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your actions put the lie to every word you say


Written for twilight_t00bs and twilightprompts on LiveJournal.

1. your actions put the lie to every word you say

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"You know how everyone enjoys different flavors? Some people love chocolate ice cream, others prefer strawberry?" Her voice is low, seductive, almost a purr. It's the kind of voice he loves best.

He nods.

This time, Tanya's whispering. "You're going to come across your own special flavor one day." The words swirl through his brain, tantalizing, and he thinks, Only her. "And you can't miss that chance, Edward. It's amazing. You'll never taste anything like it."

Images flash through her mind and Edward's lost within her memories. He can almost feel the smooth, warm blood on his tongue -- a heady scent -- a growl deep in his throat --

"Promise me you won't miss it," she murmurs, lips an inch away from his ear. Promise, when she never asks him to promise anything. When she's never promised him anything, either.

"I promise," and then she's against the wall, his mouth moving over hers.

x x x

"And every day the perfume of your skin, your breath, your hair...it hit me as hard as the very first day."

She cocks her head to the side, an Oh really? expression on her face.

When did he get so good at reading her smiles?

But all she says is:

"I knew you wouldn't be able to resist me."

Her tongue sneaks out to trace the line of her bottom lip and he lets out a little moan. And then she's right in front of him, her fingernail dragging down the side of his cheek.


x x x

"I wish...I wish you could feel the...complexity...the confusion...I feel. That you could understand." His arms are waving in complicated patterns, his gaze traveling from the ceiling to the ground but never once landing on her.

She laughs, high and clear, and runs away from him. Taunting, teasing. A hundred feet away, and she's still laughing.

You talk too much, Edward.

He groans in exasperation and chases her through the trees. "You're not making this any easier!" he calls out as he runs. Much faster than she is, and so he catches up easily. He tackles her to the ground, rolling over on top of her.

In her most innocent voice, she says, as casually as if they were discussing over tea, "But that's why you want me."

x x x

"You're intoxicated by my very presence," she announces loudly.

Annoyed, he tries to restore some of his lost dignity. "You're full of yourself, Tanya. That's always been your biggest fault."

"Well, yes," she agrees pleasantly enough. "But I am the best. And I don't see you about to deny it."

"You're such a --"

"And maybe I don't have time for this, hmm?"

She leaves the room, walking away from him with a swagger that makes those hips sway hypnotically. Her head turns over her shoulder and when she catches him staring, she smirks and keeps walking.

x x x

"If it gets to be...too much, I'm fairly sure I'll be able to leave," he murmurs, and she scowls.

"You're not going to leave." She's certain -- her mind confirms it, too. "Because I know you want this."

She leans in close and licks right beneath his earlobe. His eyes flutter closed and her fingers deftly unbutton his shirt. Her arms wrap around his torso and she pulls him close...almost too tightly.

"It's too much," he whispers. "But I don't think I could leave anyway."

x x x

"You are utterly indecent -- no one should look so tempting, it's not fair."

She laughs again.

"Well, that's the point, darling."

x x x

"Not what you expected, is it?" she teases.

He's exhilarated, eyes closed, and at that moment the two of them hit the ocean. They barely notice the impact of having fallen thousands of feet, and instead sink deeper into the darkness. Fish glimmer in the dim light until that's gone, too. All he can see, now, is her -- skin faintly glowing even when there's no light to be seen.

She reaches down and pulls his hand, and together they kick their way toward the surface.

x x x

"It's the American pastime," he says seriously, and she snorts.

"It's boring as hell," she says.

"Well, have you ever played it?"

She rolls her eyes. That's answer enough for him.

"Look, I'll pitch. Just try and hit the ball, okay? I promise I won't laugh at you."

A glare. "Fine. But you owe me one."

He shudders, watching in her mind what sort of payment she desires. "Mmm...okay."

Waiting for the ball to come her way, with the bat raised above one shoulder...he doesn't think he's ever seen her sexier. The tiny shorts she's wearing aren't exactly helping, either.

The ball zooms right past her bat and she swings, too late. He has to struggle not to laugh. She notices that, and throws down the bat.

"I'm sick of this," she declares. "And you said you wouldn't laugh. I think you need to learn a lesson."

"Oh my," he says in mock fright. "Tanya's going to punish me!"

And then he's on his back, actually struggling beneath the pressure of her hands holding his above his head. He's powerless to stop her as she kisses him hungrily. When she pulls away, he groans.

"Want more?"

"Please," he whispers.

"Too bad," she says, laughing.

x x x

"You smell so good in the rain," he groans, laying his cheek on her strawberry-blond head.

"Enjoy it while you can," she says flippantly. "It'll stop raining soon."

He shoots her an exasperated look that she completely misses, as the side of her face is laying against his chest.

"Do you have to make everything so difficult?"

"I try."