,” I turned to look at him. “I came to apologize.” He stared at me in disbelief. I could tell he hadn’t been expecting this. “I’m sorry I was so rude to you. I’m sorry about Bella and I’m sorry I judged you and tried to avoid you so many times. I’m also sorry I reek of wolf. I ran into one earlier.” We both looked at each other and grinned, but then his face became serious.

“I’m sorry that I compared you to Bella. I’m sorry that I brought back your bad memories, and I’m sorry that I love you.”

“For your information, I love you too,” I told him, smiling pleasantly. He wrapped his arm around me and I leaned my head against his shoulder.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, but eventually Alice walked in.

“Edward!” she complained, “Emmett keeps cheating-” she stopped complaining when she saw me, then said “Oh… I’m sorry to-”

“It’s fine.” I assured her. “Oh, and sorry about earlier. I’m not usually like that.”

“Um… okay…” My sudden apology had clearly confused her.

“So what is Emmett doing?”

“Being an unfair arm wrestler!” she said with a grin, “He keeps lifting his elbow.”

“Well,” I plotted. “We are going to fix that.”

The kitchen was a mess when we walked in. There were large pieces of what used to be a kitchen table. Emmett and Jasper were lying on the floor, arm wrestling. Emmett’s elbow was about a half inch above the floor. I’ll fix that, I thought as I jumped on his back and attempted to hold his arm down. It didn’t work. I tried to hold it down with my foot , but it still wouldn’t budge. With his free arm, he pushed me away.

Eventually, Alice began to help me. Minutes later, Edward was also trying to hold down Emmett’s arm. By then, Jasper was pretty annoyed, so he got up and tackled Emmett. In a pathetic attempt to defend her man, Rosalie started hitting Jasper, and Alice started fighting her. It became a giant dog pile. Everyone was trying to get out from under the person on top, but nobody could escape Emmett.

After everyone had either given up or lost interest, I left for home. Halfway there, I realized someone was following me.

I turned around and rushed at them head on. The person stumbled backwards and fell. I then realized it was Edward.

“Sorry!” I giggled. His shocked expression was too much for me and I couldn’t suppress my laughter. He just stared at me, wondering what to say.

Finally, he sprang up was said “I was going to walk you home, but I didn’t want to interrupt your thoughts.” I rolled my eyes and started walking. Following, he asked “May I show you something?”

I nodded and he started running. Soon, I had caught up. He seemed surprised that I was as fast as he was.

When we finally stopped, I realized where we were. We were in the meadow. I gasped. It had hardly changed.

“This is where I come to relax,” he sat down in the grass. “It’s really peaceful, isn’t it?”

“It’s… beautiful…”

“I came here with B- I mean, this place has many memories attached to it.” He told me.

I moved to the center of the clearing, a few weak rays of sun warmed my cold skin. Edward came to join me. I sucked in a breath as his cold skin started glittering beautifully. I sank slowly to the ground; the sense of deja vu was over powering. Edward sat down too. We stared at each other for a moment, and without thinking, I leaned forward and kissed him. It was even better than I had remembered. I was lost in the kiss. I couldn’t hear, see, or hear anything other than him. Suddenly, it was over. I fell back, dazed, as Edward rammed into an orange haired vampire. I flew back into reality pretty quickly. Victoria! She was intent on hurting him through me. I jumped up to help Edward, but he pulled me back.

“No,” He growled, lunging at Victoria again. I couldn’t force myself to let him fight alone. I had to help!

“I can fight too,” I shouted. “I’m not still human!” That made Edward stop for a moment to stare at me. Just long enough for Victoria to lunge again.

“No!” I cried, flying in front of him and flinging her in another direction. Edward jolted back into reality and jumped onto Victoria’s back. His mouth brushed across her neck, like a caress. He could have been kissing her, and then her head was no longer connected to the rest of her body. The head fell to the ground and bounced once before rolling to the trees.

I blinked and turned to stare at Edward. He stared back, wary of my reaction.

“That was… cool.” I glanced at Victoria’s corpse.

Edward smiled crookedly, and if I still had a heart, it would have stopped. “Yeah, a crazed vampire attacking us, just part of the day right?” He wrapped his arm around me “Still, I wonder why she was attacking us.”

I tensed, “Um, did you know her?”

“Yeah,” he frowned. “I killed her mate so she went after Bella.” He had paused before he said Bella’s name. This was obviously a painful subject.

“When I left, I tracked Victoria down south, but lost her trail. She must have come back to Forks… and…” he stopped.

Edward wrinkled his brow for a moment. “Why was Victoria trying to kill you?”

“Oh, um… I have no idea. Maybe she just doesn’t like you.”

“That would explain it,” Edward looked at me, his eyes full or protection. “Victoria must still hold a vendetta. I suppose killing one wasn’t enough.”

He looked so sad that it was easy to believe he still loved my as Bella, though it was probably just guilt since he thought I’d died.

“I’m going to go home, I really need to think,” I said.

“I’ll take you home.”

We walked in silence. Edward was obviously giving me my “thinking time”.

Okay, first thing first. We met and he said he loved me. Then he left and told me he didn’t. I’m obviously still in love but he could be lying again. Or he could have lied when he left. But he did before too. He seems so sincere. But he did before too. Did he not love Bella but he loves Abi? Is that even possible? Why would he lie? Why wouldn’t he? Ugh, too many questions! Only one way to get an answer…

“Please tell me what you’re thinking,” Edward pleaded suddenly.

“Oh, well… I’m wondering if you’re for real.” I admitted.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you left Bella, lied to her, broke all of your promises-”


I couldn’t stop now that I’d started, “Broke her heart and left her alone, left her weak and vulnerable, caused her so much pain, and killed her in the end. She trusted you, depended on you, and loved you but you left her.” I was almost shouting now. “How do you know that it won’t happen again? Its happened to me before and I won’t be able to stand it if it happens again!”

Suddenly I was in Edward’s arms.

“Leaving Bella was a stupid decision. I was trying to protect her. I didn’t want to leave.”

“But…” I paused, “Do you still love her?”

Edward looked into my eyes for a moment. “No, I love you.”

I was falling in love with him. History would repeat itself whether I liked it or not.