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Memoirs of a Protestants Son

What was his childhood like; how does he remember his immediate afterlife? What made Carlisle who he is today? Enemies, friends, and the love of his life create a compelling story.

I came up with the idea of this story while I was reading Twilight back in 2005, but I never wrote it down. When I finished Eclipse, I just thought to myself: "Why not?" So I wrote the entire story in one sitting.

2. Chapter 2

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My entries in these memoirs are not needed for myself, for I can remember every slight detail of what happened. It’s amazing really. Back when I was a child I believed I existed for no reason—only to take over my father’s church. I always thought that I would grow to be exactly like him. I still see parts of him now, but at least now I, Carlisle Cullen, have a purpose.

Carlisle sat in the wooden chair next to his father’s bed. He looked so weak and yet so demanding. His father was asleep, so Carlisle had the chance to truly look at someone he had been calling father for the last twenty years.

His hair was grey, but there were still the hints of brown in it. Linny had told Carlisle as a child that he had gotten his blonde hair from his mother.Carlisle had always loved it when Linny would talk about his mother. His father never brought her up, and when he did, it was to blame Carlisle. Now, Carlisle took in the wrinkles, crow’s-feet, and slight eyebrows. If someone had never met this man before, they would find him gentle, almost loving. Carlisle knew better than that.

For the past few months, Carlisle had taken it upon himself to lead the services at the church. Carlisle knew that his father no longer had the health to run the church. He didn’t even need to ask, he knew it would come, and he took it the day he saw his father fall that day.

Carlisle sat and waited for his father to wake. He looked around the almost empty room. His eyes rested on the portrait of his mother. When Carlisle was a small child, he would sneak in here and sit and watch his mother. At times he would pray that she were alive, but God never listened. Carlisle knew that He had better things to do than to listen to a small boy. Carlisle picked up his father’s Bible off of the night stand and began to read. He got part way through the Gospel according to Luke, when his father woke up.

“Good morning, father.” Carlisle said, smiling slightly. He closed the Bible and placed it back on the table. “Did you rest well?”

“I might have slept a little more than you, son.” His father coughed into his hand. He wiped his mouth and then dragged his hand along his night sheet.

“I believe you did.” Carlisle rolled up his sleeves.

“Did Linny tell you to watch over me?”

“Like a Hawk.” Carlisle answered. He was pleased to see his father smile. His father coughed again.

“I suppose it’s a good thing. I am not going to be around much longer…” He coughed again, and blood came into his hand. Carlisle stood up quickly and began walking to the door.

“I’ll go get Libby…”

“No. Son... Come here.” Carlisle turned around and returned to his seat. “I’m fine. I need to tell you something.”

“Yes, father?” Carlisle was interested and leaned forward in his seat.

“The past years, you have proved exceptional in the church.” Cough. “You show your obedience to Christ your father, as well as I.” Cough. “I am proud to have you as a son and follower.”

“Thank you, father.”

“Although you have disobeyed me from time to time, I know that you will be a great leader of the church. I have something I need to tell you.” Carlisle leaned his elbows on his father’s bedside.

“The hunts that my people and I have gone on…”

“For the Catholics?”

“We were never truly looking for Catholics. It was creatures we searched.”

“Like coyotes?” Carlisle asked.

“No. Blood suckers…. Vampires. Magic’s – Witches...” Carlisle’s father creased his forehead. Carlisle laughed.

“They don’t exist, father.”

“They do. I have hunted and killed hundreds in my life. Hundreds. And you will take over when I am gone.” His father coughed again. Carlisle didn’t answer him. He sat up straighter. “Promise me, Carlisle.”

Carlisle took in a deep, long breath.

“I promise, father.” Carlisle said, kissing his fathers hand.

My father died less than a month later, but I had started to hunt with his men before his pass. He had said he had found so many vampires and other hell creatures, but it was harder for me to find them. I hunted for four years and found only a dozen or so creatures. I killed them all. It was on one autumn night that they killed me.