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Deep in your Soul

Bella is a vampire now and has a new ability. An ability that is much stronger than everything you have seen before. Forks has forgotten her after 30 years. But why?


2. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Sighing, he leaned back in his arm chair and closed his eyes. While the rain thumped against the window pane and the thick clouds avoided the rare sun’s appearance he was glad to have just one moment of peace.
He wasn’t the same Charlie that he was in former times. The strict policeman who arranged for law and order, who watched his game every Saturday and who in the meantime tried to be a more or less good father for his nearly grown up daughter.
But Bella was dead and after 30 years it was still painful to think about her. Often he didn’t talk for days because of desperation; neither to his colleagues, nor to Billy Black, his best friend.
They had passed trough the same thing, more or less at the same time. Jacob had also disappeared at a moment’s notice.
Indeed Billy thought that his son was still alive, but Charlie himself considered this hope futile. 30 years without the smallest sign of life from a person that would never want to hurt his father like that.
It was insanity.
Billy had to accept Jake’s death and resign to the fact, and Charlie knew how hard that experience was. Sometimes he imagined what Bella’s life would be like now if she hadn’t had that accident.
Maybe she would be married and would have some children. Probably with him, Edward, who had been sitting next to her in that car.
Over all the years, the anger he had felt for Edward has faded away and he could at least accept that Bella loved him.
Of course he had done some stupid things but in the bottom of his heart he was a good guy that really loved his Bells. Had loved her.
Automatically a tear ran down his cheek. Seeing her, just one more time.
In Forks, Bella was already fallen in oblivion. The Cullens had moved just one day after the accident had happened; with few parting words and without any details on their new place of residence.
Bella’s old school friends, like Angela Weber,didn’t live in Forks anymore either. They preferred life inbig cities, and Angela now lived with Ben Cheney in New York. So it seemed Charlie Swan was the only one who was still in remembrance of his angelic daughter and the mysterious Cullens.

It was actually quite strange. 30 years wasn’t a very long time, least of all to forget eight people simultaneously. But sometimes the people had their own originalities, at last he had never spoken about the Cullens to anyone, and he didn’t want to waste anytime by thinking about that.
He had become old. Yes, old. Particularly tired. Too often he had to rest himself during the day, had to sit in his chair like he was doing now; but nevertheless he often lay awake in bed for nights.
He sighed again and just wanted to stand up to get a glass of water as he suddenly felt a sharp pain, like a bolt in his chest. He fell backwards in his armchair, abruptly seeing someone stepping forward behind the blue curtains. The pain spread in his body more and more and his eyes began to flare, but he recognized her face at once. She hadn’t grown any older, not a single day, but her face was even more beautiful than he ever remembered.
Seeing her, just one more time.
Indeed a phantom, but still so real in his dreams.



Tears would have run down my face if they had been able to. He looked so forlorn, so lonely in his last breaths. Alice had seen it coming but I hadn’t imagined it to be so difficult to see.

I hadn’t seen him for 30 years, for I had ousted my pain and had tried to forget him. Now everything came up again and I wished I could embrace him into my arms. For the first time I regretted the transformation and I longed to be a human again.

Suddenly his face changed and I could nearly see the pain that pierced him. With reflex I came out behind the curtains and our eyes met for the first time in 30 years. I had wanted to stay hidden, not wanting to weaken him with my appearance, but I had acted without thinking.

I looked into his eyes filled with pain but saw through them. Deep down to the heart of the person I used to call dad.

Until I found it. His soul.

And everything that had been unintelligible for me in all those years lay at once open like a book.

I thought, I felt like Charlie. I was Charlie and that was the reason for my gift being so much stronger than Edward’s or Jasper’s. I could read every person’s deepest secret. On the basis of my ability their souls were my home.

In Charlie’s past I saw everything he used to be for me: the protector-dad who wasn’t always able to reveal his feelings but had lots of them hidden inside.

In his presence I read pain and sorrow and confusion about my sudden appearance.

His future was kept safe of my power but Alice had told me what waited for him.

A wave of pain came over me.

I couldn’t do a thing for him.

He went with the hope of our reunification in death. At a place where I could not follow him, would not follow him yet.

I had chosen another life and the only thing I could give him on his last path in this world was a smile.


And with Charlie Swan’s last breath even the last memory of the Cullen family in Forks, Washington disappeared.