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Bella Swan is all alone. Her love and his family left her in the town of Forks with nothing. When a deadly disease starts to spread, and Bella catches it, what does she have to live for? Some old friends come in to town, and give her back her will to live. They give her a new life that no one can know about, or it could be their demise. As a well restrained newborn, Bella tries to move on with her life. Can she? faker

All charecters except Becka, Aaron, Alex and a few other people I made up all belong to Stephenie Meyer.

9. Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

I blinked in the harsh sunlight. My coven and I had shifted as soon as we came, and we gave Jasmine my large green sweatshirt. She put the hood up, and put her hands into the pocket. She was already wearing long jeans, so we didn’t have to trade pants.

We started to walk down the dusty dirt road toward the ocean. The town that KJ lived in was pretty small, and everyone knew each other. We couldn’t just teleport in town because no one would have seen us arrive, and people would get suspicious.

Jasmine seemed uncomfortable walking down the old road. It may have been the harsh sunlight, or the lingering scent of human. Both would make sense.

Truth be told, I was a little uncomfortable as well. I never met KJ before. I knew that he was the real leader of my coven, and that he called a lot of the shots. He was the one who gave Becka permission to change me. It was thanks to him I was alive.

Becka led us down the dusty road. I was slightly confused as to why we were here. “Um, Becka, I thought KJ was in Colorado?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s where his house is. He has a vacation home here. He had us help him move everything in this week; that’s why we were gone,” she explained. I nodded.

We walked down to the ocean, and I marveled in the breeze coming off of it. I loved the ocean so much. The cool saltiness and the freshness of it was refreshing. Aaron and Alex both ran ahead, betting on who would make it there first. I laughed along with Becka. Jasmine looked like she didn’t know whether to laugh or not.

They led us to a large seaside cabin. It was made with a dark wood I didn’t recognize, and had large windows facing the sea. Next to it was a large cliff that was steeper than some of the ones I had seen in Washington.

“Come on you guys!” Alex called as Aaron handed him a twenty. I grinned, and ran up to the door. Becka came up beside me and knocked on the door.

A tall dark skin man answered. He was wearing jeans and a green sweater. He looked oddly pale, but had perfect features. His almost shaved hair was black and shiny.

I felt very self conscious. I was meeting the man who had stopped segregation, who had given up his life (somewhat) to the cause of all cultures living together in peace.

He smiled at me. “Ah, you must be Bella, right? I’ve heard quite a lot about you,” he said kindly. My eyes widened as I looked at Alex, who was laughing, but I didn’t say anything.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Dr. King,” I said politely.

He waved the name off. “Call me KJ. I haven’t been Dr. King in over twenty years,” he said. I nodded, smiling. He was a person you could be very comfortable with. He reminded me a lot of Dr. Cullen. I inwardly winced as I thought this, but I was careful not to show anything on my face.

“So, who’s this?” He asked, gesturing to Jasmine as he led us into the living room in his cabin. It had simple yet elegant furnishings. He had a long beige couch, and a matching loveseat. A small copper fireplace was near the wide windows, which showed a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. The walls were painted a light brown.

“I’m Jasmine. These four found me in the wood a little bit ago,” she said quietly. I saw that she was avoiding the conditions of out meeting. I knew that KJ saw her red eyes, but he didn’t say anything about it.

“Ah, so they brought you to me? I’m afraid to say that they are as young as they look, and are afraid of screwing up bad, and then having me find out,” he said with a chuckle. I looked at him in confusion, but the others were looking down. KJ saw my expression and laughed.

“Oh no Bella, you haven’t done anything. Before you were changed, these three accidentally almost got caught by humans, and ever since they have been extremely cautious,” he explained.

I looked at Becka, who mouthed ‘later.’ I nodded, giving her an evil smile. She shook her head in defeat.

“I was hoping you could help me with my hunting habits,” Jasmine said, ignoring out silent fight.

“Of course!” KJ said with a breathtaking smile. Jasmine returned it, but then in faltered slightly.

“Wait, you said that they are as young as they look…” she said looking at us.

“Oh, I’m the only newborn in the room,” I said. She looked at me in confusion.

“You see, all of us are almost immune to bloodlust. We actually find human blood slightly repulsive,” Alex said wisely. Aaron and I rolled our eyes at him, but didn’t say anything.

Jasmine looked impressed. She looked at us all with new respect in her eyes. “Wow, so this won’t be too hard, huh?” she asked in an awed voice. We all shook our heads.

“Well we should get back to the states. See you later!” Becka said. She reached out and grabbed Alex, Aaron and I, and teleported us back to the woods.

I was disoriented for a moment, and shook my head to clear the dizziness. When I looked up, they were looking at me with mischief in their eyes. I stared at them, horrified.

“Ready for your surprise?” Aaron asked.