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That's Life

This about a girl who parents are divorced and her mom blames her for everything but her dad is super! Her dad is native american and lives on the rez. But her mom lives in town. Her name is Elizabeth. SHe also lives with her mom. THen she turns 19 and meets Jacob.


3. Chapter 3

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The rest of the day went by quietly. I officially moved into my dad’s, went out and spent over $2,000 replacing all of my missing stuff, and listened to my dad talk about this one kid. Jacob? I think that was his name. I didn’t particularly care. Although I could’ve sworn I was being watched all day, cuz’ I had the feeling that people were watching me. It was probably one of the electronics emitting EMF readings or whatever. I know I had probably watched too much Ghost Hunters, on the SiFi channel. (A/N: it is one of my fav. TV shows. If you don’t know what it is, that’s ok. If you want to know all you have to do is ask.)

“Where were you last night?” My dad asked at some point in the afternoon.

“I went to Andria’s like I said I would and I walked in on something and had to climb in the window. That stupid Pomeranian mom owns now gave me away and she started chasing me down the street screaming at me. I assume she burned the rest of my stuff or sold it on E-Bay. So I was running in the forest trying to get away from her and I fell asleep next to a wolf. This wolf, Dad, was HUGE and this really cool russet color. He showed me the way back to the rez and I silently clambered up the stairs and went to bed,” I told him remembering how close I felt to the wolf. I wonder what the heck happened to him, I thought to myself as I grabbed my lap-top and brought it downstairs, so I could start writing my fantasy for school. I went to a writing school just outside of Sacramento, California. It was really fun. Ever since I was little I’d written poems and stories, now I was at I writing school, where anything was possible, so I might succeed and become a famous author. My eyes shimmered from the sheer thought of it. It was amazing, all of my teachers, including the crabby ones said I had promise.

“Lizzy, dinner’s ready!” My dad called.

“Kay!” I hollered. As I drifted down the stairs towards the kitchen I thought about how this fantasy I was writing would end. Should it end happily? Or in a tragedy and have a sequel? I couldn’t decide so I just gave up for the moment and looked around the kitchen. My dad had ordered pizza from the local pizza joint.

“Yum,” I said as I sat down and helped myself.

“Well I didn’t want you to cook the day after you got here and were still getting stuff organized,” My dad said kindly. I smiled. My dad was so awesome. He could just be the most AWESOME person I’d ever met. We ate silently, it wasn’t an awkward silence, it was peaceful. We were both in good moods and content with the silence.

“Dad I’m gonna go for a run,” I said after dinner. He nodded. I grabbed my I-Pod and tugged on my sneakers. I jogged towards the forest. After 18 years of being able to explore the immense forest that made Forks bigger than it really was I knew almost all of the trails. The scenery out here was beautiful. Everything was such a luscious green! I shoved my head-phones into my ears and began running as Going Under by Evanescence played in my head.

Now I will tell you what I’ve done for you

50 thousand tears I’ve cried

Screaming, deceiving and bleeding for you

And you still won’t hear me…

I absolutely loved this song. I don’t know if it was the lyrics or the beat but whatever it was it AWESOME!!! I was only a few minutes into my run when I heard this resounding growl erupt throughout the forest. I stopped, screamed and ran back towards La Push. Normally I would've ran right towards the animal but it didn't even sound like the fabled giant wolves that Billy told us about around campfires in the summertime. It didn't sound human.

Panting, I dashed into the living room.

“Liz, what’s wrong?” my dad asked.

“Some… thing… growled… scared outta… my… wits….” I panted.

“It was probably a wolf, they’re common around here. Let me call some of the hunters and let them know ok?” I shook my head, "It was no wolf, dad it didn't even sound like a human. My dad rose his eyebrows and said, "Then that means we have a situation, I'm going to call Sam, his boys are really good at catching things like this," Smiling he tossed me the remote and wandered into his study. I am nosy. I hate to be but I am. I walked towards the study.

“…There was a WHAT? Those are supposed to be gone. Ok thanks Sam. Ya don’t say? Billy was talking about him this morining. Tell him to come to Liz’s party tomorrow, if he’s not busy. All right see ya!” My dad got off the phone and walked out. He saw me sitting there, looking guilty.

“You were listening weren’t you?” He asked. I nodded. He smiled and walked towards his room.

"What's out there?" I asked. But I never recived an answer.