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Back again.

Long story short Edward and Bella have been happily mrried vampires for quites some years and now Bella insists they go back and visit Forks after years of travel! Used to be named "It's been so long" I have renamed it.


4. were here

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"Oh my were here! Oh can you belive it? I haven't been here since 2009!"

"Mom it's 2104 you can't say that."

"Oh I know, but I'm just so exited this is so cool!"

"Mom no one says cool anymore!"

"OK then...Groovy!" Edward chuckled knowing exactly how excited I was.

"Oh my gosh even worse! Dad make her stop!" Edward just chuckled again.

We exited the airport and BAM it hit me. I fell backward. I hate it when this happens. I hate my power. Edward and Faria got hold of my arms and held me up. I never told Faria my power and Edward never told her his.

"Mom whats wrong?"she wispered. she dare not scream or say anything incase they took me to a hospital.

"Nothing." My power was shapeshifting. I could make myself look like a different person. If I had a feeling about someone my body would make me change to that person, but I made myself control it with years and years of practice. It hurt when I changed especially my eyes. When my eyes would change color the pain was so....whats the right word? I don't know.... it's the worst pain it's unimaginable. I stood up ad shook it off.

"Were to start?"

"Cullen" came a voice I'd never belived I'd hear again

"Oh my gosh Jacob Hi!" I turned and hugged him! You see Edward or any of the Cullens never broke the treaty! I had been bitten by Victoria yadayadayada. Long story short a new treaty was written and I got to keep my best friend!

"Nice to see you," He stifened. "Who's she?"

"Oh excuse my rudeness. Thats Faria shes fifteen and don't worry she's human!."

"Hi." Faria squeaked in an almost inaudible voice.

"Hello Jacob."Jacob and Edward settled their differences on my account, but they still weren't best friends.

"Edward I suppose you've heard Carlisle is missing?" Jacob turned serious.