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Bella Swan is all alone. Her love and his family left her in the town of Forks with nothing. When a deadly disease starts to spread, and Bella catches it, what does she have to live for? Some old friends come in to town, and give her back her will to live. They give her a new life that no one can know about, or it could be their demise. As a well restrained newborn, Bella tries to move on with her life. Can she? faker

All charecters except Becka, Aaron, Alex and a few other people I made up all belong to Stephenie Meyer.

15. Chapter 15

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Chapter 14

I slowly woke to the rising sun. It was Saturday now. I actually made it through a whole week at school. I couldn’t believe I stayed sane, but then I realized that the only things to keep me sane were Jacob and my coven. Thank the lord for them.

I slowly got up, and went downstairs. Charlie had already left for his fishing trip, so I had the house to myself. I wouldn’t have to eat food. Charlie seemed to think I had an eating disorder: I ate so little at dinner, and I was sure he noticed how I disappeared after dinner. At least he didn’t say anything.

I got out my back pack, and got out an essay I had to write. It wasn’t than hard; I just had to write about a personal experience that changed my perception on something. There were so many, it was hard to choose. I guessed that I should say one I was allowed to tell. One that wouldn’t hurt me.

I decided to talk about my first day at Forks High School. It had changed my perception a lot. I learned that I could be liked by people, and that I could live with not being so shy.

When I finished, I looked out the window disdainfully. It was cloudy out, and slightly wet. Normally, I would love those days. However, I wanted the sun today. I wanted to sparkle as I walked through the ancient trees, truly one with myself.

I was yanked out of my thoughts by the shrill ringing of the phone. I glided over to it, and picked it up.

“Hello, this is Bella Swan,” I said smoothly. If this was Aaron and Alex playing another prank, they had better leave the country before I got to them.

“Hello,” a familiar voice drawled. “I believe we have…a date?” I gasped in surprise.

“They’re done! No way! Thank you Jake!” I exclaimed. He laughed, and I said a hurried goodbye.

I ran to my truck, grabbing my raincoat as I went. I couldn’t believe he was done! I quickly put my keys into the ignition, and sped out of the driveway. I scowled slightly at my truck. I could have ran there faster than this. I would have to let Alex tinker with the engine a bit.

When I got to the Black’s house, Jacob was waiting. “Ready?” He asked in an excited voice. I nodded happily.

He led me over to the motorcycles. One of them had a little blue ribbon on its handle. I laughed.

“Happy almost birthday, Jacob,” I said.

“To you too,” he said back.

I looked around. I didn’t see Billy anywhere. I went over and helped Jacob load the motorcycles into the back of my truck. He put them on their sides so that no one would see them.

“I know the perfect spot we can go,” he said as we got into the front seats. “No one will catch us.”

I nodded, and began driving south, out of town. Every now and then a strip of the Pacific Ocean would appear, glistening underneath the stormy clouds. We were on the cliffs that bordered the beaches here, and it seemed to go on for miles. I could barely see the end with my vision.

I drove slowly, so as not to hurt the bikes or refuel my impatience. I stared out the window, marveling in the beauty of nature. Jacob was talking about the bikes, but it was too technical for me to understand.

My eyes soon drifted to three tall boys standing on the edge of one of the highest cliffs. They were only wearing shorts, despite the chill in the air. I recognized one of them as Sam Uley, the man who pulled me out of…

No! I yelled in my head. Not here, not now! Jacob didn’t need to see all of the skeletons piled high in my closet.

I gasped as one of them jumped, and stepped hard on the brake. I winced, but the truck stopped without breaking anything.


“What’s wrong?” Jacob shouted back.

“That guy just jumped off a cliff! Why didn’t anyone stop him? We have to call 911!” I exclaimed, getting out of the car. I could probably run there, and help the guy who jumped if I needed to.

Jacob laughed. I spun around, looking at him like he was crazy. Those people were humans, not vampires. If Aaron or Alex had done that I would have laughed. Not here, though.

“They’re cliff diving. It’s recreational. You know, La Push doesn’t have a mall or anything,” he said teasingly, with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Cliff diving?” I asked. The idea was foreign and insane to me. I looked back at the cliff, where another boy jumped smoothly, just as the wind began to blow towards me. My nose wrinkled as a disgusting scent hit my nostrils. People must be littering, I thought.

“It’s so high,” I muttered as I sat back into the car, still looking out the window. “It’s over a hundred feet: they must be crazy.”

“Yeah, they are. Most of us jump from about half way. They’re probably showing off how strong they are. I mean, it’s February. They water can’t feel good right now,” he made a face, like the stunt was offensive. I was a little surprised; I thought nothing made him upset.

“Wait, you jump off cliffs too?” I demanded. I heard the “us.”

“Sure. It’s fun, and gives you a bit of a rush,” he said shrugging with a grin. I glanced back out the window where the last figure jumped.

An idea came to me. If that gave him a rush…”Jake, I need you to take me cliff diving,” I said turning to him, smiling.

He looked at me disapprovingly. “Bella, you were just freaking out about how that guy needed an ambulance. Now you want to jump off a cliff too?”

“I want to try,” I insisted. He sighed and nodded.

“Not today though, alright? I need to teach you how to ride a motorcycle, remember?”

I nodded and restarted the car. We drove down the road in silence before I broke it. “So, who were the crazy guys jumping out there?”

“The La Push gang,” he said, disgusted.

“You have a gang?” I asked, impressed. I was surprised at my reaction, but in a way, I was kind of in one too.

“Not that kind. They’re like hall monitors to the extreme. They don’t fight, they keep the peace. Whenever there’s a problem, they have to be the ones to fix it. They’re all about tribal pride and our land. Sam, Paul, and Jared, the gang of La Push,” he added sarcastically.

His hands were clenched into fists, and I realized that there was more to this than what he said.

“You don’t really like them,” I commentated.

“Oh, is it obvious,” he asked sarcastically.

“Well, just because they are passionate about keeping peace doesn’t make them bad,” I said. “Maybe just a little annoying,”

“Annoying is too kind of a word. They always show off, doing weird stunts, and hanging out in the woods at night. Once, we were in the store. Quil said something to Paul, and he started to flip out. Sam told him to calm down, and he listened. He had been shaking but, then he wasn’t. They act all tough guy. It’s weird,” he sighed.

“Tough guy, huh?” I asked. I knew I could take them. And I was a girl. But as I spoke, a memory came to me. I was in my living room, and there were three large vertical men standing in the back. I had been lying down, so they appeared sideways.

“Isn’t Sam just a tiny bit too old for things like that?” I asked to distract myself from the painful memories.

“Yeah. He was supposed to go to college, but he stayed. Everyone was okay about it too. My sister turned down a partial scholarship, and they all freaked out. But no, Sam Uley can do no wrong.”

“Its sounds kind of annoying and…weird. But why are you taking it so seriously?” I never had seen Jake this annoyed.

“You missed the turn,” he said abruptly. I did a fast U-turn, and turned around. “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”

It got quiet.

“You can stop anywhere along here,” he said softly.

I pulled over and turned the car off. I got my bike down, and Jake got his. “You ready for this?” he asked. I nodded.

“Jake, what’s really bothering you? It feels like there’s more to this,” I said slowly.

He sighed deeply. “I guess it’s the way they treat me. Like I’m about to do something great. They do it to Embry too. It scares us. I asked Billy, and all he said was that I would find out soon, and if I didn’t, not to worry about it.”

His face crumpled. I threw my eyes around him, careful not to squeeze too hard. “Oh Jake, it’ll be okay! We’ll think of something, I promise!”

He was frozen for a moment, and then hugged me back. He stroked my hair softly, and I pulled back. I was not ready yet.

“It’s so hard to believe I’m two years older than you,” I laughed, breaking the mood.

“You forgot I’m in my forties, of course.”

I laughed and nodded. “Let’s do this.”