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Bella has chosen. And she has chosen true love. But this doesn't make mourning any easier. forever is an awfully long time to mourn somebody. forever.


1. Forever

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Only wish that you were here
You know I’m seeing it so clear
I've been afraid
To tell you how I really feel

It was over. He could die now and he wouldn’t feel a thing. Because of her. She didn’t love him. She didn’t love him. His life was over, its meaning ceased to exist anymore.

He sat on the edge of his old wooden bed, and cradled his head in his russet hands, his silky black hair falling in front of his face. How could she do this to him? Why didn’t she love him? He loved her through the darkest part of her life, even when she was numbed he loved her. Her soul had been lost and her heart was shattered into a million shard pieces. Pieces that he had never been able to mend, however hard that he tried. But the second the marble devil had walked through into her life again, it was as if her fragile heart had never been broken, never been hurt.

He had loved her, to the death and he had thought that she had loved him. And she had, but it wasn’t enough. He had to accept this fact with reluctant grimness. But the other leech she could love. That love, she had said, was meant for her and there was nothing that he could do that would ever change that. Ever.

He would never get his second chance. The second those marble lips touched her perfect throat she would be gone. Gone, gone, gone. Gone. She would no longer be the woman he loved. She would belong to the devil.

He slammed his fist on the table cracking it into shards. It took him a moment to recognize the pain. But it was nothing compared to the pain in his soul. His heart.

What heart? He thought bitterly. He had given it away, unknowingly, and the person he had given it to took it, and it was gone. Like the receding tide had washed it away, far out to a lost sea.

He tried to forget her. To feel nothing. To be numb. But she was so deep down in his soul, that it was impossible. Every time he almost forgot, almost lived, she came back and hit him like an angry bolt of lightning. Shocking him and reminding him of his lost love.

Reminded him of her.

Kissing her.

Holding her.

Her laughing.

Her talking.




But she was no longer his to hold. His to kiss. His to love. She would cease to exist. The girl he loved would die, and she didn’t care. She would let her heart stop beating. But she could of lived. With him. With a heart, with life. Alive. But that wasn’t what she chose. She chose to be the other, to stay with him, to be like himforever.

Forever. It was an awfully long time to mourn somebody. Forever.

And wondering where it is you might be going to
Turning back for home
You know I’m feeling so alone
I can't believe

Climbing on the stair
I turn around to see you smiling there
In front of me

If you want it
Come and get it
Crying out loud
The love that I was
Giving you was
Never in doubt
Let go your heart
Let go your head
And feel it now