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Wherever you go, I will anchor you. Bella/Edward.


2. Three Wishes

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She pressed her fingers to my forehead, then my cheek, my lips, my eyes, and every part of my body that she could reach without moving her sore body. Her breath came out erratically, as if she couldn’t quite figure out how to catch it. She frantically tried to move to get out of our bed, but she couldn’t quite will her legs to swing out from under her. Her divine chocolate hair had fallen astray from the ponytail that had been secured all that time ago, and her inhuman thrashing had nearly ripped completely her shirt. Another great tremor from her feats shook the bed, and I shifted slightly to make the act of moving a bit easier for her.

I frowned at her struggling, and she mistook it for something different completely.

“Oh no, Edward… I’m not, too different, am I?” She struggled for words as her mind crept out of its dormancy. Of course she was not too different. She would never change in my eyes. She was always my Bella. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her up into a sitting position across from me, her tired but sleepless body was supported by the wrought-iron bed frame. I pushed a flyway out of a blinking eye, and kissed above her forehead softly before resting mine gently against it.

“Edward… Speak,” she spoke smoothly now, trying to coax me out of my thoughts. I couldn’t be drug from admiring her now. She was tantalizing before, mouthwatering even, for more than a few reasons, but now… I studied her, every curve, every angle, and the soft wave of her flyaway hair. Her eyes furrowed with anticipation and I could see her mentally checking herself now too. She wiggled toes that tickled underneath me; she experimented with lifting her weak arm up to examine herself. With no luck on her own, I took her small hand within mine and lightly traced her with her own fingertips. She felt her own smooth skin beneath her fingers and smiled to me. I moved her hands all over, her hair, her neck, her chest, and her stomach. I sighed as she motioned for me to stop. I could see her slowly discover herself for all of time, but I knew she had other plans to fulfill.

She blinked a few times at me, and then glanced down at her own clothing – realizing what probably happened in the amount of time that rebelled that of a decade. Her automatic glancing down followed, and she looked as adorable as always. Quickly, I got up to her dresser drawer that had been neatly stocked with the essentials. I glanced back at her, silently asking for permission. She shook her head slightly and motioned toward my closet.

“I want to wear one of your shirts… They’re comfy and they smell like you.” I smiled at the mere thought of her wearing my clothes and grabbed a very old Yale swim team shirt for her to don. She smiled in silent thanks, and I turned so that she could change in peace.

“Edward, I can’t reach over my head.” She said quietly, her voice had lost the shake it used to have, but I could tell when she was embarrassed no matter the circumstances. I turned to see a slightly frustrated Bella staring back at me, holding the t-shirt far away from herself. I grinned at her crookedly, and immediately her expression changed and she let out a slight giggle.

“I guess you have some reason to be exhausted, love. You almost got out of Emmett’s grip, you were this close.” Finally I spoke, crossing the room at a uniformly slow pace, she needed to adjust to the lovely inhuman senses she had just acquired. Her beautiful grin widened, and I lightly took the shreds that was the cotton t-shirt she had been wearing off of her. They fluttered lightly to the ground, leaving me time to admire her exquisite form. Again, she glanced down, making it impossible for me to make eye contact with her. I trailed my finger from her collarbone up to right below her chin, lightly lifting it up so that I could meet her lips softly with my own. As we parted, I slipped the too-large-for-her shirt over her head and helped her get through the sleeves. She smiled sheepishly as I moved to sit next to her. I took her small left hand in mine and examined the long fingers expertly, making sure nothing had gone wrong.

Her wedding ring twinkled in the haze of twilight, and I glanced up at her quickly. Her gazed was fixed solemnly on her finger, and she moved her right hand so that she could twirl the ring around her slender finger.

“No matter what you may think, I’m glad about this.” I sighed, and she moved, with a struggle that she kept silent, to straddle me and sit back on my lap. I leaned back against the tough frame, and put my hands on her smooth hips, tracing the hem of the navy shirt.

“It’s not that Bella. You probably can’t even begin to understand what it is like for me to know that I get to spend the rest of eternity – hopefully – with you in my arms. It’s just…” I trailed off, too self-loathing to go on. She sighed and, without warning, planted moist lips to my cheek.

“When will you understand…” She continued placing kisses around my face, my neck, and my chest.

“Bella…” I started, trying to figure out a way to say it completely, “love didn’t want me, but I took it anyway.”

“Well aren’t I glad you’re a kleptomaniac?”