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Wherever you go, I will anchor you. Bella/Edward.


3. Orion

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Charlie’s thoughts seemed to have quieted down for the night; his unconscious was filed with muted thoughts of his work, his beautiful daughter, and the event that would occur in four days – our lawful union.

A breeze drew air from her room and brought the scent from her room towards me. I caught a sample of her maliciously sweet scented forbidden blood. I inhaled deeply, satisfying the monster and the lover inside. However, something caught my attention. Her blood had a weird twinge at the end that never was present before. Carlisle often comes home with that same twist… He must’ve brought some scent home from the hospital and passed it on to her.

I leapt quietly from the roof, through the open window, into Bella’s room. Her lights were shut off and I could here the quiet tone of my piano music softly fill her small room. She lay on her back, her body contorted in the most odd way, probably to find an accommodating position for her back. I had caught her rubbing her head and back all day today when we were passing time at my house, trying to avoid Alice and Esme’s brigade of wedding information.

Her pulse was set at an irregular rhythm and her breathing was strained as a delicate chill took her body. Before I reached her bed, Bella whispered something almost inaudible to me.

“Cold, so cold. Edward…” I quickly climbed on to her bed, careful not to get under her sheets and make her even more chilled. The small bed frame made a noise in protest at my weight, as it did every night. I ignored it, and put a hand to my love’s forehead.

Bella opened her eyes groggily and stared at me with a blank expression on her face. Her beautiful dark brown eyes were staring at me through thick and glazed over lenses. Under her eyes were red signs of engorged capillaries, and the half moons of skin under her eyes were swollen with insomnia. I slowly continued to examine her between her intervals of shivering. I felt her glands in her neck, and after examining each one I placed a delicate kiss on top of it. Her body relaxed a bit after that, but I still noticed her questioning expression that was well hidden through her mask of sickness.

“Bella, Love, is your throat irritating you?” I hovered above her, trying to decipher what was wrong with her. She nodded once, her eyes never leaving my calculating face. I had in fact, been through medical schooling twice, yet I’ve never completed a residency program or anything of the like. I had little to no idea about how do go about public healthcare. What I knew about actually examining patients came from what little information about bedside manner that my textbooks provided.

I pushed her comforter around her tighter, tucking her into a cocoon that would hopefully trap the heat of her shivers. Knowing that would surely not aid her fever, I leapt up from her bed and raced to her bathroom to get some medicine. When I returned back to her room, she was starting to get into a sitting position.

“Bella, Love, you need to lay down, you need to rest.” I sighed, handing her the glass of tap water and generic acetomorphine. She drank the water deeply, allowing little time between sips to catch her breath. When she finished she set the glass down lightly on her bedside table, flicking on the light as well. I groaned knowing that now she was fully awake.

“Thank you for helping my throat, Edward.” Her voice was quiet and muted by her flaring up sinuses. Even though her hair stuck to her clammy forehead, her eyes had a sad glisten to them, and she smelled different I couldn’t get over how beautiful she even looked when she was sick, how beautiful she even sounded when she was sick. This priceless hidden gemstone of artistry had tripped into my life, and it was my turn to take care of it.

“No problem, Love.” She groaned a bit in protest as I picked up her light frame and laid her down across the bed. “I’ll keep the light on, I just want you to keep your head in line with your heart and tilted back a bit, so your nose won’t get blocked.” She curled into my body through the many sets of sheets that were strewn across her bed, and I instantly was glad I had some way to help decrease her fever.

“Bella, do you feel dizzy when you stand?” I whispered as soft as I could manage into her ear. I felt my lips touch her ear, and I immediately stiffened my body swiftly, so that she wouldn’t notice that I even had to restrain my self when she was ill. It was barbaric of me, to not only want her blood, tainted as it was with virus it still called my name loudly, but to want her body at the same time… How was she supposed to rest if I was here, staring at her, salivating?

I got up from her bed, softly pushing her away from me. It killed me doubly inside, to know that she was feeling rejection so that I could control my instincts.

“No…” Her voice fluctuated at the end when she saw me go towards the window, but I had just made a b-line to shut it. I continued my path to her rocking chair, and sat in it gingerly, hoping that it wouldn’t make too many screeching sounds.

“You don’t feel dizzy? Sore? Tired?” I rattled off symptoms that were characteristic of the viral bugs that I had studied while in school years ago. Carlisle was far more up to date than I was, I would be better off dragging her over to my house and getting her examined by the real physician.

“No… I said ‘no’ before to you… leaving. I feel all of the above, but I feel better with you by me. You keep me from shivering.” Her voice was quiet at the end, measured. She slowly got up from her bed and crossed the room towards me. I got up before she could reach me, and ran over to the bed to grab her a blanket. She smirked as I picked her up gingerly and set her in my hard lap, trying to morph my body into the most comfortable position.

She frowned at me keeping her at a slight distance, “what, can I actually get you sick, Edward?” I sighed and shook my head at her. “Good.” She crept closer to me, burying her face in my neck and pulling the light blanket over the both of us. Her malleable and flushed lips pressed dainty kisses to my neck, and I exhaled in deep satisfaction.

“Edward…” She started, pressing her nose to my coronary as I do to hers. She kissed me there again, and without moving she added, “You never have to resent your…instincts…around me. Especially around me.” She pressed her cheek against my chest, a position I knew was uncomfortable to her but she lay there anyway, and if I had a heartbeat, I was sure it would be racing.