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Bella Swan is all alone. Her love and his family left her in the town of Forks with nothing. When a deadly disease starts to spread, and Bella catches it, what does she have to live for? Some old friends come in to town, and give her back her will to live. They give her a new life that no one can know about, or it could be their demise. As a well restrained newborn, Bella tries to move on with her life. Can she? faker

All charecters except Becka, Aaron, Alex and a few other people I made up all belong to Stephenie Meyer.

17. Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

“Bella, you have to get up. It’s time for school,” Charlie said softly as he gently shook me. I groaned and slowly sat up. He laughed. “You look like you just got in bed,” he commented before leaving the room.

Ha, I thought. I did just go to bed, less than an hour ago. I sighed and went into my small closet, and pulled out a pale green turtleneck and black jeans. I chose to just leave my hair down. It was going to look good no matter what.

I went downstairs, where Charlie was eating his eggs. I sighed at him. “You really should eat healthier things.”

He scowled at me. “At least I eat,” he accused.

“I eat. I just can’t handle a lot at once. Being hooked onto a machine that feeds you through a tube does that to a lot of people for the first few months that they’re out of the hospital. I’ve only been out for a few weeks,” I said seriously.

He blinked, and let the subject drop.

After he left, I got my bag and walked outside. It was cloudy as usual, a thick grey blanket covering the sky. The trees seemed more alive, and the ground was a brighter color than it had been.

I looked around, observing the changes that spring brought, trying not to think of last spring.

So I never noticed the hands that reached out and grabbed me from behind. As soon as I felt the cold hands, I spun around and grabbed the cold arm and threw it hard into the ground. I dropped my bag, and slouched into a predatory crouch. I raised me hands, preparing to create a force field.

“Jeez Bella, a little tense today?” Becka asked grumpily. My eyes widened as I realized that I had thrown her down onto the ground.

“Sorry, you just surprised me,” I said as I helped her up. She brushed off some of the dead leaves on her purple jacket. “What are you doing here anyway? You know I have to go to school.”

She shrugged. “Can’t you skip? Alex and I went to see KJ last night, and he wants to talk to you. He said that you probably know more about normal vampires than he or Jasmine does.”

I contemplated. “I don’t think I can. Charlie would find out, and I don’t feel like explaining why I skipped. Can’t it wait until tonight?”

She sighed. “Fine, I’ll come back over at ten tonight, okay?” She hung her head, and I immediately knew something else was wrong.

“Becka, what’s wrong?” I asked softly.

“Oh, it’s just we never get to do anything anymore. You have school, and have to go on with your human life. All I do is spend my time with Alex and Aaron. A girl can get lonely,” she explained.

I chuckled. “You sound just like-“ I gasped as the familiar pain crashed into me, pulling me down. I sunk down to the ground, my hands around my chest.

“Bella?” Becka’s voice sounded frantic. I couldn’t see her: I couldn’t see anything. I was too lost in the pain. “Bella, if you passed out, I am taking you to KJ right now. Screw school,” she muttered.

I weakly shook my head. “I don’t think vampires can pass out,” I said weakly, sitting up. Becka pulled me up into a tight hug, and gave me a long look.

“Yeah, but most vampires can’t sleep, right?” She asked dryly, before closing her eyes. “What are we going to do with you? You have the potential to be such a strong and powerful vampire, and yet the only thing you work on is not succumbing to the pain,” she sighed.

I said nothing. What was there to say? That she was right? I knew how strong I could be, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to concentrate on trying not to go insane in the next few decades.

“Here, I’ll take you to school,” she said, offering me her hand. I took it, and she teleported us to the woods outside my school.

“Thanks,” I mumbled. She smiled, and vanished. With a sigh, I turned to school. I walked quickly into the crowd in the parking lot, blending into the other students.

Today, school was even more boring than usual. It seemed that the teachers had simplified everything we learning to the point where third graders could have understood it. Of course I also noticed how much everyone else was struggling. I realized that that was how a vampire compared to a human. It was our quickness, intelligence and ability to adapt that made us nature’s best predator. Not to mention our looks.

By the time lunch rolled around, I was about to fall asleep. It didn’t help that everyone at my table was complaining about the workload. It was actually a little amusing. I had finished almost all of my homework between classes. At a vampires pace, of course.

“Hey Bella,” Ben said as he sat across from me. I smiled at him, nodding. He was really happy now. Angela was coming back to school tomorrow.

“Hey Ben. Can’t wait for tomorrow?” I asked him.

He sighed happily. “I’m so glad she’s better now. I’ve been so worried,” he said, shaking his head. I patted his hand gently. He grinned, and took a bite of his pizza.

It was nice that he hadn’t given up on Angela, like a lot of other guys might have. He had stuck by her side, sending cards, emailing her, and keeping her updated on the outside world.

That was the best part of my day. Jessica and Lauren had sat down then, and began talking to Ben, making sure to keep me out of the conversation. I was really annoyed with them, but I didn’t say anything.

Afterwards, I went to the rest of my classes. I had gotten little homework, and drove home feeling a little better than I had in the morning.

I was surprised to see Becka waiting for me there. She smiled when I walked over to her.

“I went over to police station, and Charlie said that I could take you shopping this after noon, as long as you’re home before midnight,” she said grinning. I looked at her for a long moment.

“Your taking me to see KJ, aren’t you?” I asked. She smiled and nodded. “Fine, let’s go then,” I said with a sigh. She grabbed my arm, and we were suddenly outside KJ’s sunny Baja house.

She didn’t even bother knocking. She walked right in, closing the door behind me. Alex and Aaron jumped up when they saw me.

“Bella!” They both exclaimed. They both pulled me into a hug that would have killed me if I was human.

“Hey guys,” I laughed weakly. KJ walked over, smiling at me.

“Hello Bella. How have you been doing?” He asked.

“Fine, I guess,” I said with a shrug. Becka snorted. KJ turned and looked at her, confused.

“Bella’s as fine as a lost puppy,” she said, amused. He looked at me, concerned. Jasmine walked in, and she looked at me curiously as well.

“What happened?” She asked. I looked uncertainly at Becka.

“Her mate left her when she was human. She hasn’t gotten over it yet,” Becka explained. KJ and Jasmine looked shocked.

“I knew something bad happened, but I thought it was just that you hadn’t accepted yourself yet,” KJ murmured.

Jasmine came over and wrapped me in a hug. She reminded me so much of the mother I almost had.

“What do you mean when you say you noticed something weird about her?” Alex asked. I looked up from Jasmines shoulder to see the boys.

KJ shrugged. “Well, I noticed she was on some king of…downward spiral of depression. I just thought that it was the depression that came with the change.”

I laughed without humor. “No, I was already messed up before I got sick,” I said. I couldn’t take anymore of the pity: I would go into overload soon. “So, Becka said you wanted to talk about sleep?”

KJ nodded. “Yes, both you and Jasmine say that it is abnormal for vampires being able to sleep.” Both Jasmine and I nodded. “So I guessed that it is another oddity that my venom gives others.”

I nodded. It made sense. His venom gave other vampires humanity; why couldn’t sleep be included in that?

I guessed that KJ noticed that I was a little out of it from our earlier discussion. He turned to Becka. “Why don’t the four of you go and head back to the states?” He suggested. We all nodded, and Becka took us to the cabin.

I walked out by the lake. There was a small amount of sun, and I allowed myself to glitter in its light, just like the water below me.

I heard Aaron race each other into the house as Becka came up behind me. I turned, and she looked at me with concern.

“You really are hurting bad, aren’t you?” she whispered. I nodded. She had no idea how much I was hurting. “Why don’t you go and look for him then?” she asked.

I felt my face smooth as emotions stirred within me. I would give anything to see him again, but it would only bring me pain. He would turn me away again. He didn’t love me.

“No, I don’t think that would be a good idea,” I whispered.

“Why not? No one deserves to live in this kind of pain.”

I looked her straight in the eye now. “Becka, I want you to listen to me right now, and don’t interrupt. I would repeat this if I could, but my mind probably wouldn’t be able to handle it,” I whispered. She nodded. “Alright, let’s say that one day Alex came up to you and said he was leaving. That he was going to take Aaron, KJ, Jasmine and me with him. You offered to go with him, but he said that he didn’t want you to go with him…that he didn’t want you at all.

“Say that he says that he cares for you a little, but that he didn’t love you anymore. That he didn’t want to act anymore for, that he wanted to pursue his own life. Pretend that he said that you weren’t any good for him. And then he says that it will be as if he had ever existed. He said that after asking making you promise not to do anything stupid or reckless. He took everything with him, everything that you to remind you of him. What would you do? Would you go looking for him, or would you save him the guilt of knowing how badly he had hurt you?”

By the end of my little speech I was crying. Not really crying, but my body shook with dry sobs. I ignored it though, and looked at Becka expectantly. Her face was twisted in shock and pain.

“I would leave him alone, I guess. I would try to pick up whatever I could of my life. That, or brake my promise and just totally get myself hurt on a daily basis for the satisfaction,” she said slowly.

I smiled without emotion. “Because he broke his promise as soon as he made it,” I said dryly. She nodded, and then gasped.

“That’s what he said to you, isn’t it? Oh, if I ever see that…” her voice drifted off as the anger took over.

“It’s not his fault. He never loved me, I know that. I was just some little human who smelled good, and whose mind he couldn’t read. He probably just befriended me to try and figure me out,” I said indifferently, as the pain licked the hole in my chest.

Becka shook her head angrily. “I’m going to take you home right now. Then, I am going to go do something to help with the anger,” she growled. I smiled slightly, and let her take me home.