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Last Request

It's the night of Bella and Edward's dress rehearsal, and Jacob Black ahs one last request. *Song Fic to Paolo Nutini's Last Request*

This is my first twilight fan fic. So please be kind and constructive!

1. Last Request

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My eyes brushed over her frail figure. The little bloodsucker’s rehearsal dinner (I think her name was Alice) was well underway. And all of the Cullen’s were doing various things in different parts of the room.

All except for Edward, standing beside Bella like an armed guard. Bella stood at his side dutifully, one hand fidgeting with her dress, the other clasped firmly in the leech’s grasp. The smile on her face was plastic. She did not want to be here.

I walked over to them. Bella’s eyes grew angry. “What are you doing here Jake? Why must you make everything harder than it already is?” I nodded. “I just wanted to say goodbye to Bella Swan.” I emphasized her last name, the part of her that was my best friend.

Edward leant down and whispered something into her ear. And then she was dragging me up the stairs to a large room with strangely thick golden carpeting.

“What do you really want Jake?” she said, closing the space between us. “I just wanted to say goodbye. And I want you to know that I’m sorry and that I’ll always remember the Bella from 2 yrs ago. And to tell you I love you, one last time.”

Slow down, lie down, and remember it's just you and me. Don't sell out, bow out, remember how this used to be.

I smiled a little. The smile I knew she loved. Her face relaxed. “Oh. Well I guess that ok. But I know that’s not all.” She cocked her head to one side, her eyes sparkling. I remembered the mind prying leech. She stepped back a little. “What did you really want Jake?? Edward mentioned something about you warming me up one last time.”

I couldn’t stop myself from being blunt. “Yes. I want to make you warm Bella. In a couple of weeks, you’ll be damned to an eternity of ice. I just want one last chance to remind you how it feels to be on fire.” I said.

I hoped my voice wasn’t as husky as I thought it was. My body was tensing. I had not yet been forcefully ejected from the premises. Her eyes flashed with panic, and then softened.

She was reasoning with herself. Because I knew he was listening to my every thought, I flashed an ‘I’m not going to steal her,’ through my brain, I pictured his body relaxing and smiled.

Suddenly, Bella moved towards me. “Ok Jake. I’ll let you hold me. At least you didn’t ask for a kiss.” She moved and sat down on the black couch, waiting for me to follow. As soon as I got nearer, the bloodsucker’s stench nearly made me faint. She smile and rolled her eyes. “Please get over it Jake? You come here; you get your little embrace here too.”

I just want you closer, Is that alright? Baby let's get closer tonight

I steeled through the smell and sat down next to her, my arms automatically holding her close. I fought down an image that would automatically have Edward in here breaking my human neck. I switched to thinking about how I was glad she was letting me do this.

Eventually, I moved so that my arms were holding her torso, so she was lying down in front of me. “Careful Jacob, I would rather you were alive when you leave this place, not a body we’re throwing into the river.” Her voice was joking, but thw words cut.

I cringed; she was counting the minutes till I would leave. I willed time to stop, just for a little bit. I pressed further. “You know it doesn’t have to be like this. He would accept it if you chose me instead…he just wants you to be happy.” She didn’t respond for a moment, as if she was seriously contemplating telling Edward that the whole thing was off. My hopes deflated instantly.

“Jake, we’ve been through this. I’m not leaving Edward. He’s my entire being. Without Edward there would be no part of me left to love you. I’m not going to leave him. Please stop trying. I wish you just wanted me to be happy too.” I thought hard, trying to think of something to say. Nothing came. Minutes passed and we settled into an easy silence.

Grant my last request, and just let me hold you. Don't shrug your shoulders, Lay down beside me.
Sure I can accept that we're going nowhere, but one last time just go there, lay down beside me.

Eventually the questions began building up inside my brain. I had a right to know, didn’t I? I had inkling, but I might as well get confirmation. “During those months when he was gone, and you came to my house about the bikes, did you only do it to feel closer to him??”

She cringed. This was not what she had been expecting. “Yes. I’m not going to lie to you Jake. That’s why. Whenever I did something reckless or stupid, like driving a motorcycle, I would hear his voice in my head, reprimanding me. I wanted that so bad, I would do anything to hear it.”

My heart ached, but it wasn’t enough to fight down the other questions. “And the first time we met since you moving to Forks, when you were flirting with me at that bonfire, was that only to get those stories out of me? To learn more about him?”

She cringed again. My insides were begging me to stop. I didn’t need to know these things. “Yes, that’s true too. How can you remember these things Jake? How can you keep pulling them up out of nowhere?” I was struggling to keep from phasing out of anger and disappointment, so it took me a long time to answer her.

“I’m not exactly sure. I think that they are just things that have been eating at me ever since that day when I was injured.” She nodded slowly and closed her eyes.

“I’m sorry Jake. Truly I am.” I winced. Nothing she could say would keep me from loving her, nothing she could admit to.

Oh, I've found that I'm bound to wander down that one way road. And I realize all about your lies but I'm no wiser than the fool I was before.

The silence returned. It was minutes before one of us spoke. And it was Bella who did so first. “This is hurting me Jake. You coming here and trying to change my decision. It hurts.”

I could hear the tears, but I couldn’t bear to know that I was causing them. I shook the thought from my head before Edward noticed it and held her closer. “I’m sorry, but you leaving with him is hurting me.” I knew I was bringing up an old argument, that I was pushing her limits and re-testing dangerous waters. But this would distract her and put the blame on someone else. It was worth it.

Her body seemed to generate anger in my arms. “ Jake, I love you as well, but without Edward, I would die. Wouldn’t you rather me alive and with Edward, than lifeless and with you? You aren’t the only one involved here. And I don’t appreciate you putting the word ‘me’ into every other sentence like a spoiled child.”

Her words stung. How could she live with me?? There would be no Edward. I realized I was fighting a losing battle; that I was to lose my Bella forever. I couldn’t stop the venom that came out of my mouth in my next words.

“No. I’d rather you die than chose him over me.”

Bella strained against my grip. But I tightened it. “Get OFF me Jake!” she said angrily. Then there were footsteps and the door burst open. Edward flung himself at me and Bella, ripping my arms from around her in one swift motion.

“Never touch her again. She chose me. To you, she’s dead.” He spat the words out, Bella pressing her body into his and holding onto him as if he was the only thing her life.

I got off the leather sofa and stalked away from the room…never looking back as my heart fell into my stomach. I had a strange feeling it would never be quite back in its normal place.

Grant my last request, and just let me hold you. Don’t shrug your shoulders, lay down beside me. And sure, I can except that we’re going nowhere, but one last time, lets go there. Lay down beside me.