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Romeo and Juliet

AU; Post Eclipse.

What happens when Edward manages to get Bella to postpone her transformation, and the Volturi decide to intervene?

[[if you don't understand the storyline after you read, please review and say so. it makes sense to me, but then again, that could just be because i'm the author, and i know what i'm trying to convey to you all.]] ONESHOT.
contains spoilers. (i think)


1. Chapter 1

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Bella stares unseeingly out the window, watching as her siblings go off to yet another first day of school. She doesn't wave or smile, just stares. They recognize the familiar expression on her face, but don't dare mention his name. Or else she just might go into hysterics. Again.

As soon as the car pulls out of sight, Esme lays a gentle hand on Bella's shoulder, making her jump. She had been so absorbed in her thoughts of better days, she didn't even hear Esme come into the room.

"How are you?" Esme asks, frowning slightly.

Bella hesitates. She's terrible. Worse, actually. But she wouldn't want to worry her mother like that. She's pretty sure all of them already know how she's feeling, anyway. Jasper does, at the very least.

"I'm... okay."

Esme nods sympathetically. She hates seeing Bella like this, but knows there's nothing she can do. It's been years, but to all of them it feels like yesterday. Her son, refusing to bite Bella. Her son, arguing with Aro. Her son, being ripped apart limb by limb..

Bella shudders, hearing Esme's thoughts, and Esme realizes that she forgot to block her mind. She isn't used to having a mind reader in the house, ever since his death. Bella had only recently discovered her power, which caused yet another fit of hysterics. The resulting family arguement had Bella absent from the house for weeks.

"I'm sorry, Esme," Bella whispers, barely loud enough for even Esme's enhanced hearing to catch.

"You have nothing to be sorry for," Esme soothes, moving her hand to squeeze Bella's own.

Bella flinches. "I have everything to be sorry for. This is all my fault. If I hadn't-"

"Been human?" Esme interupts. She doesn't wait for an answer before continuing. "If you hadn't let Edward fall in love with you? If you hadn't been so irresistible for Jasper? None of those things you can control, dear."

"I know," Bella says, looking at the ground. "But if I hadn't been so weak... If I had just made him change me when he first agreed to, instead of agreeing to wait longer. If I hadn't been so damn naive that I ever thought he'd do it later..."

Esme grimaces, and Bella frowns apologetically. It's rare that Bella cursed, and that makes Esme like it even less.

"I understand," Esme says, eventually, turning around. "But if you need me..."

Bella nods, and turns back towards the window, watching the mist.

Today would be her first day at school, again. If she hadn't talked Esme and Carlisle out of it, she probably would have been sitting in some biology class somewhere. But that's exactly why she couldn't go. Not today. Not on the anniversary of his death.

She traces an icy finger along the foggy window and smiles a very sad smile. Nothing will ever be the same. Aro had changed her anyway, of course. They didn't want to kill her, just incase her power was as powerful as he had assumed. Which, as it turned out, it wasn't. But that meant very little to her. Being changed held no meaning whatsoever now that Edward wasn't around to share her eternity with.

Eternity seemed more like a curse now, than a promise.

Before she could think it through properly, she knew what she had to do. Before Alice could see it, she would have to write a letter and run, hopefully fast enough, to the airport. Once she got there, she was free. There was no way the family could catch her once she got there.

Bella walks through the house, searching eagerly for a pen, and finding one after just a few seconds. She grabs a piece of paper, sits down at the dining room table that they hardly use, and scribbles furiously.

To my dear family, she writes.

I am sorry for doing this to you. You probably expected it anyway. Not that that makes this decision any less selfish. I am an essentially selfish creature. That is what Edward's death has done to me.

Alice, you were always like my sister. From the moment I met you, I loved everything about you (Yes, even your shopping. I might not have liked being drug around, but I did love feeling like someone cared.)

Emmett, you'll always be my big brother. Hopefully, some day, we'll meet in heaven (or, if Edward was right, wherever it is that we go.)

Carlisle and Esme, you are the best "parents" I could have ever asked for. Thank you for welcoming me so eagerly into your family. I will never forget you.

Jasper, thank you always for your care. I'd like to say again that everything that happened at my birthday party so many years ago was not your fault. It was entirely mine. I was - and still am, ironically enough - a klutz. I'm sorry for the misery it caused you and your family.

Rosalie, we might not have ever been close. But please don't ever think that I could hate you. I've heard you talking with Emmett, and this is by no means your fault. Nothing you said persuaded me to think otherwise of becoming immortal. I stalled for Edward's sake, and not my own. Thank you for always being honest, Rose. And thank you for being a great sister.

Please, don't mourn for me. Wherever I am, know that I'm happy, because I'm with Edward. I'll tell him that you all love and miss him, and we'll wait for you.

Thank you, again. You'll always be in my heart.


She looks up at the clock, and curses silently to herself as she slips the note in her pocket. It had already been five minutes, and she was surprised Alice wasn't home. Bella was sure Alice would have seen her plan by now. Quickly, she stands from the table, leaving the note where - she hoped - they would find it sometime after she left.

The door nearly swung off it's hinges as she bolted from the house. Alice leans against a nearby tree, but Bella didn't notice her. The rest of the siblings had stayed at school, but only on Alice's request. This was something Bella couldn't be talked out of. Alice knew that. But it didn't make it any easier to listen to Bella on the phone.

"Hello?" Bella's voice echoes as she pulls down the winding driveway in her ancient truck. "I'd like to book the first available flight to Italy."

Alice smiles sadly, and waves, though Bella could not see. She falls to the ground, sobbing softly, but makes no attempt to stop the retreating form of the truck. She looks towards the sky, and whispers, too low for anyone to hear, "For never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo."