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Quality Time

rosalie and bella spend time together for the first time....does anyone get hurt? *********SPOILERS*************

this is my first time writing something in rosalie's view. please review. If you don't like it please tell me what you don't like.

2. Emmett

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We exchanged one more look, laughed and went to the men we loved with all our being.


Emmett was still in shock, but slowly coming back. He looked at me up and down then smiled.

"Who picked out that dress?" Emmett breathed against my skin.

"Bella did! She knew it was my style!" I said still in pure amazement.

"Damn! Bella really knows you then."

"Yeah, she does." I said hugging Emmett. It was true. I did the unthinkable in my book today. I "let go" and let Bella in.

"Rose, you really do love her.......don't you? Emmett said slowly.

"I do. She is very fun to mess around with. You know how everyone says Bella is funny? Well, Bella is more than funny, she is hysterical! She had the funniest faces." I said fast while kissing Emmett's neck.

"I told you rose, Bella is a cool person. What....what made you want to get to know her more?" Emmett said cautiously. Should I tell him what I was feeling earlier today? Why am I even asking that! Of course im going to tell him!

"Ok. I was home thinking alone and thinking about how much I want to sleep and envy Bella for that reason. I was also feeling down because of what happened with Edward. I also envy her for saving him because of my stupid actions. It took a lot of courage and true love to save him.....knowing you could be late and die soon after. I was thinking about how much I don't like her. Earlier today Ithought she was just a worthless human girl, but now I don't see her like that. I wanted to get to know her so the family would be happy and Edward would hate me less. So I decided to "let go" and let her in. I had a hard time choosing how to ask her so I just called her and invited her over. Little did I know I was going to really like Bella." I said fast and a little embarrassed looking down. Emmett grabbed my face in his large, strong, but loving hand and tilted my head so I was looking at him in the face.

" Rosalie. You called Bella? Did you really? Emmett said looking deep into my eyes.

"Honestly, I did." I proudly said looking back into his eyes. And I truly was proud. I did the impossible. Well, the impossible in my book. I'm glad it was over and it went well.

Knock. Ugh come on! Can't I have time with my man for once!

" come in." I said a bit rude. It was Alice thank god. She looked at me and knew I was listening so she started to speak.

" Rosalie do you want to play baseball today?" Alice asked happily. I didn't have to think about the answer. Of course I would play!

" yeah whatever." I spat at her. She just glared at me. She was about to walk away and Emmett yelled at her.

"Hey! Aren't you going to ask me!" Emmett said a bit insulted. That made me mad to see that someone upset him. I hated when he was upset. If he was upset then I was in a pretty bad mood as well.

"Emmett I didn't have to ask you because I seen you in my vision saying yes." she laughed. Emmett seemed to lighten up a bit and chuckle. I wanted to spend time with him before the game so I interrupted.

"Um.....yeah, Alice I want to spend time with Emmett. Can you like leave my room?" I said meanly. Being mean was my thing. It was who I was. Sadly.

"That's what I was going to do Rosalie!" she growled angrily at me.

"Good-bye." I spat out.

"You know what Ros-." Alice started her threat but was interrupted. Thank god Jasper got here just in time. I didn't feel like fighting today. I was basically in a happy mood.

"Alice come on lets go. No fights today." Jasper said trying to soothe her.

"Alright." Alice sighed in defeat. Once they left Emmett and I kissed a bit. Then talked about my day with Bella. Emmett said Bella looked "hot" so I slapped him in the head. At that moment Edward flew in the room and slapped him the head. After that Edward went back to Bella who had no Idea what was going on in our room. As Edward slapped Emmett for thinking that way about his love I was sitting and laughing.

"Time to go!" Alice called loud enough for everyone in the house to hear.