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Quality Time

rosalie and bella spend time together for the first time....does anyone get hurt? *********SPOILERS*************

this is my first time writing something in rosalie's view. please review. If you don't like it please tell me what you don't like.

4. Belinda Holmes

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" Thanks Rose." Edward said softly.


Bella looked pained. It was like she was stuck in a memory she could not get out of. Her heart raced and her face drained of all color. I looked at her trying to reassure her. Telling her she will be ok. I hated to see her like that. It only reminded me of how Edward was when he saw her lying there on the ground knowing she could have died. Died because she wanted to save her mom and not have any of us harmed. Which I think it ludicrous because we can handle ourselves and she can not. For some reason that makes me like her more. She is a very odd human. At that moment I smelled the visitor. I tensed and was ready to attack.

" Rosalie why are you doing this for me?" Bella asked scared out of her mind. Why was I doing that? I was because Bella was now family and family doesn't leave family hanging on a thread. I knew Edward heard that when I saw him look at me and smile. He hates me less!

" Bella why are you asking a crazy question like that! I'm doing it because you are family and family doesn't leave family hanging by a thread." I said a bit irrigated. She's lucky I'm doing this.

" I smell it. It's about a block away." Carlisle said calculating something. I'm mighty happy right now and if someone ruins that I will kill. I will pain the little female. To late for now she was emerging from behind a tree. She had long brown hair, plump lips, and she was very curvy. At that point Bella's breathing stopped and the little female moved faster towards her. Alice slapped Bella in the back to breathe and I got ready to pounce like a cat on a little mouse. Edward was in stance as well but not as tensed and ready to fight as I was. Everyone was ready this time. When the female walked up to us we all were shocked. She was just like us. Her eating habits I mean. Her eyes were our color and not red thank god. She looked at Bella up and down then spoke.

"Bella swan is that you? When did you start hanging out with vampires?" The female asked amused. She knew bella? When did Bella meet her? Bella's breathing increased quite a bit like she was gasping. Holy crap! She was gasping. I Slapped her back with a little force. Her breathing rate seemed to slow after that. It took her a moment to speak.

" Belinda Holmes? How did you become a vampire?" Bella asked in shock. Ok, this is weird. Now I'm getting mad.

" After you left Phoenix to move here. I have no idea why. A new guy came to town. He was pretty hot so I decided I wanted to get to know him. He was so beautiful. He was not like a normal guy. He was different. His eyes were captivating. I found myself getting lost in them. So I broke up with Dan and went after this mystery guy.

" Wait you were going out with Dan?" Bella asked a bit angry.

" Bella I date everyone. I was the most popular and prettiest girl there. You knew that. Even if you were still crushing on Dan I wouldn’t play nice. Oh and by the way he didn’t like you. He was the only guy I haven’t dated in the whole school. So I wanted something new. Something more. Can I please finish my story now?" His name was Kyle Brave. After awhile of talking and hanging out he asked me on a date. This date was so different, but romantic. He took me to this barn looking place a few miles away from Phoenix and we sat under the stars. It looked like he was going to kiss me so I allowed him to do so. Little did I know he was going to bite me. All I remember was being in hell for three days wondering when I was going to die and when it was all going to end. When I woke up from the hell I looked into the mirror and saw something not human. My eyes red not blue anymore. I began to freak out. Kyle walked into the room and saw me, so he sat me down and explained everything. He said that I had to feed off humans to survive. That made me go wild. I didn't want to kill anyone. Except the losers in school, but I would never put them threw that. I ran away seeking some help. I went to Alaska and met "vegetarian" vampires. I learned a lot from them. They were like my family." she said reflecting back on her memories of pain and agony.

"Ah." Bella said.

" Anyways why are you with vampires? I mean your not one so why didn't they like eat you already?" Belinda asked cruelly. Ok now that was uncalled for. Only I could be mean. ONLY ME!

" Yeah um....we are right here! Are you like daft? First of all we don't eat humans and second of all my brother is head over heels in love with her. So watch you freaking step!" I said loud and clear. Alice smiled and Emmett laughed small. she was not going to go there with me. I could easily kill her. She glared at me. She was probably wondering if she could take me. If she was wondering that she was dead ass wrong.

" Belinda lets not have a fight." Edward said lightly.

"How-" She started when Bella interrupted her.

"Oh, this is Edward. He can read minds. All minds, but mine." Bella chimed. She was not going to start a fight with me! If she would have I would have killed her ass right on the spot. There's something about that girl I don't like. It's like she is sneaky.

" Belinda , I'm sorry about your horrible experience. Would you like to go back to the house and get to know us? We also have to explain some other things to you." Carlisle said nicely.

" Ok. Sounds cool!" She said eyeing Edward and Emmett. Oh hell no! she is not eyeing Emmett and Edward. I hate her! I hate her! I could feel the hate and hostility rolling off my body in waves. A growl started to rumble in my chest when Alice walked over to me.

"You can drive with us, dear." Esme said softly before Alice could speak. Everyone started to walk to the cars leaving Alice and I behind.

" Rosalie, I don’t like her. I sense she is bad. I don’t think she is just here as a visitor. You don’t like her huh?" Alice laughed at the end. Was I that obvious? Did people see my body shake with hostility?

" I hate her! She doesn’t deserve to live another decade!" I growled through clenched teeth.

" Are you ok?" Alice asked slowly.

" I’m fine!" I growled louder. I will find out what this Belinda is here for and what she wants. I vow to find out. When I do I’m snapping her god damn neck! Alice just stared at me then ran to the car. I followed right after her. When I got into the car everyone was staring at me.

"What the hell! Can people not stare at me. I’m angry enough as it is." I growled.

"So, Bella you liked this Dan?" Edward asked jealous but trying to hide it. Ok, no more thoughts right now. I have to hear more.

" Well only a little. Not really. He was a jerk." Bella said sensing Edward’s jealousy.

" oh, ok." Edward sighed with relief . I need to know more about this bitch. Before I snap her neck off I need information.

" Bella were you friends with her?" I asked trying to gather up as much information as I could. Bella went dead silent.

" No." Bella said angrily. Should I aks her why? Ah....um.....ah.....um....

" Rosalie just ask her why!" Edward shouted getting mad at my mind sundering.

" Why?" I asked a bit embarrassed. I could hear Bella’s heart rate quicken.

" She made my life at school in Phoenix a living hell. I hate her. When she was talking to me she was playing off the fact she wanted me to die. If you guys weren’t there I would be dead. She hates me." That really got to me. Flashbacks of my human life started to come.

" Rosalie your so stupid. You should dress like this." Anna said meanly in front of everyone. I stood there in front of everyone trying to hold back tears. It didn’t last long for a tear had fallen. Anna laughed at me more and had everyone join in. I ran to the nearest girl’s bathroom and sat in a stall crying for hours. I hated myself. I thought I was ugly. I remember her making my life a living a hell in my school. How she was jealous for reasons unknown. She sure knew how to ruin lives.

" Rose! Rose!" Emmett called worried. I looked up into his eyes and saw how worried he was.

" I’m fine!" I said still upset from my flashback.

" We’re home." Emmett said happily.