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Love Her

SEQUEL TO PROTECT HER. Quil is Claire's, heart and soul. At last, she is old enough for him to pursue hers... but can she overcome the terror and demons of her past to find true love?

I disclaim. This story is stolen from Ms. Meyer's beautiful universe. it is all hers, so please don't sue me. right. enjoy. oh, i reccomend you read Protect Her first. And review it. after every chapter. well, once at least. but seriously, read it or this will make no sense. and thanks to all the people who read, reviewed, and encouraged me on Protect Her. I couldn't have written it without the continuous support i found, and i hope this story will get a similar response.

4. Chapter 4

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I was running patrol… I had arranged it with Sam so that I always ran during school hours… when I caught the distinctive smell.


Immediately, I ran for Emily’s house.

I phased and opened the door.


In five minutes or less, ten wolves were running the green forests.

We knew our stuff, all right. I liked this.

Working as one, together, in perfect harmony, around and around on separate paths, every inch of our land monitored, but never two protecters touching.

I loved this.

But not as much as I loved the one I did this for.

Even if I hadn’t imprinted, even if I wasn’t made for her, I still would love her. I didn’t know how anyone could not love her. She was so sweet, so brave, so smart. She tried so hard to be normal, she wanted to love me, she was everything, everything…

Quil, focus. I know it’s hard, believe me I do, but you need to keep her safe. And to do that, we need to find the leech. C’mon.

I obeyed Sam, fiercely forbidding myself from any thoughts of just how much I loved her.

Instead, I allowed the strength of the emotion to run down into my legs. I ran faster.

I loved her.

I loved this land.

And I would keep them both safe.

The creature was feeding when we found it. It had golden hair and very small fingers. It was a male.

Paul and I destroyed it in instants.

It only took two of us, really. It wasn’t expecting an attack.

It was too late to save the girl. She had been bitten by the monster.

Either she would become a monster or we would have to kill her.

Sam looked at her, sighing in his mind. Kill her, he ordered. If the Cullens were still here, maybe they could take her. But I don’t have any idea how to stop a bloodsucker from being a killer. It’s too late.

Ten pairs of yellow eyes darted around. It would be Jake, normally, who carried out orders like these, but I think he saw something of Bella in her, in the girl who would be a vampire. He didn’t have it in him.

None of us thought the less of him because of it.

Embry did it. One second was all it took to snap her neck, and then no amount of vampire venom could make her live cursed.

Sorry, I thought to the pale, drained corpse. If only I was a little faster…

We did the best we could, true, but we couldn’t always be fast enough. Couldn’t save them all. And sometimes there was a victim.

I think it shook us all a little. We all saw the faces we cherished most in the one that lay face-down in the ground.

I could hear it in the thoughts.

Bella. I know you are happy. I am too… but sometimes I still wonder… do you even remember me? Do you remember what we could have had?

Kim, I love you. Why don’t you believe it? Why don’t you trust yourself? I don’t deserve you…

Emily, Emily, I’m so sorry! I love you! At least I didn’t kill her… at least she’s alive…

Why am I alone, why am I too young for imprinting? Colin and Brady, that was.

Poor Leah. Sister, all of our sister, but mine always, if only I could make him love you, I would.

Maybe it’s wrong not to go on. At least I’m not face down on the forest floor… I wish I could move on, Sam. Really I do…

Claire, I love you. And that so easily could have been you!

We phased back and no longer shared thoughts…

But the pain was still there, we just no longer had the comfort of pack to share it.