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Quality Time

rosalie and bella spend time together for the first time....does anyone get hurt? *********SPOILERS*************

this is my first time writing something in rosalie's view. please review. If you don't like it please tell me what you don't like.

3. The baseball game

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"Time to go!" Alice called loud enough for everyone in the house to hear.


Ugh time to leave already? I hate the world sometimes. Today is a good day and your happy so try and act it Rose. Just think more time with Emmett after the game. Just put on a coy smile and kick there asses!

"What's wrong, Rose?" Emmett asked picking up on my mood change. Damn. Rosalie why do you have to be an idiot sometimes?

"Ugh, you always think something is wrong. There is not!" I raised my voice meanly.

"Alright! I'm sorry I wanted to know if there was something wrong with the woman I love with all my heart and soul!" Emmett yelled. Awwwww that was so sweet. Even if he did yell it at me. I'll give up. I hate giving up. I only give up for him though.

" I love you too!" I yelled throwing myself back into his strong arms. We kissed for a fraction of a second because once again Alice walked in. For god sakes! Could Alice not walk in when we are having a goodmoment not fighting! I'm going to get her!

"Don't even start rose......I saw you starting a fight with me and I really don't feel like fighting with you. I wanted to tell you that everyone is in their cars and ready to go. Who are you guys driving with? Who are we driving with? I know I don't want to drive with Alice. I'm guessing she and Jasper are driving with Esme and Carlisle so we'll drive with Edward and Bella.

"Emmett, do you want to drive with Edward and Bella?" I asked.

" What?" Emmett asked shocked. I guess that caught him off guard.

"You heard me." I said getting mad.

" ah, sure." he said a bit taken back by my meanness.

"Alright that's settled. Lets go!" Alice chimed.

" Yeah. Lets go!" Emmett said excited.

"You two discuss me sometimes!" I said storming out of the house. People are so stupid sometimes. Seconds later Emmett was behind me. He took my hand in his. He led me into the car and sat next to me. We sat in the back because Edward and Bella were up front. I didn't mind as long as Emmett was next to me. Should I talk to Bella? If I do I don't know how to start the conversation. Ugh I hate this! Edward started laughing. Damn. He heard my thoughts.

" So Rosalie how was your day with Bella?" Edward asked amused. Damn him!

" Fine." I said.

" Well I'm glad. Who picked out that dress for Bella?" he asked still amused. Bella slide down in her seat. I'm guessing she was getting embarrassed. She was not the only one.

" I did. What's wrong with it?" I asked embarrassed trying to cover it up with anger

" Nothing. Thank you for choosing such a lovely dress for her." Edward said expressing his gratitude.

"Um...your welcome?" I asked confused for this weird thanks. Bella looked so red. That sucks she had to hear that. Oh well!

" Bella that dress you picked out for rose... was freaking amazing!" Emmett said. Bella looked very confused but at the same time amused. She probably remembered the joke about them falling over.

"Ah, yeah. Your welcome." Bella said softly. Emmett is such an Idiot.

" You're a pervert!" I whispered to him. Edward broke out into a roar of laughter. Emmett was in shock and Bella looked like she was catching on.

" Edward if I were you I would stop laughing because I seen the way you looked at Bella in that dress too!" I said loud enough Bella heard me. That made Emmett start to laugh. If Bella was red before she was now a deep purple. Edward's laugh got stuck in his throat. Thank god! We are here. Now I can get out of the car and play! As Bella was getting out of the car she tripped and almost fell. I caught her right before she hit the ground. I put her right side up and laughed walking(to a human running) away. Edward caught up to me in no time and thanked me. At least he hated me less. My goals were met today. Pleasing Edward and the family. I also made a new friend as well as a sister in the process. That thought made me a little happier.

I ran up to Alice and hugged her. Alice looked puzzled as well as the whole family. That was so out of character for me. I never hug anyone. Only when I was extremely happy(which is never) or Emmett(which is always).

" um....Rosalie your hugging me." Alice said confused. Duhhhh! Anyone could see I was hugging her.

" I know. It's just I'm so happy right now." I said completely dazed. This happiness washed over me. It felt so weird. I couldn't help but hug the nearest person. Rose, Your crazy! Stop this nonsense. Stop the happiness. It is cramping your style.

" Rosalie can you sto-" Alice was cut off suddenly. She tensed in my arms. She was having a vision. Alice clamped down on my arms and dug her nails into my stone skin. At least I know later I won't have horrible looking marks. That I think that is number two on my liking to be a vampire list. Everyone knows what my first one is. Getting to meet Emmett and be with him for eternity. I was knocked out of my thoughts when Alice yelled to Edward to protect Bella. Not again. Why does this happen to us?

" Rosalie you hugging me is nice and all, but you really need to let go." Alice said urgently. Wow I was holding on to her that long? Once again I was brought back to reality when Edward spoke loud and clear.

" Alice what did you see?" Edward asked frantically.

" Edward I see a visitor. It's a female. About our age. She is moving fast. She senses us. Protect Bella. Before anyone could speak or move I jumped in front of Bella with Edward and got into my stance. NO one will touch Bella on my watch. There will be heads rolling if she is hurt in anyway, shape, or form. Edward will never again lose Bella on my watch. But for god sakes how many times is this going to happen to us. I mean this happened last spring when I thought Bella was a worthless, no good, average looking, human girl. Lets just say my thoughts last year were not pretty.

" Thanks Rose." Edward said softly.