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Edward and Isabella

Based in London, Edward's time. Isabella is forced to move to London to marry. Not just anyone: Jacob Black. She'd much rather die than marry Jacob. She meets and falls for Edward. this man's family isn't liked among people. Oh yea, and he's secretly a vampire. It's all over, folks.Let's all applaud Iris for the amazing banner!made by the ever wonderful Iris

This is just a story that came to me as I was reading Eclipse. Do not be worried, for there are no spoilers what-so-ever... EXCEPT for one, but it doesn't mean anything important. If you haven't read Eclipse, you wont even notice it. And, if you have, you would have to have a keen eye to notice it. So, I'm just going to shut up and let you read it now. I hope it reminds you of your modern day love triangle, as well as your favorite Shakespearian tragedy.

13. Act V Scene III Part Three

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Isabella's entire body tensed. She knew that they would never get away. Closing her eyes for only a split second, she looked at Alice beside her. She had an almost calm façade over her. Isabella could sense the fear coming off of her. She didn't need Jasper's power to do so. Isabella was just as frightened.

She was frightened because it was Jacob who made his way out of the trees. He wore nothing but his britches, and Isabella couldn't help but blush at the sight. She was only human. He was nowhere as beautiful as Edward, but no one was.

His long hair had been recently cut short. A barber hadn't done it; it looked as if he just whacked a knife through it. His face was full of rage, his mouth pulled back so that his lips were hidden. Isabella couldn't blame him, but he failed to realize that she was happiest without him. She was married now; he knew it, so why didn't he just leave her alone. Isabella couldn't help but become angry at Jacob as well.

Two men followed Jacob out of the trees. One had an apple in his hands and was more interested in the gravel on the road than looking at her or the Cullens. The other was Sam. He was behind the other two, and when Bella looked at him, he just shoke his head sadly.

"He tried to talk to him, but he wouldn't listen." Edward whispered in his ear, and she nodded. Edward didn't move his head from beside hers, and he tightened his arm around her. Slowly he kissed her neck, looking at Jacob and reading the reaction he received. He smiled. Isabella didn't know what to do, and it would take everything in her power to stop her Edward from touching her. She didn't want him to. So she let him. Jacob's reaction was furious. His face was red, and he was taking sharp breathes through his nose.

Jacob's body began to shake, or quiver.

"Edward." Alice whispered.

"I know." Edward's voice was barely audible. Then he raised it a few decibels. "Jacob Black, why must you break our travels with your anger?"

Taking a deep breath, Jacob answered.

"Your sophistication does not charm me." He spat. "You know what you did, and you're going to be punished by law."

Edward surprised Isabella when he laughed.

"Are you going to carry me there then?" He rubbed his chin on Isabella's shoulder. "All four of us."

"You should come with us." Quil said, looking up finally. He dropped the apple to the ground and took a step forward so that he was directly beside Jacob. "It is by law that whichever man commits a crime, especially breach of promise, that he comes with." Edward looked over Quil with a wise eye, clearly he never expected him to talk.

"I have not committed any crime. I am in love with a woman, and she married me willingly. She was not opting to marry Jacob Black for it was all arranged by her father. Now, maybe a promise has been broken, but none that she has made. Isabella would you like to go with Jacob now?" Isabella looked at her husband with curiosity.

"Of course not." She said flatly.

"See Jacob Black, there is your answer. You make take your men and leave this place. Let us pass. It would also be wise if you were to converse with her father, tell him anything you can in able to stop him from searching for Isabella."

"I think not! I will not back down until your head is hanging from a post in parliament."

"We are not going with you." Jasper said. His hands were tightening on the reigns. Jacob nodded to the soldier behind them. Isabella turned so she could see, but Edward turned her head back and against his chest. Edward let out a slow unneeded breath.

"This is unsuitable behavior in front of a lady." Edward spoke to Jacob. "Please tell him to lower his gun."

"It is not pointed at Isabella." Jacob tilted his head. He smiled and started to walk towards the horse, which grew a fright. Holding out his hand to Isabella, he smiled. "I forgive you. Come with me." His voice held so much authority.

"No." Isabella said angrily, curling up closer to her husband. Jacob didn't back down. He took another small step forward. The horse almost jumped. Isabella's heart beat picked up.

"Oh no." Alice said. "Jasper can you hear them?"

"Yes, my love. Shh." Jasper whispered. "Edward?"

"I can hear their thoughts. There are almost 30 of them."

"30 what?" Isabella asked, her voice muffled by Edward's shirt.

"Shh.. Soldiers." Edward rubbed her arm. He stopped abruptly and glared at Jacob.

"I know." Jacob growled. "You see we know what you are. And we have a weapon. It's not our wolves, no. "About 10 soldiers walked out of the trees in front of them, lining up on the road.

"Run. Go." Edward said to his sister.

"I won't leave you." Alice almost screamed.

"We will all get killed then, and you will not be able to see what happens next! Jasper if you want her to live, take her now!" He screamed. Edward turned to Jacob, as the other horse ran back the way they had come, soldiers chasing them in their wake. They wouldn't be for very long.

"Now!" Jacob yelled. Guns shot, but it wasn't bullets that hit Edward. More like darts yet made of steel. Isabella screamed as they pierced him.

"What are you doing!?" Her voice broke as Edward's grip lightened on her.

"I love you." He whispered, and then he slid of the horse and into the awaiting arms of the soldiers. Isabella screamed again.

Jacob grabbed her, pulling her towards him. He smiled, but Isabella felt it sink through her veins. The needle. She turned her head and looked at Edward. He was gone. By only turning her head slightly, she saw Sam, his eyes full of an unrecognizable emotion. Then everything went black.