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Love is Leaving

My version of the day Charlie's love walked out of his life ...

I own none of the character's mentioned. Everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer, I'm only borrowing them for a while.

1. Don't leave me

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Her eyes were glistening with tears of fury as she clutched onto our baby. A packed bag was slung carelessly over her left shoulder while she used her right shoulder to try and calm the loud noises that were coming from my little Isabella's rosebud mouth. The poor child had no idea what was going on but she could sense the tension that was rising between both me and her mother. Suddenly an overwhelming sense of recognition crashed over me when I saw Renée's mouth sit firmly into a stubborn line. I wanted to reach out and caress the stressed corners of her lips before pulling her back into my arms. Where she belonged. Forever.

But she kept a certain amount of distance between us. I tried to reach out for her but she shook her head angrily and stepped backwards to the front door. “No Charlie,” she said firmly, while the sounds coming from Bella's mouth increased.

“Renée, please. We can wo-”

“We can what? Work this out? I don't think so,” she returned sharply before backing up towards the door once more. “I'm fed up with this stupid town; this stupid rain and the same stupid people.”

A flame of annoyance flared up in my chest alongside all the other emotions that were raging inside me. I hated it when she insulted Forks. This was my home and I loved it with the every fibre of my being. Even if it rained it's heart out constantly.

“You don't mean that,” I flashed back, a slight edge to my voice.

She scoffed at that. “For God's sake Charlie! Can't you see anything further than your own desires? I hate this place! I don't want my child growing up here where all she'll see is dark clouds and the heaven opening up every five seconds. I want her to enjoy the weather not despise it.”

My eyes flashed with anger but I managed to keep my temper under control. The only betrayal of the feelings that were bubbling furiously from within me was the slight rise in my tone. “You're being hysterical. How can you leave me, and take everything I love in this world with you, just because of the weather?”

“It's not just the weather!” she practically screamed. I froze in shock and so did Bella. Her crying paused, if only for a second, before she started up again. Louder than before. My heart ached at the gut wrenching sound of her cries yet her mother stayed unmoved. Renée simply glared at me as her tears began to dry on her cheeks. I opened my mouth to retort back but decided against it. How was arguing with her going to get my beloved Renée to stay with me?

I stared back into her eyes, looking deep into her beauty, as I silently pleaded for her to stay. She couldn't leave. I would never survive without her. She was my world and my little Bella was the sun that kept my world alive. How could I live without the two most important things to me?

“Renée, whatever I've done to you I'm sorry. I truly mean it. If you want to leave Forks then I'll ... leave Forks with you. I'll try. For you.”

For a moment I thought my words had worked. My wife's face softened slightly and tears began to well up in her eyes once more. I took a cautious step closer to her and held up my hands in a sign of defeat - showing I meant no harm. She didn't move. I took this as a good sign and made another step closer until I finally managed to wrap her up in my arms and held her tightly. Her body stood flush against mine. A perfect fit. Even Bella's cries calmed down into a soft sniffle.

“I love you Renée. I love you so much. Please, don't leave ...”

I heard a sob escape from her chest as she dropped the bag off her shoulder and clutched her free arm around my body. I held her tighter and rained kisses down onto her hair. Hope dominated throughout me as I triumphantly whispered a thousand apologises and 'I love you's into her ear. I was too preoccupied with keeping Renée with me that I didn't feel her arm drop from holding onto me and slip inbetween us to push me away. Shock flooded my veins although it was quickly followed by a strong dose of pain and rejection. This couldn't mean what I thought I meant, could it?

“That's just the point,” she whispered hoarsely, “You love me but I know that you love Forks more. You wouldn't be able to survive without Forks and in being the woman who loves you, I understand and accept this. I wouldn't be able to take you away from it. I'm leaving you Charlie. I think it's best that way.”

Slowly she leaned down to pick up the bag and turned to walk out of the door. A mixture of emotions swept over me suddenly as I stood rooted to the spot watching the woman I love walk out of my life. The most dominant, however, was refusal. I could not and would not allow her to leave. Especially not with my precious Isabella as well.

At last I managed to move as I ran out of the house and into the street. She had already taken the car and was speeding away from me, faster than I thought possible. I could still hear my baby's wails as her mother pressed down harder on the accelerator and gained speed by the second. “Renée!” I called after her, pushing my legs to their limit to catch up with her. “Renée please!”

It wasn't long before she was out of my sight and all I could see was the dimness of the streets. I slowed to a stop, watching the spot where I last saw her tail lights disappear from view, and fell to my knees in the middle of the road. I didn't care that I was committing a dangerous - not to mention illegal - act. I only buried my face into my hands and let the first amount of tears fall freely.