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Bella Swan is all alone. Her love and his family left her in the town of Forks with nothing. When a deadly disease starts to spread, and Bella catches it, what does she have to live for? Some old friends come in to town, and give her back her will to live. They give her a new life that no one can know about, or it could be their demise. As a well restrained newborn, Bella tries to move on with her life. Can she? faker

All charecters except Becka, Aaron, Alex and a few other people I made up all belong to Stephenie Meyer.

1. Chapter 1

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I coughed hard, wishing that the pain would just go away, that I would succumb to the disease like so many others. I could hear the heart monitor, its steady beeping telling me that I wasn’t going to die very soon.

Flash Back

“Wow, Bella, you look really sick!” Mike commented at lunch. I just smiled at him weakly. Across the table, Angela looked about as good as I felt. Both of us looked abnormally pale, and our breathing was shallow. We had large circles under our eyes, and our eyes both seemed darker.

If someone saw us from far away, they might think we were vampires. Not that I didn’t look like one before, from my nightmares.

“Maybe you two should go to the nurse?” Ben Cheney, Angela’s boyfriend, suggested.

“Maybe that’s a good idea.” I said weakly. Angela and I both slowly stood up and walked out of the cafeteria.

“Wow, I wonder what we both have?” Angela coughed out. I shrugged.

“Maybe the flu…” I said, though I knew that wasn’t it. I had had the flu before, and this was not what it was like.

We both walked into the nurses, and she gasped when she saw us. “You both need to go to the hospital now!” We both looked at her in surprise. She noticed our expressions, and gave us a small smile. “You both seem to have the Pacific Flu.”

End Flashback

It’s funny how those two words can send your life crashing down. The Pacific Flu was this new strain of Influenza that was attacking towns on the Pacific coast. And Forks happened to be one of those towns.

I had been in the hospital for almost a month now. It was February, almost March. Just before I had caught this, Charlie had asked me to be more human. I had been lifeless- and look at me now.

I was in Forks Community Hospital. I knew that I should be in a bigger place, but they wanted to keep this virus in the places that it started in.

I took a deep breath. Thank god the coughing had stopped. I thought that may have had to put me on a respirator.

Suddenly, there was a knock at my door. I turned my head to se who it was. My resident nurse, Ms. Koaler, and my old friend Becka walked in. I smiled at them.

“Bella, you’re up!” Becka said happily. She walked over to the chair beside my bed. Visitors normally weren’t allowed to see me, but Becka was an exception. She was a vampire.

“Now Ms. Shazzly, I don’t want you to over excite Ms. Swan, alright? She’s been getting a bit better, and we don’t want her to fall down again.” the nurse said before walking out of the room.

“Hey, Becka, how are you doing?” I rasped out. It was difficult for me to talk, since the virus had coated my lungs. She laughed at my tone.

“A bit better than you, I would guess.” She said, smiling. I returned the smile. It was nice being able to see someone. And since Becka appeared human to most people, it felt even better.


I had just gotten off of work. It was the day after Charlie told me to get my life back. I was walking to my truck, to see three people standing just outside it. I stared at them in disbelief.

“Becka…Alex…Aaron?” I asked. They all smiled at me. I frowned. Something was different. They were too pale, and they all had golden eyes.

“You three are…vampires?” I gasped. They all looked at me, shocked. Aaron grabbed me and pulled me to the woods.

“How did you know?” Alex asked. Out of the three of them, he wasn’t exactly the smartest. But, he was a jock, in a way, so that made up for it.

“Some vampires lived here awhile ago, and I figured out what they were. They only drank from animals, too…” I was in too much shock to feel the pain of the hole.

After telling them my story with the Cullens, they had told me their own story, of how they were changed.

“Well, about a month after you moved here, we got into a car accident.” Becka began. “Some stupid drunk was going crazy, and didn’t have his headlights on. We crashed into them, and a vampire saw the whole thing.” Suddenly, she smiled. “The vampire was Martin Luther King Jr. Apparently, after he was assassinated; a vampire saw him and changed him. Since he had such a strong desire for pace, he has special venom. It gives us complete restraint over our thirsts. Also, we’re supposed to be able to make illusions of us being human, but we haven’t really figured that out yet.” They all grinned sheepishly.

“Wow.” That was about all I could say. They’re story amazed me. “Does everyone think you’re dead?” I asked.

Aaron shook his head. “We can control the thirst enough that it wasn’t necessary.”

End Flashback

The three of them had figured out how to appear human just after that. So now, it was easier for them o be in public. On sunny days, they just had to slide into human form and wait until the sun went away.

“Guess what!” she whispered. She seemed really excited about something. “Tonight, we’re going to sneak you out!” I smiled. They had been planning to sneak me out for about two weeks now. They just wanted to wait until I was slightly healthier.

Once they got me out, they were going to bite me.

I would join their coven, and they would wait until I graduated to leave with me. They all had graduated already, thanks to some strings being pulled by Alex.

“What time?” I asked quietly. She frowned for a minute, and then her face took on a knowing look.

“Around midnight.” She whispered to me. I nodded. That was when the nurses changed shifts, so no one would notice me gone until it was too late. Becka got up to leave. I knew that she had stuff to do before kidnapping me.

“Oh, and Bella?” she asked before she opened the door. I looked at her, welcoming her question. She gave me a grim smile. “Try to stay alive until then.”