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Goodbye, My Angel

"Bella, were leaving" he said, as shecame to realize what he'd meant, her jaw dropped and she stared at him wide eyed. Edwards pov


1. Chapter 1

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“Edward, will you ever leave me?”


“You promise?”


I tried taking deep breaths as I lead Bella out into the forest by her house but, somehow they still came out ragged. I could tell that she was upset and puzzled. Things hadn’t been going well lately.

I stopped a few feet under the shelter of the trees and turned around, facing her. This was going to be hard.

“Bella, we’re leaving”

Her face didn’t change at all, she must have misunderstood. Slowly, as she came to realize what I’d meant, I saw her jaw drop. The rest of the conversation was a blur. Bella was so frightened, like a small girl, her voice was quivering and she was shaking. How I longed to tell the truth, to say that I would never leave her and to rock her back and forth in my arms. But how could she believe me so quickly!?! She knew I loved her, yet, once I told her otherwise she believed it right away. As the conversation came to an end, she dropped to her knees, knowing I had won. It was just like the second time I kissed her, such a sweet memory! But, this time, I did not catch her.

With that I turned around, and left, disappearing into the trees. I could hear her running behind me, her clumsy feet making a path through the wild ferns. Why didn’t she trust me? This was best for us, both of us.

Oh, how I longed to stop, to turn back, grab her in my arms and just stay like that, Bella and me, forever. I loved her SO much but she had to move on.

At that moment I could feel my heart splitting and I promised myself that I could never love anyone else, that she would always hold that part of my silent heart that had broken off.

I kept running till I felt a sharp pain in my side. Breathing in deeply I caught the scent of some wild deer and quickly, I had caught it. With my mouth at its throat, I drank its warm blood. Suddenly, a painful image crossed my mind. I was sitting in an old ballet studio, holding Bella in my arms, deciding whether to take out the poison, and risk her life, or not, and let her be doomed for eternity.

After that I ran without stopping, never breathing, never hunting till I stopped by a small pond in Iowa. I looked at my reflection. My eyes were a dark ocher and my face was streaked with dirt and blood from my last meal. Angry, I slapped the water and let out a fierce growl.

Edward! Don’t be an idiot!

I quickly spun around, but no one was there. The voice was very familiar, it was something I’d heard everyday for the past months. Bella. Sweet, fragile, warm, and cozy Bella.

Well don’t just stand there! Do something!

“Right….do something…..think, think, think.” I told myself. I knew that I must be going mad, now I was having illusions of Bella in my head. I must just be thirsty.

Sitting there by the pond I did decide to do something. Even if I couldn’t be with Bella I could still protect her. I decided to track down Victoria….and kill her.