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Back again.

Long story short Edward and Bella have been happily mrried vampires for quites some years and now Bella insists they go back and visit Forks after years of travel! Used to be named "It's been so long" I have renamed it.


5. three tattoos

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"Jacob where is he?" I was exasperated by now and my "power" was making me so sick. something was wrong.

"I'm not supposed to tell you"

Why wasn't edward saying anything about this? Why can't jacob tell me?

"Umm Mr.Jacob person....why are you shaking?" Faria looked a bit frightened I could tell Jacob was angry to be keeping so dear to me away from me.

"Jacob maybe we should go somewhere less public. So as not to cause a seen." Oh finally Edward says something!

"Mom whats going on? That man is growing fur!"

"Faria be qui- AHHH." I screamed I felt the pain. The pain of me changing form. I began gasping for air I felt my hair being torn to be longer. My legs getiinbg shorter. I felt jacob and edward's arm helping me up. I threw them off. I easily could. My eyes! I felt my eyes changing color oh I hate this.

"God damn it!" I screamed loudly. Well for a vampire.

Finally my eyes widened I was fine. Then I remembered Faria. I looked over at her she was backed up against the wall mouth open her eyes wide with a terror I had never seen. Luckily Edward and Jacob being as big (as in muscular)as they were blocked me so no one else could see me. I ran over to Faria, but I was slower like a human slow. I grabbed her hand and took her to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. I had choppy black hair with red streaks. My eyes a buldging blue so dark they reminded me of the blood that once ran through my vaines. My ears kind of like an elves. Then I noticed my new tattoos. One of an apple. One of a wilted flower. One of a ribbon. I know these symbols, but from where?

"Mom? I know those symbols."