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Edward and Isabella

Based in London, Edward's time. Isabella is forced to move to London to marry. Not just anyone: Jacob Black. She'd much rather die than marry Jacob. She meets and falls for Edward. this man's family isn't liked among people. Oh yea, and he's secretly a vampire. It's all over, folks.Let's all applaud Iris for the amazing banner!made by the ever wonderful Iris

This is just a story that came to me as I was reading Eclipse. Do not be worried, for there are no spoilers what-so-ever... EXCEPT for one, but it doesn't mean anything important. If you haven't read Eclipse, you wont even notice it. And, if you have, you would have to have a keen eye to notice it. So, I'm just going to shut up and let you read it now. I hope it reminds you of your modern day love triangle, as well as your favorite Shakespearian tragedy.

16. Conclusion part 2

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Alice looked him in the eye and then gave the slightest of nods.

"Who are you?" Emmett asked, coming to stand partially in front of Alice. Rosalie behind him.

"My name is Sam." Sam said quietly, letting his voice carry to their sensitive ears.

"Take me to them." Alice said, already starting to walk into the far trees. Jasper grabbed her hand and Sam led them farther into the darkness. In less then a moment, there were no remnants left in the forest to prove that they had ever been there. A lone squirrel came out from under a bush, turned his head towards to any noise that might locate predators, and then ran under the logs and disappeared.

Charlie Swan knocked on the door. The three of them were standing outside of an old long house near the beach. If you hadn't been looking for the building, you would never have found it. The sound of his knock echoed through the silent night. Charlie let in a slow deliberate breath of impatience.

"Should you check if it's locked?" Esme whispered. Charlie slowly lowered his hand to the door handle and turned it. Like Esme predicted, it opened easily. It was completely dark in the building, but for the fireplace against the far wall that greeted them with its dying embers. They were afraid to speak until they heard the bang below them.

Edward smelt the human from miles away. He would have heard their thoughts sooner, but his mind had gone awry from the silence. Just because the arrow didn't kill him, it did take a rather large chunk out of his shoulder, which hurt. A lot. He heard his mother's whisper, and knew that they were looking for him. He couldn't speak, couldn't yell, because his neck was chained back against the wall. Jacob had done so just for safety measures. If anyone came to retrieve Edward's body, they would have a hard time doing so. They only thing he could do was slam his fist against the wall, and that took much energy out of him.

It took only a second for the door across the room to get caught of it's hinges and go flying across the floor. Splinters in tact, of course. Edward shifted his head and looked at his father, who was leaning down in front of him.

"At least you're not cut up in piece, because that would have been fun to put you together." Carlisle whispered. Edward rolled his eyes. "Hold in there a while longer." Carlisle's hands moved fast over the chain, measuring its weight. The chain fell to pieces on the floor, and Edward lifted his hand to rub at his neck.


"Thank Mr. Swan. He led us to you."

"I know." Edward stood up and slowly made his way to the door, where his mother waited.

"Oh, Edward." She breathed before wrapping her arms around his waist. Edward rubbed her shoulder and then they separated. "You had me scared. Never do that again."

"I won't" Edward said with a smile.


Edward looked over her shoulder and towards Mr. Swan.

"Thank you." He said. Charlie's only reaction was a slight nod and a whisper.

"I want my daughter."

"I know where she is."

Alice was shaking back and forth, her arms wrapped around her. For once she had no idea what was going to happen or what she should do. She knew that Carlisle and Edward were on their way. They would do something, anything, to save her. Looking down, Alice pushed the hair out of Bella's lifeless face. She would cry if she could.

"They're here." Jasper whispered from beside her. Alice didn't look up, but she let Edward have her.

Edward let a face of pain and sadness cross is face. They did not need Jasper there to know what everyone was feeling. With a growl, Edward took Bella away from Alice. He held her up against his chest. Gasping for unneeded air, he trailed his fingers up and down her face.

"No. No . No. NO. No.No." He whispered over and over. Everyone watched sadly. Jacob was no where to be seen, but they could smell him everywhere.

"My baby!" A deep voice said from behind him. Charlie came through the door and dropped down beside his daughter. "What happened to her? Who did this?" Tears started to roll down his face. Not my little girl. My beautiful little girl... He grasped her hand. Edward wished that he could cry as well.

"Esme..." Carlisle's sad voice whispered. Esme came around Edward and Bella, and kneeled next to Mr. Swan. "Sir, let's go for a walk while my husband works." Charlie's shiny face looked up at Esme and then he gazed at Carlisle.

"You can save her?"

"I can try." Carlisle said.

"Come." Esme said, holding out her hand that Charlie took. They left the room and into the living area. A girl came in through the door, a bundle in her arms.

"What is going on here?" Emily asked.

"Bella's been hurt." Esme said before Emily's gasp. "Come for a walk with us." Charlie reached up, he was so hot. He pulled at his shirt and swept his hands through his hair. He could barely breathe. He had no idea what he would do if his daughter was dead. It looked as if there was no saving her. She was far too gone.

"You have to do it, or I." Carlisle whispered to Edward.

"Couldn't you-"

"It's too late, Edward. I wished it didn't have to end like this, but it's the only way. There is no way to save her."

"I will do it." Edward whispered. He took a deep breath, leaned forward and kissed his wife's pale lips. They were still warm. Not for long. "My love..." he whispered. "My beautiful love... I'm sorry." He trialed his nose along her chin before his teeth grazed her neck.