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Edward and Isabella

Based in London, Edward's time. Isabella is forced to move to London to marry. Not just anyone: Jacob Black. She'd much rather die than marry Jacob. She meets and falls for Edward. this man's family isn't liked among people. Oh yea, and he's secretly a vampire. It's all over, folks.Let's all applaud Iris for the amazing banner!made by the ever wonderful Iris

This is just a story that came to me as I was reading Eclipse. Do not be worried, for there are no spoilers what-so-ever... EXCEPT for one, but it doesn't mean anything important. If you haven't read Eclipse, you wont even notice it. And, if you have, you would have to have a keen eye to notice it. So, I'm just going to shut up and let you read it now. I hope it reminds you of your modern day love triangle, as well as your favorite Shakespearian tragedy.

10. Act V Scene II

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ACT V Scene II

The wind, almost as if it knew what was going on, was totally still. Only vaguely letting its presence known to the seven vampires, and the new human bride as they walk at a normal pace down the streets of London. It is completely dark—aside from the lamps that have been lit in the more populated areas. But they don’t walk there. Because it has come to a certain vampire girl’s attention that they are being hunted. An angry father wants to know why his daughter has snuck out of her room. And, why is Jacob Black insisting to him that his Isabella has gotten married to none other than Edward Cullen.

“Cullen.” Alice sees Charlie Swan say. He’s infuriated, ashamed… Alice tilts her head… maybe even a bit heartbroken. Edward knows what Alice is thinking, because he knows everything. But, he doesn’t say anything to his sister. None of them speak at all actually, so it creates a feeling of…

“Dread.” Jasper whispers to himself. He turns and looks at his family. Their faces are unreadable, but he knows how they feel. His Alice is elated that they got away from Jacob Black and she is happy to have Bella officially in the family. Rosalie is angry… but she is also a bit frightened. Jasper feels sympathy towards her. She just wants Bella to understand. Edward must know this. Edward. He feels both happy and angry. Anger boiled up most likely from the confrontation with Jacob.

Simple… everything once was simple. They could walk on the streets of London—after dark of course—and somehow blend in with the humans. They were… well… accepted by most as part of society. Now everything would change. Charlie Swan would most likely strip their names, their garments, and their existence— from upper-class London.

“You didn’t like it anyways.” Edward whispers to Jasper’s thoughts. Jasper turns and looks at his brother. Nodding, Jasper answers

“I know. I’m glad the charade can be over now.” Life is always a charade. Jasper had the occurring feeling that they wouldn’t be back in London for a very long time. A couple generations at least. Where would they go? America? Edward laughs. Jasper smiles.

“No one knows us there.” Not anymore. Edward doesn’t answer this time. Jasper looks at his new sister; Isabella. She is walking beside Edward, her hair in a tumble around her shoulders. She has… a feeling of ease upon her. As if this is where she wants to be. She wouldn’t want to be anywhere else except here with Edward. Like how I feel with Alice. The bottom of Isabella’s elegant ivory dress is covered in dirt and mud from the ground. Hopefully none of it is excrements from previous pedestrians. She barely notices. She just keeps walking, her hand tightly grasping Edwards.

“Maybe if we separate, let them find us…” Esme whispers.

“We can make sure that they stop looking for you. Or throw them off your track.” Carlisle finishes. Edward stopped walking, as did everyone else.

“I’ll take Bella. A few days should be enough. They’ll think I kidnapped her. We both died.” Edward started. Isabella took in a sharp breath. Edward looked down at her and pulled her closer. After a moment Isabella nodded and Edward let out at slow breath. “We’ll come back in a few days when everything has settled down a bit. We’ll figure out what to do next from there…”

“A few days. Edward you don’t have to wait. You can take her. Bring her back after she’s changed.” Emmett said.

“No. Emmett. I’m not changing her. At—“

“You’re not!?” Isabella finally said. Her voice had impatience and anger in it. “You said if I--“

“I know.” Edward hushed her, tightening his grip around her. “I know. But I can’t. Not yet.” He took in a few unneeded breaths. “A couple years maybe…” He whispered. Isabella shot a glare at him.

“No. Now.”

“I don’t think it’s the right time.”

“When is?”

“Like I said, a couple of year’s maybe.”

“That’s too long. I’d rather not look like your mother when I die.”

“Hardly, Bella.” Edward groaned. Isabella huffed. She looked away from Edward.

“I think it’s the only idea we have – come back in a couple days.” Carlisle said. “We’ll be waiting.” He grasped his son. And then he hugged Isabella. Esme followed. Everyone started hugging each other.

“I’m coming with you.” Alice said to Isabella, not her brother. She knew what her brother would say. Isabella nodded.


Edward was about to oppose, but he bit his tongue. “ It’s going to be a long night.”