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Bella Swan is all alone. Her love and his family left her in the town of Forks with nothing. When a deadly disease starts to spread, and Bella catches it, what does she have to live for? Some old friends come in to town, and give her back her will to live. They give her a new life that no one can know about, or it could be their demise. As a well restrained newborn, Bella tries to move on with her life. Can she? faker

All charecters except Becka, Aaron, Alex and a few other people I made up all belong to Stephenie Meyer.

20. Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

I didn’t protest at all as Becka grabbed my arm, with Alex and Aaron already holding onto her. We were in KJ’s living room a moment later. It seemed that Becka was too agitated to bother with niceties.

KJ looked up at us in surprise as Becka pushed me forward, right into the lamp. It fell down with a crack, and Aaron laughed.

“Wow Bella, you still seem to have your normal clumsiness,” he chuckled. My eyes narrowed at him.

“Becka pushed me. Want me to do that to you?” I threatened, raising my hand with the palm facing me. His eyes widened with fear. He knew that was the position it was in right before I made a shield.

“Bella, calm down now. Aaron, stop teasing her,” KJ said forcefully, with all the force of a father. We both relaxed, and looked over at him. “Now Becka, what do you want you want to tell me?”

Becka pointed at me. “I have nothing to tell you. Bella does,” she said, strong emotions underneath her calm mask. It was almost fear and frustration mixed together.

He looked at me, and I swallowed. “Well, I was in the woods, and encountered a vampire I met when I had been human. The rest of his coven had been hunting me, and…they…had to protect me. He killed the leader of his coven, and the leader’s mate seems to want me dead,” I said. Aaron, Alex and Becka all looked shocked. I never had had the chance to tell them.

KJ’s face was twisted in shock. “Why would she want to kill you? If your…friend killed him, why would she want to kill you?”

I laughed without humor. “Isn’t it obvious? A mate for a mate. She lost hers, and she thinks he should loose his too. I guess she hasn’t noticed that he left me.” My voice was carefully controlled, like it often was these days. I was much better at controlling my emotions now than I had been a month ago.

He nodded. “I guess that makes sense. But you really aren’t in that much danger. You can easily protect yourself. Why did you need to tell me, and so urgently?”

“Actually, she just told us about that too. She actually has something more important to tell you,” Alex said in a hard voice. I could tell he didn’t like my attempts at distraction.

KJ turned to me again expectantly, and I sighed before speaking. “After Laurent—the vampire from the woods—spoke to me, he suddenly ran off. A moment later, wolves bigger than any I’ve ever seen before came out of the trees and went after him. I think that they were werewolves.”

His face paled, to the point where if he were human, I would have been worried. He gasped, and sank down into a chair.

“Werewolves are still around,” he muttered. We all glanced at each other. Apparently he knew more than us. He looked back up at me. “How did you figure it out?”

“Well, before I knew about all these mythical creatures, I went down to the beach with some friends from school. I ran into an old friend, Jacob Black, and he told me some stories about vampires and werewolves. When I saw them in the woods, I guess it all clicked, though it took a moment for me to realize it.”

He appraised me for a long second. “And this Jacob Black is a wolf now, isn’t he?” he asked shrewdly. I looked down and nodded. I was surprised by his laugh. I looked at him in confusion.

“You just can’t stick to the human species, can you?” he laughed. I realized what he was going at, and nodded.

“Yup, she just has to be best buddies with all of the people destined to change species,” Becka said mischievously. I nodded with a sigh.

KJ smiled one last time, and then frowned in thought. “Having wolves around might cause some problems. They could mess up your hunting habits, and we can’t let them catch any of you; they would rip you apart.”

“Oh, well I can help with that problem,” she turned to me. “Whenever you need to go and hunt, just call me up and we’ll go somewhere exotic.” With that, she grinned happily. I could almost hear her thoughts of the places she could take us.

KJ nodded. “That’s a good idea. Bella,” he looked at me intently, making sure I was listening. “No matter what happens, you have to make everyone think you’re still human. I don’t care what happens, just stay human, alright?”

I cocked my head. “Why does it matter if people think I’m human?” I asked. Alex nodded in agreement.

He frowned slightly, his eyebrows furrowing slightly. I knew that he was trying to come up with a way to make me understand. “Some vampires have special gifts, like you four,” he began slowly. “Others have none, but are susceptible to the other vampire’s gifts. If one vampire or human knew about it, it would be very easy to make them tell someone the truth. Then it would spread and spread, and I’m sure none of you want that.” We all nodded fervently.

He went on. “And if the wolves found out about it, they would either kill you or run you off. You would never be able to back there, no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you are friends with them; they still have their job to do. I don’t want any of you in that position.”

I nodded slowly. I understood what he was saying, though some I didn’t agree with. I truly didn’t care what happened to me. But I would do what he asked to help my coven.

I knew that his concern for me was in a fatherly way also. It hurt to see that he cared for me in a way I couldn’t. I already had a father, and a vampire father. KJ was like my uncle. I knew he knew that also, but he still tried to show his care for me. I guess he saw that I needed some light in my dark life.

“I promise,” I whispered at the same time as the rest of my coven. We all looked at each other, and saw the resolve in all of our eyes.

“Okay, I guess you all need to head back then,” he said. We all said our goodbyes, and left for the forest’s of Forks, right outside my house.

“We’re going to go to the cabin. If you need us at all…” Becka said. I nodded, and walked back up to my house when the vanished.

It was still bright out, so I guessed that it had been less than an hour since we left the meadow. At least Charlie wouldn’t worry.

I walked into the kitchen through the back door, only to find Charlie making himself a snack. He looked up at me in surprise, and glared at me.

“Isabella Marie Swan, where have you been?” He said in a low voice. Uh oh, full name. That wasn’t a good sign.

“I was hiking with the guys,” I said casually. He blinked, and then shook his head. He let me get away with anything if it was with my coven.

“Oh well, alright. I just got a little worried, that’s all. There have been strange disappearances up here lately, and I just wanted to know if you were okay or not,” he said, loosing his fervor.

I smiled slightly. “Sorry for making you worried. I’ll be more careful from now on, alright?” I promised. He smiled and nodded.

I let him get back to the game and his snack, and went upstairs. I grabbed some sweats, and took a long, hot shower. I needed the relaxation, from the long day I had had. After that, I went up to my room and to bed, preparing to sleep in all day tomorrow.

I woke up the next day in the middle of the afternoon. My mind had unconsciously chosen what I was going to do today.

I was going to talk to Jacob.