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Quality Time

rosalie and bella spend time together for the first time....does anyone get hurt? *********SPOILERS*************

this is my first time writing something in rosalie's view. please review. If you don't like it please tell me what you don't like.

5. Why Anna?

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" we're home." Emmett said happily.


" yeah whatever!" I growled. I jumped out of the car and ran into the house with all the speed I could manage to make. I wonder why Belinda hates Bella? I need to find out somehow. I need to talk to Alice. That's what I'll do. I was halfway up the stairs when I decided to called Alice.

" Alice." I whispered knowing she would hear me.

"Yes?" Alice chirped from behind me. Rose, talk to her. Tell her everything. See if she saw anything.

" Follow me outside for a second." I said urgently.

" Alright." Alice agreed cautiously. We walked out towards the river. I found a boulder and leaned against it. I let out a loud sigh ready to tell Alice everything.

"Alice, I think this girl is bad news. I don't think she is here just to visit." I hissed the last word. I will snap her neck. I will!

"I think your righ-" Alice was cut off. She gripped the rock and squeezed it with all her might. I ran over to her and started to pulled her hands off the rock when her eyes flashed open and she gasped.

"Alice? What did you see?" I asked a bit worried.

" She started to put moves on Edward, but Edward said no and told her to leave him. She then went to Emmett. She has like some seduction spell over him. Rosalie! Rosalie???" Alice said slapping my back. I didn't realize I fell to knees and started to scream. How could she? How could she? She's dead!!!!!!!

" I'm snapping her god damn neck. She's mine!!" I screamed as the rage was overpowering me. I stood up and looked at Alice and was off running back to the house. I threw open the door of the house and stormed in. Esme and Carlisle looked worried as I ran up the stairs ready to kill. She's mine. Death calls her name. The hatred was going through my body in waves. I ran into my room to find her kissing him. My eyes burned with hate when I seen her. My body went completely numb as I went in for the kill. I tore her off him and slammed her into the wall. I walked up to her and grabbed her by the hair and threw her in my mirror. It broke all over. She jumped up and threw glass at me. I hit me hard. I pulled the glass out as the blood drained from my body. My eyes slowly turning black. She ran up to me and slapped me. Is that all she got? One little slap. How pathetic!

" Is that all you got? You have to be kidding me!" I laughed darkly. I punched her so hard the blow made her go flying threw the window. Her hitting the ground was like boulders hitting the ground. Holy crap. There's another female outside! The family ran into the room with pure shock on their faces. Before I could explain or anyone could say anything an unfamiliar female came threw the window. I looked at her up and down until it hit me. It was Anna! Anna was standing right in front of me. She started to speak.

" Nice hits Rosalie. I guess you grew some confidence over the years." She laughed.

Rosalie you are nothing. You will never be anything! Who could love you?

My flashbacks started to hit me. I looked at her. My eyes filled with decades of hate. She was the one who made me like this. This was why I was so mean. She made me like this. Why? It was so hard to speak.

" Why anna?" was all I could choke out.