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It is sometimes during our hardest times that we find who or what we wanted in the first place. The emotions and conflicts that start the domino affect that will change Angela's life. An Angela/Pack boy fan fic


1. Falling

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It was something we didn’t or couldn’t talk about. It was the topic that glued us together just as it pulled us farther apart. The forces pulled and tugged, keeping us on the edge of an endless fall, balanced precariously between safety and certain destruction. One word could send us over the edge. I wanted to fall off the edge, just as surely as he wanted to cling desperately to it. The feeling of free falling, of not holding back, that’s what happened. I broke us apart, I spoke those words, and as a result, I jumped. I jumped and he let me fall… alone.

I was alone, lying across the moist ground as the rain fell around me. The water plastered my hair to the pine needle carpet. I felt the pine trees move around me as the wind picked up and the water began to stream down in blankets. I had always been able to cover up disappointment, or anger, I could let them go or bottle them up. I had never been able to control my loneliness though, I didn’t cry, or let myself be free of its choke hold, instead I let the feeling of being without anyone else envelope me, and bury me amidst the poisonous folds of the feeling.

I replayed the moment in my head; we had both been sitting on the couch, happy and smiling. We were holding hands as the movie danced across the plasma screen. I had brought up the subject, the topic we had silently agreed to not bring up. College. What would we do when we went to our separate schools? Ben was going to the east coast for school. He had been thrilled to get into MIT, and I had encouraged him to go there. I, however, was staying here in Washington. I needed to know what we would be doing about our relationship when it came for the cars to be packed and our drives to a new stage in our life would occur.

I had made the jump into the unknown future. We had talked, argued, yelled, and I had shed tears as he walked out. His last words to me being, “I guess it’s over then.”

I had left the house then. Wanting to escape the pitiful looks my mother gave me, had caused me to drive until I decided to pull over and simply walk into the woods. I ignored the ominous gray clouds that always seemed to rain over Forks. I had walked until I finally began to relax, the tears no longer falling and mixing with the drizzling rain drops. I found the pine trees to be like looming protectors, ageless giants who would stand around me for as long as I needed them.

Hours passed, and the water seeped through to my skin, cleansing me slowly of my loneliness. When I finally realized that the sun was most likely setting above the shadowing clouds, I stood to walk home. My mother would be worried and would probably call Charlie, our town’s faithful police chief.

I walked, not knowing my path but somehow knowing which way I was going. My foot steps didn’t make a sound as I traveled alone, still falling through the air. I moved around the bushes and across the logs until I reached a clearing, whose existence had been a mystery to me. There stood a large boy, his back turned to me. He reminded me of Bella’s friend, Jake, only shorter in stature. He had the same seasoned skin and toned proud stance. He turned to me, his dark eyes boring into me.

I felt a new feeling flood my core, a feeling of belonging, a warm soothing feeling. The feeling a child got from holding their favorite teddy bear. It was a feeling a love in its most pure and simple form. It was the spark that occurred when you made eye contact for the first time, and instantly you knew that your future would circle around each other.

I had finally stopped falling, I had landed, but not on the hard unforgiving ground. I was no longer alone.

I had fallen into his arms.