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Love Her

SEQUEL TO PROTECT HER. Quil is Claire's, heart and soul. At last, she is old enough for him to pursue hers... but can she overcome the terror and demons of her past to find true love?

I disclaim. This story is stolen from Ms. Meyer's beautiful universe. it is all hers, so please don't sue me. right. enjoy. oh, i reccomend you read Protect Her first. And review it. after every chapter. well, once at least. but seriously, read it or this will make no sense. and thanks to all the people who read, reviewed, and encouraged me on Protect Her. I couldn't have written it without the continuous support i found, and i hope this story will get a similar response.

5. Chapter 5

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Quil, it’s Claire’s mother.


She’s at our house. She wants to talk.

She can talk to my fists. I’m not letting her take Claire away to god-knows-where so she can get hurt again!

Calm down.



Sam, I’m a werewolf. We don’t do calm

Point. Anyway, you need to go talk to her. Do I have to make this official?

No. I’ll go talk to her. But I’m not giving Claire back to her.

He didn’t reply. I stopped at my house to grab clothes before going to Emily’s. Claire was at school.

Lina Denson was sitting on the couch. “Hello, Quil.”

“Hi.” My manner was not that of the over-helpful boy she remembered. I was no longer answerable to her for every moment I was permitted to spend with my Claire.

“Why didn’t you tell me Claire was living with you?”

“She didn’t want me to.”

“She’s a child, and I’m her mother. I have a right to see her.”

“I believe you signed papers to the effect that you didn’t. I also believe you left her with him for years while he did terrible, terrible things to your defenseless child and never once went to see her.”

“Neither did you.”

“I’m not her mother… not that I don’t kick myself every minute of every day that I didn’t help her. But I did. If it weren’t for me, she’d still be…” too awful to think about.

“What do you want anyway?”

“I want to see Claire?”

“Why now?”

“Because I was worried and when I found out that Jack died mysteriously years ago, I decided to come check it out.”

“I’m not going to let you endanger her again. She’s just barely beginning to trust me again, and she won’t even talk to most other people.”

“I guess Jack was right about you. What have you been doing to her?”

I snarled rather viciously. “I’ve been keeping her safe. I would be happy to swear to that truth. I’ve been protecting her. She isn’t ready for that. I won’t hurt her. I will never hurt her. I’m not adverse to hurting you, however.”

“Is that a threat?”

“It’s a fact. Hurt her, or try to, and I will hurt you.”

“I thought you were on my side!”

“I’m on her side. Yes, I liked you all those years ago, but I’ve discovered something about you. You’re weak. You offered Claire to him so you could have what you wanted. I’ll bet you knew. I’ll bet you could have guessed and you let him, because you were afraid of what he’d do if he didn’t get what he wanted. And even if you didn’t, you could have guessed, I know it.”

Suddenly, she dropped the confrontational manner. “Quil. I’m not asking you to give her back to me. Just please, please let me see my little girl. Just once. Please.”

“All right.”

“Thank you.”

She stood and left. Sam walked in almost immediately after.

“Quil, I need to talk to you. We have a bit of a problem.”

“What’s that?”

“Well, Emily’s almost thirty, and I’m only about twenty-five… hard to tell, but I don’t want her to outgrow me. I want to stop phasing… and so do Jake and Jared. Which means that either you or Embry will be Alpha.”

Oh. I was expecting something much more terrible. “Embry. I’m quitting the day Claire hits twenty.”

“Maybe you’d better talk it over with him.”


“Blood right. None of us know who Embry’s father is, and we know your grandpa was in the last pack.”

“So was his.” Damn stupid traditions.

“All right. I’m not saying you need to take over. But… I guess this is me tendering my resignation as werewolf.”

He smiled a rare smile.

My heart was in turmoil as I walked home, slowly.