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Back again.

Long story short Edward and Bella have been happily mrried vampires for quites some years and now Bella insists they go back and visit Forks after years of travel! Used to be named "It's been so long" I have renamed it.


1. Let's go

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"Please Edward?"

"I said no."

"C'mon I'm sure all the werewolves have long forgotten."

"Have you forgotton Faria?" Faria was our daughter. We adopted her from Russia when she was 12.

"Oh I know, but we could take her there for her birthday I mean she'll be 16 in three days!"

"Bella why would we go back to Forks? We could just take Faria to visit Alice and Jasper."

"I don't think going to the Carribean Islands would be very fun for her."

'Oh yes because Forks is so much better?"

"Edward we're going thats final." I kissed him lightly and went to go tell Faria the news. Let's see she would probobly be in the Cafe room....No maybe the Swimming house. Yes that's it the Swimming house. I walked to the Swimming Room cheerfulness across my face.

"Faria I hav-... Faria honestly that bikini exposes way to much of you."

"But, Mom this one is my fave!"

"Fine. I have good news!" exitment was filling my features once again.

"What? Are you going to bite me!?"

"No, Were going to Forks!"

"What? How'd you get dear old daddykinz to agree?"

"I worked my magic." Cheeryness was now turned to smug as I explained to Faria.

"So when do we leave?"

"When do you want to go?"

"Can we go tommarow morning?"

"Sure. Lets go find Edward" I picked her up and ran to our bedroom (Edward and mine's).

"Daddy are you serious? We get to go to Forks!"

"Yes." I hate his bored tone it's so unlikee him.

"Edward don't talk in that tone you know I hate it."

"Mommy I can't wait let's go shopping for clothes!"

"Edward let me have the credit card."

"Fine, but if you exeed the limit one more time I'll-"

"Oh hush hush Edward. Let's go Faria."