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Bella Finally Accepts

One weekend when Edward and the rest of the Cullens go 'camping' Bella is left with nothing to do until Mike asks her out. What will Edward do when he finds out? What disasterous thing could happen to Bella? Also, Note the Teen Rating.

This is my first fanfiction so bear with me i'm doing the best I can. Tell me what you think and thanks for reading. Also, i'm a cliffhanger sort of person. I hate when I'm reading and they happen but I just can't seem to end my chapters with anything else. Don't get to annoyed with me. Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer is the God who created the wonderful characters I enjoy playing with. I own nothing

1. Ch.1 The Offer

Rating 5/5   Word Count 731   Review this Chapter

Bella’s POV:

I was not having a good day. Granted it was always a bad day when Edward was away. The sun was shining down, mocking me. It was because of this that the Cullen’s decided to go ‘camping’ for the weekend. All of them. I protested that it wasn’t safe for someone like me to be alone an entire weekend but everyone just laughed. Alice said I would be fine and they took her word for it.

I made my way from gym class sulking the entire way to the parking lot. I was almost at my truck when I heard someone shout my name. It wasn’t the velvety voice I wanted to hear so I took my time turning around. When I finally did turn around I saw Mike running toward me.

“Hey Bella, is Cullen away camping this weekend?” Mike asked. Although he probably knew full well that Edward was away.

“Yes. Edward, left last night, along with the rest of his family.” I answered sadly.

“Well hey; you want to go out tonight? We could see a movie or something.” Mike asked only half-hopefully.

I wondered why he even bothered trying. Edward and I were stuck to each other like glue. He was the Romeo to my Juliet. I started to politely decline but then I remembered the empty evening looming ahead of me. I needed a distraction and Mike had just presented a beautiful one.

“Sure, what time?” I agreed eagerly. I was worried in the back of my mind. There was no doubt in my mind that Alice was watching my every decision like a hawk. I just hoped she wouldn’t tell Edward.

Mike seemed more than a little surprised that I actually accepted. He got over it quickly though and started talking with an enthusiasm I’ve never heard before.

“How about I come over at 5 o’clock? That way we can see an early movie and go to dinner.”

“Sounds good Mike, I’ll see you tonight.” Mike seemed to head back to his car in a daze. I bit my lip. I hope he didn’t think we were a couple now.

As I walked to my truck I tried to think of ways to avoid Alice. There were none. I just hoped Alice is smart enough to keep her vision from Edward.

Edward’s POV:

We were running swiftly threw the trees when Alice suddenly halted to a stop. She had a blank look on her face. I automatically tensed. I knew that face. Alice was having a vision. As abruptly as she stopped Alice fluidly started again. I was worried. Was Bella alright? Did something happen to her? I figured Bella was fine though because Alice was still running toward Northern Canada.

“Alice?” Jasper asked, finally breaking the silence. Alice stopped again and we all formed a loose circle around her. It didn’t look like she was going to answer so I decided to find out the answer myself.

“O Canada, our home and native land...” After Alice finished in English she moved on to Russian, and Arabic. Alice was evading me. That usually meant something bad.

“Are others coming?” Emmett asked excitedly. Wanting a fight no doubt. Rosalie’s white hand snaked out and smacked him upside the head before Alice could answer.

“What? I was just asking.” Emmett grumbled. Carlisle and Esme has decided on hunting in California. Leaving the five of us with no one to referee.

“Alice?” Jasper asked more anxiously than before. Alice‘s head snapped up like she was just breaking out of a trance.

“Oh, ahh, it was nothing really. Just Bella’s plans for the evening.” Alice replied reassuringly. Everyone but me relaxed after she said that. I was still suspicious. Why cloud her thoughts?

“What’s she doing? Ending up in the hospital because she tripped over her own two feet?” Emmett chuckled while Rosalie and I glared at him. Me, I was glaring out of concern. Rosalie, not so much. Alice laughed as well and I started to relax. If Alice could laugh it off then it mustn’t be that bad.

We started hunting again, running silently through the trees, pouncing on large animals every now and again, but I noticed that whenever Alice was within an eyeshot I could see her glancing at me out of the corner of her eyes. When I tried to figure out why, I found her thoughts were still clouded. Something occurred to me as I finished another animal. Alice never said what Bella's plans were.