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Edward and Isabella

Based in London, Edward's time. Isabella is forced to move to London to marry. Not just anyone: Jacob Black. She'd much rather die than marry Jacob. She meets and falls for Edward. this man's family isn't liked among people. Oh yea, and he's secretly a vampire. It's all over, folks.Let's all applaud Iris for the amazing banner!made by the ever wonderful Iris

This is just a story that came to me as I was reading Eclipse. Do not be worried, for there are no spoilers what-so-ever... EXCEPT for one, but it doesn't mean anything important. If you haven't read Eclipse, you wont even notice it. And, if you have, you would have to have a keen eye to notice it. So, I'm just going to shut up and let you read it now. I hope it reminds you of your modern day love triangle, as well as your favorite Shakespearian tragedy.

9. Act V Scene I

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Act Five, Scene One

Isabella lets her hands fall down her dress. Alice had picked it out for her, and she was stunned by its beauty. She could not have picked a better dress. It was low in the back, almost to her hips, and it hugged her waist snuggly. Isabella was glad that she needs not to wear a corset. Edward would be glad. The lace on the dress dragged on the floor, but it flared out completely around her. Someone would have to dig around down there just to find my feet, Isabella laughed. The dress made her feel naked, her shoulders and neck were completely bare.

"Isabella..." A voice came from behind her. She turned around to look at her future sister. Alice smiled. "It's time to move." Isabella nodded, turning her head, she made her way down the aisle. Towards her love, Edward Cullen. It seemed like a lifetime of walking. At first she kept thinking that she was going to trip over her dress, but the instant her eyes met Edward's all thoughts went to him.

Edward took her fingers into his grasp the moment she came to stand in front of him. He smiled warmly. She squeezed his fingers.

"Dearly beloved... We are here to join two soul mates..." The friar said from in front of them. Alice and Carlisle had talked him into wedding the couple, and it didn't take much to get him to come.




"I know pronounce you Mr. And Mrs. Edward Anthony Cullen."

Edward leaned down and kissed his new bride eagerly. He bent up and whispered in her ear: "Till death do us part... In our case shall be eternity." Isabella smiled.

"Congratulations." The priest said, before turning around and heading out of the darkened cathedral.

"Yes, congratulations." Esme said from behind them. Bella turned and embraced her new parents. They were just as happy to have her as Edward was. Alice beamed at her entire family. Edward wound his arms around his wife.

"So, is there going to be a party now or what?" Emmett asked, pulling at his collar. Isabella looked at Emmett and he winked at her.

Thunder pounded from outside. Isabella turned at the noise. Edward's grip on her waist tightened. From the notion, Isabella knew that it wasn't thunder they heard.

"I believe we have some company." Carlisle murmured. Isabella's heartbeat kicked up. Was it the police? The lot of them just stood there watching the doors, waiting for the inevitable to happen. The pounding grew louder.

"We need to get out of here." Rosalie said. She lifted up the hem of her dress and started walking to the back exit. Esme and Alice began to follow her. Isabella looked up into Edward's eyes.

"It's Jacob and his friends." He whispered. Isabella's mouth turned into a perfect circle. Edward smiled and lifted up his fingers to push her jaw back into place.

"What are we going to do?" Isabella asked, pressing her hands into loose fists.

"I was right," Emmett laughed. "There is going to be a party." His teeth gleamed in the candle light.

"No there isn't. We are going to get out of here." Edward said. He leaned down and wrapped an arm around Isabella's thighs, lifting her effortlessly into his arms. Her dress surrounded her like a blanket. She leaned into his chest.

"Get me out of here." She whispered against him.

"Happy to oblige, my love." He whispered against her cheek, before kissing her firmly on the mouth. Then they were moving. Isabella kept her eyes closed, but they didn't get very far. Edward abruptly stopped running and Isabella could hear a deep rumble coming from his chest. She turned her head to look at her surroundings. They had just exited the back doors, which were huge oak-it would take two men to open them. The sky was pitch dark, a new moon. Stars glittered above them, giving off enough light to show what was happening in the back street of London. There, standing on the other side were two people. Two people that Isabella recognized at once from meeting them the other day. Sam Uley and Seth.

"Let us pass." Carlisle said, his voice showing the authority and demand that only a doctor of so many years could achieve.

"I don't think so." Seth said. Emmett growled and took a step forward and Seth took a step back. His face contorted in aghast that he had been afraid. Isabella looked at Sam. He had a knowing look on his face; his eyes staring at Isabella as if she were the diamond of the sea. Fortunately Alice, Rosalie, and Esme had left before anyone had thought about coming to the back. Isabella knew they were somewhere though; they wouldn't have left without them.

Edward's arms were stiff as they held Isabella close. Isabella finally spoke.

"Please." She begged. She saw a glimmer of something in Sam's eyes. He nodded.

"I know I cannot stop you, but Jacob can. He most likely already made it through the front door. So, I would leave now." Sam took a step back, nodded again, and turned around, heading into the darkness. After barely a moment's hesitation, Seth followed. Emmett's smile was full of achievement.

"I would have expected more." He said. "Let's go." Emmett, Carlisle, Edward and Isabella blended into the darkness.

The front doors of the church broke open an instant later. Jacob, Quil, and Embry walked into the darkened cathedral. Candles were still alight, showing proof of what had happened before they arrived. Jacob Black walked to the front of the church. A priest came out from behind the tabernacle. He appraised the three visitors with bewildered eyes. He looked at the front doors and then back again. Jacob walked forward and took the priest by the shoulders.

"Please tell me I wasn't too late." He whispered. The priest just shook his head sympathetically. Jacob's face turned into a frown.

"I'm sorry, the celebration is over." The priest whispered. He suppressed a shudder when Jacob's face distorted angrily.

"What kind of celebration do you think it was?!" He spat in his face, shaking him.

"Please sir, let me go." Jacob let him go. He turned around and threw himself at one of the pews. It tumbled over and splintered into pieces.

"She's not supposed to do this!" He bellowed. "We are supposed to be happy together. Instead she runs of with one of them. A Cullen." Jacob broke another pew. Sam and Seth walked into the church watching. "Where did they go?" Jacob asked.

"They left. I don't know where." Sam said, crossing his arms. "I need to get back to Emily." He started to turn around. "And Jake, just think about your actions and the outcome of them before you decide to go after them." Sam left the church. Seth frowned at Jacob and followed suit. Jacob couldn't hold back his anger. Why would Isabella do this to him? He thought that she had actually come to love him, or would in due time. But no, Edward Cullen had to ruin everything. If it weren't for Isabella's maid, he would have never found out what was going on. She had found him, and told him what was happening after going into her room and finding it empty. The maid had voiced her suspicion of where they were, and now here he was. But Isabella or Edward Cullen was not here. He was no doubt planning on killing her soon, if he hadn't already.

"I know." Jacob whispered. "They think I don't but I do. I have a secret identity as well, and mine isn't as destructible as theirs."

Jacob turned to Quil and Embry, they stood at the doors to the church. Jacob huffed, trying to hold back the shift. He walked towards his friends and said,

"Death is nothing like what I've been through! There is no way that this is going to become a happily ever after! Life doesn't work that way.... And now she's dead and I have nothing!"

Quil scratched his head, "What now?" Embry nodded in agreement.

"Now? Now we fight. Not one of them is going to come out alive."