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Christmas with the Cullen's

What are Bella and Edward going to do for there first christmas together? Check AN on chapter two!

Hope you enjoy!

1. Chapter 1

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Bella POV

“Alice! I want to go home! We have been shopping for the last four hours. Can we please go home?!” I ask with a whiney tone

“Sure once I try this last outfit I need a perfect CHRISTMAS!” she yelled very excitedly in her beautiful bell like voice “I love CHRISTMAS! It gives me the perfect excuse to go shopping!”

“You would anyways.” I state to her as a matter of fact

“So then it gives me an excuse to spend money on you! Such you are just dieing to get home even though Edward won’t be home for another couple of hours he is still hunting with the rest of them, just let me try on this outfit I think it is the one I am looking for and if it is then we can go home.” She sadly tells me

* * *

“Tadaa here I come. How does it look?” she asks

“Wow that looks great it is totally fits the holiday and it is so you.” I state out of truth and relief. “Now we get to go home right?”

“Fine, if you promise not to complain too much when you open your gift from me or Edward.” She says happily

“Fine you win.”

* * *

“Hello love.” Edward says in his beautiful velvety voice

“Your back Alice said you wouldn’t be home for a couple more hours.” I ask in confusion

“She just wanted you to stop complaining, I am sorry you had to endure 4 hours of torture.” He says sweetly

“HEY SHE NEEDED IT!” Alice screams up at us

“It was alright but I am glad you are back now we can enjoy Christmas Eve.” I say happy to be back with him. “What are we going to do the rest of the night do you guys have any traditions you do?” I ask

“Sort of but I am not sure if Emmett and Jasper are back yet, so until then we can just relax.” He says in his marvelous voice

“What are they doing, and what is your tradition?” I ask unsure if I should participate

“You will just have to see I am not going to spoil it for you but you have to promise you will on my team with Emmett or else I don’t think you should do it.” He says

“Sure but why with Emmett?” I ask curiously

“It is just for your safety.” He says mysteriously with a glint in his eye

“Oh alright if I should then I will.” I ask still unsure why for my safety would I have to be with him and Emmett

“BELLA YOU’RE HERE!” Emmett screams up the stairs while barreling into me

“Human…. Can’t…. Breath…” as he laughs his booming laugh

“Hi Emmett good to see you to, so what are we doing that I can’t know?” I ask hoping he will tell.

“Well if Eddie hasn’t told you then it must be a surprise.”

“Hey don’t call me Eddie you know I hate that!” Edward yells at Emmett

“Ok cool it would you and what is the secret why can’t she know?”

“It is a surprise such it is her first Christmas with us. Did you get it all ready?” he asks

ugh they are talking between themselves and they won’t tell me what is going on I wish they would I am sick of being the one that doesn’t know what is going on and what is it that I can’t know about just because this is my first Christmas with the Cullen’s I can’t believe Charlie actually let me it was probably because Alice asked him to. He would do anything if Alice asked him. I think with a smirk she must dazzle him like Edward dazzles me.

“So when is this surprise going to happen?” I ask hoping it is now so I can finally know what is going on

“Now, I guess if you go with Alice and get ready.” Edward said

“BELLA ARE YOU GOING TO LET ME GET YOU READY?!” she asks very happily

“Sure if I must.” I said jokingly to bug her

“You don’t want to!” she asked me worriedly

“Yes I just said that to bug you.” I reply to her so she won’t worry so much

“Come along then!” she yelled

As we raced up to her room she said that she just bought it and that hopefully I will be warm enough

“Wow Alice, why would I have to wear this it isn’t that cold?” I ask her because it is so hot and bulky

“You will see.” She said annoyingly to me

* * *

“Edward where did all of your family go I thought they were following us?” I ask knowing they were right behind us a minute ago we drove for not long to somewhere in Alaska to the mountains

“They are giving us our privacy but you will see them soon.” He said lovingly to me

“Oh I thought there was something about teams.” I ask knowing there was

“Yeah, later but not now, now we get to have a lovely walk threw the mountains forest and enjoy Christmas Eve.” He says amazingly lovingly he must like it that he has someone here for Christmas like his siblings do every year

“Oh Kay that is great I love walks, well I love anything if I get to do it with you.” I said

“Me too love I would do anything with you.”

We walked threw the forest for awhile when…

“Ouch that hurt. I wonder what that was Edward.” I ask

“Edward, where did you go?” I ask now extremely curious

This is so not funny where did he go and why did he leave me in this stupid forest!

“Fine I will just sit here till you come back and get me.” I say meaningful I think the thing that hit me was a snowball that could be considering we are surrounded by snow.

“BELLA!!!! SAVE ME!” Alice screamed “Emmett stop it or you will run into Bella.” She says magically behind me now

“Alice what is going on!?” I screamed really getting annoyed

“Oh did Edward not tell you? Where did he go?” she asks completely confused as to why he would leave

“No Edward didn’t tell me anything he just said we would see you later and to not worry about you guys, and I have no idea where he went he just disappeared 10 minutes ago and I have been sitting here waiting for him.” I say no very happy someone else is here

“Oh that complicates things.” She says disappointed

“HI BELLA!” Emmett yells at me while he squeezes me to death

“Emmett let her breath she needs oxygen.” Alice commands “You can do that if Edward ever changes her but that is not something we should talk about right now.

“I am so glad you guys are here now where is Edward do you know Emmett?” I ask

“Nope sorry Bells I haven’t seen him sense he told me to scram and sorry if I hit you when I was chasing Alice.” He says sincerely

“That is what hit me. What are we doing in Alaska in the middle of nowhere?” I ask hoping they will tell me since Edward wouldn’t

“We are going to play a game called a snowball fight and since Forks doesn’t have any snow we come to Alaska.” Emmett says happily “I love snowball fights.”

“Wow is that a snowball it is as tall as me. That can’t be fun to be hit with.” I say in complete amazement.

“Yeah Bella the only reason it missed us is because of you, you probably would die if that hit you at all let alone 100 miles an hour.” Emmett says

“Jasper get over here I know that was from you.” Alice said

“How can you tell it was Jasper?”

“He is the only one that would run off after he made sure it didn’t hit you everyone else probably would come over here but maybe Rosalie would leave to.” They both said

“Well I guess we should go play but I think I will watch and maybe throw something’s but I don’t think they will hit you and if they do you won’t be able to feel it.” I explain that it would be better for me to watch

“Well okay let’s take you to the clearing where we will make you a shelter and then join the fight and you will get front row seats.” Emmett said

* * *

After they built my shelter they played and I couldn’t even see anything but blurs but after 25 minutes my angel came back to me

“Hey love I am sorry I left you earlier but Jasper barreled into me and took me to the snowball fight and said that Alice would be there any second.” He explained completely sorry that he left me “I didn’t want to leave you but they grabbed me and I hope you will forgive me for leaving you.”

“Of course I forgive you Edward I just wanted to know why and now that I do know why I am fine with it. So what are the plans for the rest of the night?” I ask

“Well we are spending the rest of Christmas in Alaska with the Denali clan so you can meet them.” He answered

Yay! I am so glad he is actually telling me what is going on now

“But first I am taking you to dinner.” He answered with his crooked smile

“No where expensive.” I said because he smiled I knew he would take me anyways

“Bella it is not a problem and it is Christmas so please just let me.” He said with a cute pout

“Fine I guess just because it’s Christmas.” I said with a smile even though anytime of the year he probably could get me to go “Alice will you help me get ready I want to look good tonight for Edward and because it’s Christmas.” I tell her even though she has an evil glint in her eye

“Thank you I didn’t see that coming!!!” she replied very happily

“You spoil her way to much the more you let her do it the more she is going to do it you know.” Edward said very nicely and kind of happily it seemed

“Yeah Alice it was a spur of the moment decision, and I know but I am starting to get use to it, Rosalie you can help if you want.” I say to all of them hoping they will all be happy

“Thanks Bella you bet I will, I think I have just what you should wear.” Rosalie said happily

“I say we should go to Tanya’s and get her ready there because I don’t think we should go all the way back to Forks then come right back and anyways maybe Tanya will want to help.” Alice and Rosalie said to each other already planning on what they are going to do to me

as we got in the car Edward quickly kissed me I love you he said to me after we kissed

“Hurry up Edward we want to get her ready!” Rosalie and Alice yelled

“Love, I guess we should get going.” He said as he opened my door and got in to his seat and started the car

Once he got in the car he grabbed my hand and started to drive one handed

“How far is it to Tanya’s?” I ask hoping it would be awhile so I could hold my dear sweet Edward’s hand

“Maybe ½ an hour, love.” He seemed sorry it wasn’t farther to

“Thank you.” And I went back to looking at the beautiful Alaskan country side while holding Edward’s hand after awhile we pulled up to a beautiful looking house surrounded by trees

“We are here, love.” He said kind of sad

“Well I guess I should get into there and let Alice and Rosalie have there fun but I will tell them not to be to long.” I said then kissed him right as I was needing breath and starting to get out of control he pulled away and kissed me on the nose saying breath love we walked into the house with all of them right there greeting us

“I am Tanya and this is Elazear, Carmen, Irina & Kate you must be Bella.” She said nicely even though she didn’t seem to happy to meet me

“Thank you so much for letting me come.” I said trying to be nice “You have a beautiful home.”

“Thank you” she said

“Bella let’s go and get you ready!” Alice said as she started pulling me upstairs into a closet as big as Rosalie’s “Tanya, Rose are you coming!”

After she pulled me into the closet Rosalie and Tanya came in and Rosalie went right to a beautiful blue dress had a v neck and went a little past my knees and was low in the back but very beautiful and had a bow on the stomach

“Here put this on.” Rosalie said

I put the dress on and it looked good on me it was a soft gauzy dress

“Make up and hair time!” Alice said happily pulling me into a bathroom

“Rose you do the hair, Tanya nails and help Rose with the hair while I do her makeup!” Alice commanded them happily

Rosalie put my hair in curlers while Tanya French tipped my nails while Alice was putting eye shadow on and mascara after along time they all said they were done and I could look at myself if I put the shoes on they were beautiful light blue heels that were only about 2 inches I looked into the mirror “Thank you guys so much!” I didn’t even recognize myself Alice put make up on that just made me look natural not insane while Rosalie curled my hair and put most of it up in a twisted bun but left a few pieces out that looked great and my nails looked good.

“Let’s show Edward!” Alice sang “Close your eyes Edward and don’t even think about looking in any of our heads!”

She pulled me down the stairs “Ok Edward you can look.”