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Fairy Tale

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1. Chapter 1

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"Isabella Swan, over the past few weeks you grades have dropped tremendously. What's going on, this isn't like you?!" Mr. Varner demanded an explanation for the latest slip in my grades. It was true; since Edward and I began spending more time together I've been letting my grades slip.

"I...I...have... been..." was all I could spit out before the door swung open. There, walking towards us was Edward. He had been waiting outside the door and must have heard some nasty thoughts from Mr. Varner.

"Bella's dad just called the office and needs to talk to her about a family matter." Edward purred, grabbing my hand and pulled me out the door before Mr. Varner could protest.

"Thank you, our conversation was just about to get ugly." I said as we stepped outside and headed for his car.

"You have no idea." He said, causing me to burst out laughing. He gave me his heart-stopping crooked smile as he reached for the car door, kindly opening it for me. Just as I slid in my seat, Edward was already starting the car and waiting for me. You would think after him driving me home for the past month I would get used to it, but a vampire boyfriend isn’t something you get used to.

"So have any plans for this weekend? I was hoping to take you somewhere special." Edward said, finally pulling out of the school parking lost.

"I up for anything, I just have to do laundry and study for the math test."

"Don't hurt yourself." He said with a chuckle.

"The worst part is, you're serious. Just because two months ago, I decided to throw another shirt in the wash and it had already started and I opened it up and just as I pushed down the shirt to soak it, the lid closed and started the machine and I ended up breaking two of my fingers doesn't mean you can keep picking on me!" I yelled looking out the window just to discover my own front yard.

"So I'll pick you up at twelve. Be ready, ok." Edward said, leaning over. My heart skipped a beat as his cool lips touched my cheek. I took in a deep breath, taking in his sweet sent. He got out and in a flash, opened my door again. I stepped out and before I could say bye, his car vanished into the distance. Charlie wasn't home yet but I decided to go ahead and start dinner. I heated up lasagna from the night before and as I was setting the table, Charlie sauntered in. "Is lasagna ok with you?" I asked as he sat down for dinner.

"Yeah. Hey do you have any plans for tomorrow? I was planning on going to Billy's, if that's ok with you."

"Edward is taking me somewhere at twelve." I answered taking a bite. Dinner was quiet after that. When we were done Charlie watched T.V. and I went to bed early, wondering what Edward had planned for us.