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Deep in your Soul

Bella is a vampire now and has a new ability. An ability that is much stronger than everything you have seen before. Forks has forgotten her after 30 years. But why?


1. Prologue

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Denver, Colorado

The rain ran down her face like tears of heaven while she was crossing the street. She stepped into a puddle and whipped her wet hair angrily out of her face. A café over the way looked auspicious and she walked towards it with fast steps.

With the ringing of the doorbell everyone turned their attention to her and she looked down to the floor quickly. How much did she hate these moments. Everyone who knew her thought she was self-confident but times like this showed how unsure of herself she really was. Only with AJ could she be her real self.

“Ruthie!”A yell interrupted her thoughts.

It was Ray, one of AJ´s friends. He sat at a table with nearly the whole football team and pointed at the empty seat next to him.

She didn´t feel well. What did they have in common, anyhow? People who didn´t know her would maybe expect her sitting with them but, but she had always been more of a white than a black. Apologetically, she pointed in the bathroom´s general direction.

Actually she wasn´t the kind of person to walk away from her problems but the whole black and white thing simplyconfused her. Who was she? Where did she belong? She thought of Andrea and Christian with whom she felt so much comfort with, who were so much like her but still so different. They didn´t know this conflict that blustered inside her. Black and white swam into one undefined grey in front of her eyes. She couldn´t deny that she was black and she did not even want to when she thought of AJ. He helped her like she helped him. With him she felt beloved and comforted and she could forget all of her doubts for a while.

Two white women attracted her interest and she stopped, her mouth wide open.

How pretty they were! She had never seen such a beauty in her whole life.

Both of them were highly pale and they had dark circles under there eyes, but their beauty wasn´t derogated in the slightest.

The look of the first was a little bit pixie-like. What confused Ruthie was the fact that she smiled mischievously at her while her short black hair fell in a mess over her perfect forehead. The pixie lifted her glass and pretended to drink but took not a single swallow.

However, Ruthie didn´t watch her for a long time, too much fascinated by the gaze of the second. She wasn´t much older than Ruthie herself but her whole appearance could only be described with the word “perfection”.

Casually, she ran her hand through her chocolate brown hair while putting it over her slender shoulders and her full lips parted into a gentle smile.

But it was the eyes that fascinated Ruthie. They were golden with a few dark sparkles inside, framed by long dark lashes.

Her glance was clear and open, but Ruthie felt like it pierced her heart. It touched her very soul and left a deep satisfaction in her heart, filled her with confidence and comprehension. Ruthie could have known the beauty for years through that one glance.

Still watching Ruthie deeply the beauty nodded and all the doubts that obsessed her mind were displaced by some very new feeling.


By reading her this woman had accepted, respected and understood her. She had recognized her conflict and had secretly seen the solution for all that was in Ruthie´s heart.

She smiled once again and Ruthie could hardly break free from the dazzling stare but then she turned around and walked back to the door.

The rain ran down her face again, warm now, and she started walking her first step into a new world of confidence and hope.

She would find an answer.