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That's Life

This about a girl who parents are divorced and her mom blames her for everything but her dad is super! Her dad is native american and lives on the rez. But her mom lives in town. Her name is Elizabeth. SHe also lives with her mom. THen she turns 19 and meets Jacob.


2. Chapter 2

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When your a runaway wolf in the middle of the woods you don't usually expect to find a teenager driving by themselves at 4 in the morning. Unfortunantly I, Jacob Black had not yet made it out of Forks. My thoughts as if it weren't obvious enough were stuck to the subject Bella. I just couldn't seem to get her out of my head. But remember the car I told you about? Well about a half hour later I heard the occupant of the car running towards me. I couldn't figure out what her problem was until I heard the hooker. Not to classify this lady right away, but that's what she looked like. Thanks to my sensitive nose I could also tell you that wacked- out women had been drinking and was holding a drink. Maybe she'd fall no offence but that'd be funny. Now here she comes chasing this girl and I mean liteally chasing, screaming and the whole bit. What she's saying is so inapproriate I'm not even going to gratify it by writning. Soon the crazy lady, (let's call her Miss. Insanitiy) went grudgingly back into the house. What I didn't hear though was this very upset very very beautiful girl struggle though the forest. She was carrying a duffle bag. Ok... I thought. Not the strangest thing I've ever seen but still, strange.

Then our eyes met, and nothing else mattered. I didn't care that I was supposed to be running away, hating the world it just felt so... right. That's when it hit me. She must be it! She must be the one! I didn't even know her name but she was it. My soul mate. So, me still being a wolf trotted over to her and sat down. She seemed in pain in as much pain as me. We both cried for our losses.

Around 6 I slowly got up, careful not to crush her and nudged her. She had fallen asleep somtime in the night. THe girl swiftly got up and followed me. I showed her the way back to La Push. I then trotted back into the forest, and followed her home. I, know I'm as bad as a stalker. But I was just dying to know where this beauty lived. Geez, just thinking about her made my heart stop. As I came to her house I made a left turn and trotted home. Billy, surprisingly was up this early. He nodded and threw me a pair of sweats as he saw me out the window.

When I came into the kitchen he looked thrilled.

What's wrong? I was about to ask when he said,

"Jake, Emily had her baby last night," He said the words so fast that I could barly keep up with him.

"And..."I figured Em had had her kid by now. I knew this was the part he'd been keeping back for a while.

"A new girl Elizabeth moved in with her dad, and he invited us to her birthday party and I was wondering if you wanted to go," He said. I slowly nodded as I chewed on a muffin.

I wonder who this girl is? I wondered as I went upstairs to shower.