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Quality Time

rosalie and bella spend time together for the first time....does anyone get hurt? *********SPOILERS*************

this is my first time writing something in rosalie's view. please review. If you don't like it please tell me what you don't like.

6. The vision of her/ the end

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"Why anna?" was all I could choke out.


This only happens to me. Only me!!! In my head images and memories of her hatred and making my life a living hell spun around fast. My ears rang and my head throbbed. They were right when you get mad you see lots of different colors. I don't trust anyone really because of Anna. She made me be the bitch I am today.

"I always hated you Rosalie! You and your long, nasty, ugly- colored hair. Boys always seemed to like you and see something in you. They saw past the klutziness and shyness. I, on the other hand was beautiful, popular, not klutzy, and not shy. You were this average, klutzy, ugly girl, who had no money in the family. I was rich and you were poor. I still don't see the point of that Emmett guy loving something like you. Even as a vampire you didn't change. Your still that scared, ugly girl whom I hate." Anna spat out. She is jealous of me? Why? Even as a vampire I'm nothing special. Guys heads might turn when I walk past them, but that doesn't matter to me. She's right I'm still scared. Scared because my nightmare has come back to haunt me. My body felt hollow. I wanted to run to my bathroom and lock the door to cry. She's the fault. HER!!!!!!

"Wow! Rosalie is speechless! I also see you have a new friend. How pathetic! I was watching you the entire day. That girl Belinda is a real help. She did her job today. You know what the funny thing is? Belinda is just like me and Bella is just like you. Belinda and I seem to hold the same kind of hate for you guys. It is quite funny. What would you say if your little human friend was to die?" Anna laughed darkly. Hell no! This is my chance to prove my approval of Bella. I will protect her from my past. My past is here for me and shouldn't drag Bella into it.

"Edward she has planned something get Bella!" I growled. Edward grabbed Bella and threw her on his back. He was about to run away when Belinda Snatched Bella. Bella screamed out of shock. Belinda ran down the stairs as fast as her legs could go. I looked around and saw Alice was gone. That's when I heard what was going on down stairs.

" Alice get out of my damn way!" Belinda cried at the door ready to leave. I heard Alice's teeth clench and her breathing quicken.

"No! You think you can come into our house and start stuff like this without a fight. Your dead wrong!" Alice Growled loudly.

" I don't have time for this. All I'm going to do is snap her neck and leave. I will kill you if I have too." Belinda said starting to growl. I heard Alice leap across to her and start to fight.

All the sudden I was slapped across the face. The blow was so hard if I was human my neck would have broke. I turned and looked right into her eyes and pounced on her. She grabbed my hair and started to pull it like a little child. I started to pulled her hands off with all of my strength. She cried out in pain when I had to break some of her fingers. When I was free I jumped up and picked her up with both of my hands and threw her into everything in sight. She had some blood on her. I assumed she hunted before this little fiasco. Her gold eyes turning to black as she laid there in agony. I didn't even bother to turn around and look for Esme or Carlisle. They didn't bother to say anything either. I walked slowly up to her and began to speak.

" Why anna? Why did you have to hurt me. Why did you have to make my human life a living hell? Your basically the reason why I'm condemned to this life. The day you said stuff to me and ripped up the only expensive shirt my parents could afford I ran out of the school and went into the forest. I was sitting there crying when "this thing" walked up to me. It was a man and he picked me up and hugged me. He bit me in the neck. I was basically drained. Hanging on a thread. Someone was coming so he dropped me and left. He didn't finish what he started. The people saw blood all over me so they took me to the hospital. That is where I met Carlisle. In order for me to live he had to bit me numerous times so the venom could travel through my dying body faster. The pain was horrible. Worse than any of my imaginations. I had my human life robbed right from me....because of you! I'm like this because of you!" I shook sobbing without tears of her body.

" I hate you!!!!" She growled. She grabbed my by my hair and threw me into the wall. I hit it hard. I laid there with old memories flowing through my body. I felt helpless. Like I was a child again and needed help to do something. At that moment I missed my mother. She was there for me when I needed her. Oh, how hurt she must have been to know I went missing. I love her. It's Anna's fault I lost my mother! I must do it for her! Anna was standing over my body ready to break my neck when I kicked her so hard she went threw the wall. I jumped threw the hole her body made after her. She laid there in shock and in fear. I bent over her ready to kill her.

" For her." I whispered. She looked horrified. So horrified she couldn't speak. I bit into her neck as hard as I could. I ripped her to shreds. Her body laying in chunks. I lead against the wall and fell to the floor sobbing. Everything hit me at once. Bella becoming my friend, Flashbacks, Anna in the flesh, and memories of my mother I thought I would never remember. I overcame things I thought weren't possible for someone like me.

" Rosalie are you ok!" Bella called coming into the room as so as she could. She knelt next to me and grabbed my hand. We sat there like that for what it felt like countless hours. She truly cared about me as I did for her.

" Rosalie we burned the body of Belinda now we need to burn Anna's." Carlisle said wholeheartedly. I nodded and slowly began to get up when someone grabbed me from behind and held me tightly. Those strong arms were not something I could forget. They were Emmett's. I turned my head and kissed him as passionately as I could. He responded the same.

" I don't mean to interrupt, but I want to thank you rose." Edward said slowly. My head jerked up in response and I ran to him unable to hide my smile hugging him. He hugged me back. Maybe I was forgiven. Dare I ask. I let go of Edward and went back to Emmett, who was waiting for me with wide open arms. His invitation to hard to resist for the moment. After they burned the bodies The family left Emmett and I alone.

"Emmett why were you with Belinda?" I asked a bit jealous.

"I don't know." Emmett said coming back to reality.

"Don't do that to me again!" I said slapping him upside the head. He just laughed and kissed my lips.