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Who Knew

The Volturi are back and this time, they've set their eyes on a new victim. New members of the Volturi are revealed, new werewolves and of course they'll be a new vampire before the story is over. The question is,whose it going to be? READ!!! AND PLEASE REVIEW!!


1. Chapter 1

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"But how? How will we find her?"

"We will go to Forks. We will start there. We will search the country. When we find her, we'll find someone she loves. An old friend. You know the rest. "

"BELLA!!" I hear someone yell. I whip my head around. I search the crowds. Who knew the market was so crowded on a Sunday night? I see no one who looks like they were calling me seconds ago.

I turn back to my cart, figuring that it was some other Bella. I grab a bag of chips and some dip. I can't wait for the party tonight.

Angela is going to her fancy college in France tomorrow, so we're throwing her a huge going away party. It's going to be a big bash. I'm in charge of snacks, so I grab some more chips, a little salsa, a few packages of cookies, and call it a day.

I walk to the cash registers and am paying the cashier when someone yells again.

"BELLA SWAN!!" I whip around and scan the crowds again. Sure enough, Angela is making her way towards me.

I glance at the junk food. Uh oh. How do I explain the huge amount of super fatty junk foods?? I think as fast as I can. Charlie? How can I blame this on Charlie? He's having guys over??

"Bella!" Angela says, panting slightly. "I just wanted to say goodbye, you know, before I leave. I know I'll say goodbye officially, but I wanted to just kind of say that I'm really going to miss you. I can't believe I'm not going to see you till Christmas!"

"I know!" I say, putting on a fake tone. I don't know why but I simply am horrible at saying heartfelt goodbyes. "We need to keep in touch. OK?"

She agrees and rambles on about something. I honestly don't pay that close of attention. I focus more on getting the enormous amounts of junk food out of sight. After I pay the cashier and bag the junk, we walk out together.

She continues talking as we walk to the car. I manage to tune in for a little bit.

"I'm just going to miss everything here.I grew up here, and to think I won't see it everyday, it's kind of scary. I'm excited, but scared at the same time, you know what I mean?"

"Yes," I say. I truly mean it too. But something tells me she's not talking about turning into a vampire. I'm excited to be a vampire but terrified.

We make it to my old car before she can continue.

"Well, Bella, I guess this is it. I'm really going to miss you."

"I going to miss you to Angela." I put the bags in the car and give her a quick hug.

"I'll see you tomorrow, OK? I'm going to come to the airport with you." I say as we part. She nods.

"OK, I'll see you tomorrow." She steps back and lets me go. I think I even see a hint of a tear in her eye.

That just makes me more excited about the party. I love surprise parties. Something about seeing a person's reaction when they realize that their closes friends have thrown them a bash behind there backs, I just love it!

The lights are out and the door swings open. Some one hits the lights and we all jump up to see Angela kissing intensely.

And when I say intensely I mean, intense. I mean, hands are everywhere, there's definitely tongue involved and clothes seem ready to be taken off. Angela's shirt even raises up a couple times.

I can't manage to see who it is. They keep turning and moving towards what looks like the couch, but right now it's covered in streamers and boxes for the move tomorrow. They turn and I realize who it is. A few others do too, but not many.

They both come up for air. They turn to see everyone in the room. They both turn red as a tomatoes. I find that I do too.

"Hey guys," Angela say nervously,her voice quavers"This is Jacob. Jacob Black."