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Who Knew

The Volturi are back and this time, they've set their eyes on a new victim. New members of the Volturi are revealed, new werewolves and of course they'll be a new vampire before the story is over. The question is,whose it going to be? READ!!! AND PLEASE REVIEW!!


2. Chapter 2

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How could he? He doesn't love her! He hasn't imprinted on her! He's met her before! He's just leading her on! He probably figured he'd get some action tonight, and never see her again! I hate him for treating her like that! Angela deserves more than that asshole.

Jacob scans the crowd. He seems fairly relieved until he sees me. I give him the most cold, mean look I can. I turn away from him and walk away, but I'm sure he'll follow.

I break away from the crowd and head towards the kitchen, where I'm sure they'll be no people. I manage to glance over my shoulder and I see Jacob making his way towards me. I walk faster.

We both make it to the kitchen in time to see everyone else filter out. Eventually there's just the two of us.

"Bella" He pleads. I turn my face from him, I don't want to hear it.

"Bella, you're not...jealous are you?"

I whip my head around and I can't take my eyes off of him. I stare at him with a totally shocked expression. Me...jealous...of Angela?

"Oh yes Jacob, I'm very jealous" I say laying on a thick line of sarcasm. "I want you to kiss me, and use me and then never talk to me again. Oh please"

I shake my head and turn away from him. He's pathetic.

"No, Bella, I meant...I don't know what I meant. What I meant to say was, What's the problem here?" He grabs my arms and turns me back to him. He leans down a little and looks me straight in the eye. He doesn't say anything so I assume he's listening.

"I just don't think it's fair that you're using Angela." I look away from him. He doesn't.

"Bella, I'm not using Angela." He still staring at me.


"No, Bella, I'm not. You see I was on the beach and I saw Angela walking along the shoreline. She came up to me and said she recognized me. I said I was your friend. We started talking and stuff and before I knew it she was kissing me. I didn't want to stop her, because she told me she was leaving. I didn't want to spoil her last night."

"Fine" I mutter and he lets go. I turn away and don't talk to him. Minutes pass and I think he left, but when I turn around he's still there.

"Bella, you have to stop doing this to me." He says.

"Doing what?" I say truly innocently. What the heck did I do now?

"Stop looking so goddamn gorgeous, right when I can't have you." He takes some steps forward and brushes a piece of hair out of my eyes.

"Jake,"I stop him,"I can't. Edward. you know that,"

"Damn it Bella! Why must you always choose that leech?"

"Jacob,we've been over this. I love him."

"I love you."

He leans in for a kiss but I just walk away.

The engine of my old truck roars to life and I drive home. I'm not mad, or sad or anything really. I don't care.

I can tell that story about Angela and Jacob isn't true. I can tell he's not really sorry for anything he did tonight. I'm not really either. I'm glad I walked away from that asshole.

I make it home and Charlie doesn't really ask how my evening was. He's wrapped up in some big game. I walk upstairs and wait for Edward to appear.

I take a shower and get changed. I notice a piece of paper on my desk. It wasn't there before. My breath quickens.

Edward's perfect script tell me to meet him at the river where Charlie fishes at twelve.

How am I supposed to know where Charlie fishes? I haven't been to where Charlie fishes since I was 10! Not to mention, what the heck are we doing there?

I hurry downstairs and ask Charlie where he fishes.

"What's it for?" He asks but I'm pretty sure he doesn't care.

"School." I lie,"We're writing a paper on our parents and they're habits." I honestly am surprised at how easily I make this up, and how well I portray that it's as true. Normally I stink at lying.

"It's called Trout Waters. It's about two miles from Main Street." I mentally thank him for this extra bit of information.

"Thanks." I say and hurry upstairs. It's almost 11:00 and the way I am with hiking I should probably leave now.

I walk downstairs and lie once again.

"I'm going to see a movie with Jacob." I hate using this lie. I know it's the only way he'll let me go.

"OK" He calls. I head out the door before I can regret the lie more than I already do.

I make it to Main Street and park on the side of the road. One side of the street is covered in stores and markets. The other side is all green forest.

I start into the forest nice and slow. I walk carefully and cautiously. My mind wanders while I do this.

What could Edward possibly want at twelve o'clock at night? What could he want in the forest? Why didn't he come pick me up? He should know by now I don't do good with hiking!

I ponder at these thoughts the entire way there. I eventually make it to the river. It's small and quiet but I can tell it would be good for fishing.

I wait for Edward to miraculously appear out of no where. I hear rustle and soon Edward is standing before me.

"Bella" He says in his melodic voice. He glances at me then keeps his eyes peeled on the river.

"Edward" I say coming towards him. "What could you possibly want out here?" He steps away as I step towards him.

"I just thought a change of scenery was in order."

"I agree, but why here?" I give him a questioning look. He doesn't see it. He's looking away at something.

"Because" He says.

"Because why?" I seriously m trying to figure out what is wrong with Edward. He's acting really strange.

"Because no one can hear us."

"And why do you not want people to hear us?" I'm slightly frightened, what is he planing on doing?


"Because why?" I ask. I take a step towards him. He looks at me and his eyes are red. Deep, piercing red.

"I don't want anyone to hear you scream" he says, only this time it's not Edward's voice, it's Jane's.