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Deep in your Soul

Bella is a vampire now and has a new ability. An ability that is much stronger than everything you have seen before. Forks has forgotten her after 30 years. But why?


3. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


I stopped, not able to move a centimeter; frozen by an irrevocable fact.
My father was dead.
Died in front of my eyes and I hadn’t been able to do anything but destroy his biggest hope. He wouldn’t meet me – in heaven, the next life or anywhere.

I had cheated him, like in lifetime, and his death hadn’t changed that fact in the slightest.

It wasn’t fair, he didn’t deserve to be treated like that, but still, I had done it.
The pain was nearly as strong as at the day I had to say goodbye to Jacob. What a bloody egoistic person I was. I caused pain to all people I knew and wasn’t able to give them what they really deserved.
It seemed as if my love to Edward would oust all the love to other people, would give it no place to exist.


Like the day when I finally left Jacob, he was suddenly there and just held me in his strong arms that didn’t feel cold for me anymore.
Like a drowning person I clung to him, my branch in the torrential river of pain.
And he was there, stroking my hair, for a moment taking away all my feelings of guilt that threatened to crush me.

His crooked smile woke up my confidence and a glance into his topaz eyes and deeper into his soul revealed directly everything I had given up my life as a human for.

It had been a painful but the right decision; it had taken a lot but had given me so much more than I could ever ask for.
It was him I needed, without whom I couldn’t exist. He understood me without words, was always there for me, would never leave me again and let the hope back into my life.
Our love hadn’t ousted my love to other people; it had accepted it and had given the decision to me.

The decision that, 30 years ago, had hurled me into a hole of despair and now made me fall down at its edge again.
But I would stand up with the help of Edward’s hand and would find the way back to the luck of the last years.

The thought brought a careful smile into my face that was replied by Edward immediately.
“I love you”, he whispered gently into my ear before our lips met.

We were together – the only thing that counted – even with my sorrow and despair.
From now until the end of eternity.


„I don’t want to go now. Let’s stay for some time”, I whispered as my breathing relaxed and my brain calmed down. I still felt dizzy every time he kissed me even if my heart wasn’t able to beat for a long time.

Instead of an answer he took me into his arms and carried me to my old room, put me down onto my bed like in former times. Charlie hadn’t changed anything. The familiarity of my room only let the sorrow grow worse.

“I wish he would have been able to understand all that. He has seen me, you know?”

Edward looked surprised.
“Did you…?”

I nodded. “He was happy. He died with the hope of seeing me again.” I swallowed. “It hurt so much to let him go believing in that.”

Edward had wrapped his arms around me and consulted me still firmer.
“I read his thoughts. All he desired was a great life for you. And you even fulfilled his last wish. He only wanted to see you one more time.”

I sighed. “I knew it would happen some day. But not that soon! I’m worried about Renée.”

“You know what Alice said. She is happy with Phil and she will get her first grandchild in a short time.”

“I would have loved to get to know Julia and Will.”

“As Alice says, William looks like Phil but at least Julia resembles your mother. Did Alice tell you what name she will give her daughter?”

“I hope it’s not Aliceor that girl won’t stop bouncing till the day you buy her another Porsche to make her to calm down.”

“She will call her Bella”, Edward said softly. “After her sister she would have loved to know.”

I turned towards him tracing his full lips with my fingertip.

“Let’s go to our meadow one more time. We won’t see Forks for a while.”


On our way to the meadow we passed Mike Newton’s outdoor store.

We had phoned Billy Black but didn’t say anything. Recognizing the number it would be Billy to find Charlie. He was the only one I trusted.

I paused. Instead of the Newton’s outdoor store there was a big office building next to the street. Spontaneously I rolled down the window and called a man who looked to be about 50.

Edward had stopped the car abruptly and stiffened behind the steering-wheel.

“Excuse me! I am looking for an outdoor store. It has to be somewhere around here. Can you help me?”

“It doesn’t exist for a long time anymore. The land has been sold. It was in property of my parents.”

The sun appeared behind the clouds and in exactly this moment several things happened simultaneously.

In the man’s aged features I suddenly recognized my old classmate Mike Newton.

Howling of wolves resounded from the forests.

The sweet smell of a strange vampire reached my nose.

To fast for Mike Newton to understand Edward hissed: “He doesn’t recognize us!”


The man raised his head in order to give another smile to the pretty young lady but the amazing Ferrari had already disappeared.