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Deep in your Soul

Bella is a vampire now and has a new ability. An ability that is much stronger than everything you have seen before. Forks has forgotten her after 30 years. But why?


4. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Not even I, Edward Cullen, have ever driven that fast. The car’s speed limit was reached easily as we flashed down the road. Just like 30 years ago, Bella held on to her seat, even though she got along much better with speed than before.

“Who is it?”, she asked worriedly, staring at me with those beautiful golden eyes.

“I don’t know”, I answered, trying not to sound disturbed.

“He apparently knows my gift. He is thinking of entirely irrelevant things all the time.”

All I could hear in his mind was a strange monotonous buzzing, but for the first time, Bella didn’t need to know that.

I hold on to the steering wheel that strong that my knuckles emerged. How did all that match up together?

The foreign vampire who was apparently not even noticed by Alice, whose thoughts seemed to be the thoughts of a mentally ill person and who had for any reason decided to suddenly appear in the small town of Forks.

Knowing that the werewolves had noticed him too, I was even more disturbed and I tried to increase my speed again. What, if they were faster?

And there was also the whole story with Newton. Why did he consider us as strangers? Did he go insane or was there another occasion for that? His thoughts hadn’t revealed anything and I simply couldn’t figure out the whole story.

I only knew one thing. Something strange was happening in Forks.

I froze once again when I suddenly heard a well-known voice in my mind. Slightly aged but still elated Seth Clearwater thought: Finally a leech to kill!


I ran through the forest. Trees and bushes would have been in my way if it hadn’t been that easy for me to sidestep. I nearly smiled if the situation hadn’t been that serious.

The same thing I had felt sick about in former times had now become my element.

Nevertheless running wasn’t as easy for me as it normally was. With every step the distance to my aim melted away and my fear constantly grew. I had instantly agreed to the plan Edward had come up with. We would cope with the vampire on our own, so the werewolves needn’t to cause even more confusion. I wanted to talk to them, wanted to convince them that there was no need of another battle in Forks.

The familiar faces that had become friends thirty years ago occurred in my mind.

Sam who had to live with the pain of having hurt the two women he loved for the rest of his life.

Jared and Paul, simply content with being what they were and who hadn’t had the misfortune of being in Sam’s place themselves.

Embry who had always made me laugh, who had no problem with me being the “vampire girl”.

Quil who was probably happy with Claire now and who had been that glad when he was allowed to join the pack.

Just as Seth who had been with us that day when Edward had finally beaten Victoria and where I had been able to witness the wordless unity of werewolf and vampire.

And of course Emily who had become a real friend for me in those days.

I remembered the time I passed with them but in truth it was a very other person I had to think of.

Where could he be? After he hadn’t appeared on my wedding day I had heard that he had left Forks forever. Maybe he had come back. Perhaps he was with the pack in exactly this moment. On the one hand I was scared of that but on the other hand there was nothing more I longed for.


The howling grew louder, it was coming from everywhere. I quietly stood there and waited. The gigantic wolves stepped out of the trees’ shadow. They had revolved me. They had surrounded me.

There was anger and detestation in their gaze. I wasn’t a friend anymore, I was their worst enemy.

Embry, Sam, Jared, Paul, Quil, Seth and Leah. Jacob wasn’t with them.

“I have to talk to you!”, I said looking into Sam’s dark eyes.

He nodded with his huge head and disappeared into the forest.

Despite of all the hostile glances I took a closer look at the wolves. One could see who among them had decided to grow older.

Embry, Leah and Paul obviously hadn’t found the love of their life yet. They hadn’t had a reason for aging like for example Sam had in Emily, so they hadn’t aged at all. I was happy for Seth, he evidently had met someone.

The small grey wolf to my left snarled, but in exactly that moment Sam came back.

He reminded me of Jake, only wearing some shorts like Jacob did in former times. Sam’s once dark hair had turned grey, but in his aged features I still recognised the strict leader he had been.

“What do you want?” He asked harshly. “How dare you come back? One of you crossed the border. You know what that means!”

“Edward is after him. We don’t know him at all. We will handle it by ourselves. You won’t have to do anything. And by the way, he couldn’t know a thing about the border.”

Paul, Seth and Quil snarled loathlingly.

“He crossed the border. We also want to know what he wants right here. And why did you come back, actually?”

“I came to see my father. He is dead.”

Shock and mourning abruptly clouded Sam’s face.
“We took great care of him in the last thirty years. You gave up a lot.”

“I know and I thank you for that. But I had no choice, just like you.”

I noticed that Leah winced at my words, but I tried to concentrate only on Sam. A kind of sympathy flashed up in his eyes.

“Leave the vampire to me and I promise to never annoy you again. The moment we find him, you’ll never hear anything of us for the rest of your life.”

Sam appeared to think about my words. Finally he nodded.
“Come over once again, before you leave!”

Angry snarling arose, but one of Sam’s gazes was enough and everything was silent again.

“Thanks”, I said quietly, turning around, glad to be with Edward soon again.


I saw the pale appearance of the strange vampire standing on the edge of the forest. The only thing his thoughts still relinquished was the monotonously buzzing and I was comparably confused and alarmed that he seemed to be waiting for me. I had anticipated with a battle.

I was worried about Bella, but anyhow glad to know her being with the wolves.
This vampire was different from the ones I had ever faced and that was something that frightened me.

I now was in instantaneous closeness to him and I could see his facial features under his long black hair. His eyes were blood-red.

But as his gaze fixed me his lips suddenly parted into a wide smile, the red trailed away and his eyes went golden.