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Enchanting Serenade

Forks is now holds more than two secrets.

Rated Adult for later chapters.

2. Defeat and Moving On

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The paintings on the walls were slashed. Statues were smashed, lying broken on the hall floors. Armor dented and toppled. Silence echoed in the burnt halls. The smell of decaying flesh hung in the air. Hundreds of bodies littered the ground. No ghosts would walk these halls. In the Houses furniture was broken, trunks over turned, possessions flung everywhere. The classrooms were searched for every book, every ingredient, everything that had value was taken. In the kitchen rotting food was on the counters and the five tables. Gryffindor Tower was burnt, while the Slytherin Dungeons was flooded.

Outside the amount of damage done was more noticeable. The Headmaster’s office was ripped of the school. Scorch marks were visible along the stone building. The lake had less water. Waves lapped gently at the corpses that floated to the shore. Bodies were left to decay on the crimson grass. The Forbidden Forest was burnt down. Only stumps of the giant trees remained. The green houses were collapsing. Parts of tower stone lay broken, smashed, destroyed. Hogwarts was now nothing but a memory. The Hogwarts Express ripped apart. The station itself was nothing more than ash. And saddest of all the White Tomb, desecrated.

The battle had raged all around the school. Students tried to run away from the Death Eaters, but success eluded them. False information was passed lips, so the school was highly unprepared. Hogwarts fell. Voldemort’s followers had been successful at the school. The wards had fallen allowing apparition to occur. Those few remaining student fled to the muggle world for fear that the wizarding one would fall into Voldemort’s hands. Small groups were relocated to small towns, large cities, but inconspicuous places. Towns, cities, and wherever that didn’t have magic coincide with the place. The groups weren’t allowed contact with anyone else. The student would have to go to muggle schools. Their wands placed under spells. Only to be used in extreme emergency. Their money was transferred into muggle money. Those with large sums, deposited the bills into various banks.

Voldemort believed he could now move on to purify the wizarding world, only to notice thousand of its citizens had disappeared. Their money gone and untraceable. The majority of them had gotten their wands through Ollivander so they had become untraceable as well. Supplies were limited. Funds almost depleted. His most loyal followers killed, by their only child. Their money gone. Even though Voldemort ruled, resistance was beginning to grow. For there was one thing Tom Riddle, Lord Voldemort had forgotten, Hogwarts holds many secrets.


The seven of them agreed to come to Forks Washington, on Hermione’s nagging. It was a small town in the Olympic Peninsula. There had been no mention of this town in the books she read. No one, but Hermione Granger would’ve even heard of this town, in their world. So secluded it was the perfect place for them to hide out in.

Severus, Hermione and Harry all went before hand to purchase a house suitable for seven people. Three of which being female. The three of them went to enroll the children at Forks High School. Fortunately Hermione had given them all the information they would need about muggle studies. It was agreed that upon arrival the only magic that would be used was for wards and to help them unpack all their belongings, and other adjustments that need to be made to the home. When those things were done their wands would be sealed. None of them would need a job, for Malfoy money was endless.

Finding a home was easy. Hermione selected a three story home with eight bedrooms, five baths, a very large three story library, and a well sized kitchen. The home also contain a Great Room. When the home was purchased Hermione sent word to Ron, Ginny, Luna, and Draco to begin their purchases, and have them sent to their new home. The back yard was hidden by the house and trees, so the boys and Ginny could practice Quidditch.

Enrolling them in school was a little bit more complicated. Memories had to be altered, papers forged, and information placed into the heads of those now going into the muggle world. Adoptions documents falsified. They had to learn and master Occlumency. Along with learning the muggle way, they still had to learn wizarding.

By the time Hermione, Harry, and Severus were done with their tasks they came to their new home. As a group the seven of them toured it, while taking notes on what need to be done. For now Hermione could drive them to school. A garage was constructed, then the cars that were purchased were drove in. A passage underground was drilled leading into the house. Below the house multiple classrooms were constructed as well. Stock rooms for necessary things were made. And escape tunnels built in case they were discovered. They went upstairs to decorate their rooms and unpack. That night food was summoned and eaten. Then everyone went to their rooms and drifted into blood filled dreams with screams as accompaniment. The next day they went and purchased supplies in Seattle. Now there was nothing left to do but live boring muggle lives.


“Alice what is it?” Bella asked frightened. The whole family was standing there holding their breath.

“I just keep seeing flashes. Flames surrounding a huge stone castle. People were screaming. They were dressed in cloaks. In the sky there was this strange mark that I couldn’t make out. There were bodies everywhere, so much blood was spilt. Strange bodies. I could hear evil laughter echoing in my head. I don’t understand it. We would’ve heard about that much carnage.” Alice was paler than usual. From her description Bella could see that her friend had finally managed to frighten her family more than usual.

“Alice do you remember the mark? That might prove to be something useful.” Emmett reasoned.

“Yeah, it was like a snake coming out of the mouth of a skull.” Carlisle stiffened.

“Excuse me.” He fled with speed that was shocking.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him move that fast. What about you Edward?” Esme asked her son.

“No. Something about that mark scared him. As soon as she started to describe it a wall went up. Nothing like he’s used before to block me out. It’s different. Stronger.”

“What does that mean?” Bella curiously asked.

“I don’t know. Alice do you see when he’s coming back?”

“No, I think he might have gone to the wolves. I saw him cross the border then nothing.” Bella could tell that this was something bad. Something far worse than the Volturi. Carlisle rarely went anywhere without informing anyone.


“You’re kind isn’t allowed on our land.” Sam growled at Carlisle. The others closed around on all sides.

“Listen to me you little boy, I’m here to see the council. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. What I have to say is far more important than you could possibly imagine. I’m by myself. Take me to the council now or I swear I will be the last thing you’ll see.” A growl began to rumble in his chest, scaring them all. They knew that this bloodsucker rarely lost his temper.

“Follow us.” Sam wasn’t pleased, but he could tell that Carlisle was willing to tear all of them apart. He could hear the rumbles of the other wolves as they approached.

“Sam, you and your pack stand down. I’ll speak with Carlisle alone. Make sure you are far enough you can’t hear what’s being said.” Billy ordered with finality. “If I sense one of you close enough to this place you will regret it.” The boys backed off with fear.

“Come in Carlisle.” He entered the house.

“We have a problem. It seems he has won.” Billy paled visibly.

“How do you know?”

“Alice has had a vision, she saw the Mark. There was a stone building burning. I’m not exactly sure what it was. I’m afraid that for the moment being we’ll have to work together. In all my years alive, there hasn’t been anyone that Aro had feared more than You-Know-Who.”

“Is he any closer to figuring out how he was able to kill all those people?”

“He believes magic. He doesn’t understand how he was able to obtain it. He believes that there might be a realm that coincides with ours.”

“Maybe it depends on birth. We can bite people and they wouldn’t be affected. It’s through birth how our people survived.” Carlisle nodded.

“What are we going to do?”

“There’s only so much. I’ll send the younger ones to school. They should be able to scent anything out of the ordinary. How will Edward deal with that?”

“He’ll manage.”

“Very well, come back when you can. Remember only you will be allowed on our territory, unless there is an extreme and I mean extreme emergency.”


“Are you guys ready for school tomorrow?” Severus asked them. They nodded in unison. “Remember what I told you about the vampires and werewolves.” Again they nodded. “Good. Try and get some sleep. I’ll see you later. Hermione, you coming?” The couples all got up and went to their respective rooms, leaving Draco to wonder if he would ever have someone just for himself.