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Enchanting Serenade

Forks is now holds more than two secrets.

Rated Adult for later chapters.

1. Preface

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The cuts are so pretty on her arms.

There’s one for every lie he ever told.

One for every promise he made and broke.

The longest one is for the deepest betrayal.

He didn’t hear her heart beating in his own house.

A crash woke her from her sleep.

Moans, groans, and screams were heard.

Quietly she crept down from his room.

There in the kitchen.

Two molded sculptures locked in an embrace.

Her long blond hair tussled.

His bronze locks awry.

Their lips mashed together.

He never smelt her blood, to caught up.

She saw him run his hand up alabaster legs.

Tears slipped in remembrance.

The crimson from her wrist watered.

Bleeding it out was the only way.

Droplets fell to the earth.

She smiled cruelly.

He tainted their meadow with HER.

She heard HER remind him of their time in the meadow.

Shock ran through her at those words.

He said the meadow was for them.

The golden hair girl continued on about the way their meadow looked in winter.

She couldn’t understand how he could betray her.

If SHE wants this meadow fine.

She tainted THEIR meadow with her blood.

Her body became weaker.

Her breath shallow.

Her heartbeats skipping.

He silenced HER with a kiss.

Using their speed their clothing was gone.

She turned.

Upstairs she gathered her things.

Outside she got into one of the many cars.

She drove to her house.

The next day the sun beamed.

She gathered the materials.

She didn’t drive the car, or her truck.

Dangerous is what she went for.

Standing by the side of the road she waited.

An elderly man picked her up and dropped her off.

It took her hours but she finally reached the meadow.

The sun filtered in through the trees.

The tears began to fall as she sat down.

She remember the first time they ever came here.

Carefully she unwrapped the razor.

Up and down, not side to side.

The blood darken her arms.

In that moment she understood the need to feed.

Understood what fascinated him.

What he hungered for.

Like the TV show said, it’s always the blood.

It’s the life.

What keeps you from being dead.

What makes you different.

What makes you alive.

Her heart stopped.

Someone picked her up.

Carried her away from that horridly tainted place.

The she began to float.

Something pressed to her chest.

Sealing her fate….


A shadow watched her.

They needed a place to train.

A place to duel.

He saw the tears stream down her face.

At school she was disgustingly happy.

Happy with that vampire.

Happy with the wolves as her friends.

What caused her to this?

He saw the amount of blood flowing from her.

No one came for her.

He was starting to worry.

Did anyone realize where she was.

Her eyes started to become glassy.

He knew he had no choice.

He dragged her out of the meadow.

I’m so dead, he thought.

He summoned his broom to his side.

Arranging her in front of him he kicked off.

He pressed his wand to her chest.

Muttered a spell and felt the warmth return to her.

Sealing her fate…..