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Quality Time

rosalie and bella spend time together for the first time....does anyone get hurt? *********SPOILERS*************

this is my first time writing something in rosalie's view. please review. If you don't like it please tell me what you don't like.

1. Quality Time

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Sleep. I wish so badly to sleep. That's number two on my list of hating to be a vampire. Today I stayed home from hunting with my family to think. Which probably was not a good idea on my part. I just needed the time to think. After the whole incident of my brother going to Volturi to die because of me; I've felt like crap. I knew I should have not called him. It was rotten of me to. I hate being wrong. I also hate saying sorry. Saying sorry is very hard for me. It was even hard during my time of being human. I guess I brought that characteristic with me to this damned life. If it wasn't for Bel-. "Bella" I said out loud. I'm so glad Bella risked her life to save my brother because my stupid actions. I still don't like her though. I hate to admit it, but she's a worthless human and I don't see the point of Edward loving her. I don't really care for her. To be honest I don't know her. If I try my hardest I can see her like family. It's so hard though. She knows our secret and she's human. Oh, how I envy her for that reason. Wouldn't it be the right thing for me to accept her and let her in. Ugh! I hate the right thing. I need to do this for the family as much as I don't want to. I can't! I can! I won't! I will! I can and will do this. I just have to "let go".This is so hard. Why do I have to be like this. Think of how happy Emmett would be. Maybe Edward would hate me less. What can I do to get to know Bella? I could show up at her door. No! I could go out hunting and do it later. No! Alone would be better. Why does it have to be so hard? I will call her and invite her over. No! Would she even come? Should I call her? I hate this.......I'm having a war inside of me because of Bella. Should I call her? No...yes! I need to get to know her. I'm so confused. I don't know anything anymore. "Let go"

"That's it! I screamed to an empty house. I'm calling Bella." Picking up the phone and dialing was very difficult because I kept shaking. When I finally pulled myself together I called.

"Hello?" Bella's voice chimed .

"Hello, Bella this is Rosalie." I said very fast fidgeting.

"Oh, hi. Do you need anything?" Bella asked confused.

"Ummmm.....well yes. I was wondering if you would want to come over and hang out with me. Edward and everyone is out and I wanted to spend time with you. I decided I wanted to get to know you better." I said nervously. Bella went dead silent. After a long moment she responded.

"Yes, sounds fun I'll be there soon." She said cautiously.

"Ok, Bella. See you soon! Bye!" I added a bit to cheery. Then the phone went dead. I went nuts. I can't believe I invited Bella over to hang out with me. Have I utterly lost my mind! I brushed my hair countless times, washed up, and changed. For some reason unknown to me I did it all at human speed. After all that nonsense I sat down to calm my nerves by reading a relationship book. Half way through the 2nd chapter I heard the roar of that piece of junk she drove. I looked out the window and waved halfheartedly. She did the same. When I opened the door I greeted her. Rose you have utterly lost your mind. Why are you acting like this. Stop it. She's just a petty human and your just doing this to please.

"Hey Bella!" I said happily. I think my happiness caught her off guard as well as it did me.

" Hey Rosalie. What do you want to do today?" She said with a timid smile upon her lips. Think rose! Think! I have nothing planned. Damn. I do have dresses we could try on. we could also do our make-up and hair. Yeah. After she leaves I will burn my stuff.

"Well I have a bunch of dresses and new make-up. Would you like to play dress-up with me?" I said with a small smile.

"Sounds fun." She said with another timid smile.

"Well, Ok then lets start off with dresses. I grabbed her hand without even thinking and started to run up the stairs at a human speed. Bella ran with me. Her heart rate going off the chart. Oh my god I grabbed her hand?!?!?!?!rose you have lost your mind. Why would you touch her.I guess me being nervous of her being here hanging out with me for the first time overwhelmed me. I couldn't help but be nervous. The feeling was so strong it made my body shake. I never did this with anyone before. Not even Alice. I mean we would get dressed together but we knew everything we were using and wearing and didn't really talk or have fun. I ripped out this metallic blue dress. It had a slit up the leg. It would look perfect with Bella's skin. I had to let go of everything and forget. I needed to have fun and let Bella in. So I did. You'll never wear that dress again so give it to her.

"This is so you Bella. It goes with your skin very well."

"Really? I like it too." Bella squeaked nervously.

"Try it on my friend!" oh lord I called her friend. This is so weird. Its kinda fun though.I mean I have complete control over her. Rose hold yourself together. Remember "let go."

"Alright." Bella said as she walked into my bathroom to change. When she came out I gasped. Maybe the gasp was to much. I'm not use to this. I still feel funny. I'm guessing she does too. Butter up to her and say a nice thing to her. Should I just say you look humanly nice? No......make it interesting.

"Ow, ow! Sexy Bella! Now if my brother seen you he would fall over." I said happily. That was so unlike me to flat out say something like that but I had to "let go."wow rose you really did make it interesting. The funny thing is Bella hates trying things on. She's probably just faking it and going along as I am.

"At least I won't be the only one!" Bella's laugh got stuck in her throat. She was smiling though. At that I had to laugh. It is kinda funny when she falls ,but to see both fall that would be classic.

" Bella since I picked something out for you.....you can pick something out for me." good going rose. She'll probably pick out something that is not you.

Bella ran over to the dresser and took out a dress that I had never wore. Or seen!

"Rosalie, this is definitely you. Bella said still smiling. And it was. It was strapless, low cut, short, and silk.

"Oh my god Bella, it is!" I said in pure amazement. I could ask Alice or Esme to pick out a dress that is me and they would get it wrong. I can't believe Bella knew it was me! I ran into my bathroom and tried it on. In the mirror I looked great! When I came out Bella looked me over.

"Emmett would also fall right on over. Rosalie you look good." She said with a small laugh. Then I laughed. As soon as we were both in our dresses we ran to my bathroom and did our hair. I curled Bella's and she crimped mine. She also added beautiful clips. I pulled out the make-up and Bella looked worried. I remembered last spring when Alice was getting Bella ready and had to argue with her about sitting still so she could do her make-up. She also threatened for me to hold her down.

"Don't worry Bella you can do my make-up first then I'll do your's." I said as cheery as possible maybe I over did it with the happiness. "let go" rose. Come on! Have some fun for once and stop with petty drama just for once. Little did she know I was going to give her a clown face. Only out of pure fun of course. Bella did my make-up and would not let me look in the mirror until I was done doing her's. I put bright orange lipstick on her plump lips, bright blue eye shadow on her eyes, and bright(I mean bright) red blush on her cheeks. When I was done we both looked into the mirror. Bella gasped and I screamed. I was a little shocked. Nobody ever dared to mess with me like that. No one had the guts. Now Bella has some guts which is why I'm going to mess with her. "Let go" rose mess with her. Now that I think about it she is a really interesting human. Very different. I really like her now. Is it wrong to be scared?

"Bella! I'm going to get you!" I growled playfully. She ran like hell. I ran after her at human speed. Might as well make it fun right?

"Rosalie you can't get me!" Bella shook with laughter.

"Oh, on the contrary." I said speeding up. Finally I caught her and began to play fight with her in the middle of the upstairs hall on the floor. What are you going? Ugh...you lost your mind! Good-bye to the Rosalie who hated Bella. "Let go" have some fun. No one will see this. If they do they will be pleased.Rose, she's only a human go very gentle on her. No play biting either.

"Rosalie you will ruin your artwork." Bella choked out. As we were rolling around I heard laughing. At the same time as I; Bella looked up. The whole family was standing there. If I was able to blush I would have joined Bella.

"Hello everyone." I said a bit embarrassed.

"Hello Edward!" Bella croaked. Esme, Alice, and Carlisle all smiled and laughed. Jasper just stood there and stared. I'm guessing he was tasting the atmosphere to see if the fight was meant for play or hate. Edward and Emmett gawked at us. Alice finally broke the silence.

"Nice face Rosalie." She chuckled.

"Shut up Alice...or I will hurt you! Bella did it." I laughed a little embarrassed pointing at her. Alice just laughed harder.

"Bella.....you...look...good." Carlisle said smiling.

"It's all rose's fault." She laughed still pinned. Oh my! she called me rose...well thank god I "let go" otherwise her head would be on the floor for calling me rose. Only Emmett and Edward call me rose. Now Bella. Ugh.....I have finally excepted her. Edward is to busy looking at his girl friend up and down like a dog to worry about what I'm thinking.

"Here sis let me help you up." I said shyly. Bella looked shocked and pleased just like everyone else. Rose you lost your mind. why not continue to "let go"?

"Thanks.......sis." Bella smiled.

"Damn you two love each other! I can feel it....I mean I can REALLY feel it." Jasper stated shocked. I truly now thought of Bella as a sister. I f anyone hurt her they would feel my wrath. She was like my little sister. Fragile, soft, and loving. If Emmett and Edward looked shocked before they were now flabbergasted.

Well, you can spend time with Edward now." I said pulling her into a tight hug. I then kissed both of her cheeks and whispered "my sister....Bella." Bella felt so warm and loving. It was an honor to really get to know her the way I did today. I got what I wanted; everyone pleased and a new sister. Now I understand why Edward loves her and she loves him. That they are both very serious about their relationship.

"Bella you look beautiful. Even with your china doll looking face. If I was alive I would have fallen to the ground and died." Edward said laughing with a twinkle of love in his eyes. I turned around and face Emmett who was slowly coming back from shock.

"Rose, you look sexy! I had a pretty hard time with my balance seeing you. Emmett said loud enough both Edward and Bella could hear. Bella at one end of the hall and I at the other both turned around at the same time saying "Told ya!" We exchanged one more look, laughed, and went to the men we loved with all of our being.