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The Forgotten One

When a new girl arrives to town, secrets a revealed and lives could possible be destroyed.

I don't own Twilight

2. Chapter 2

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A golden haired boy stood in front of her broken body. His black eyes turning darker in hunger. ‘Help me.’ She whispered from broken lips. The smell of her blood drew him further in. his hunger growing. He shook himself violently as the thought of ending her life entered his head. He couldn’t do that, but her blood smelt so delicious. It sang to her. Her blood had pooled around her body.

He could see her bones sticking through the skin at odd angles. ‘Please, save me.’ He knew he had no choice. Holding his breath he picked the tiny body up. Without caring if anyone noticed him he ran at full speed to the nearest hospital. For the next two years when no one was around they were always together, until that day.

A small girl came through the trees. Red eyes gleamed at the little girl playing with the blond. ‘Well, well, well, look at what we have here. Does your little family know where you are? Do they know you play with this little human?’ She hissed.

‘Angel, what’s going on?’ The little girl looked up from her sandbox.

‘Nothing, sweetening.’

‘Is she as delicious as she smells?’ She stopped walking forward. ‘Her blood sings for you. Her heart beats for you, even her soul calls to yours.’ She smiled cruelly. ‘What’s to stop me from killing her where she sits?’

A snarl rose in his throat. ‘Angel, are you okay?’

‘Yes angel are you okay?’ She mocked.

‘We’ll both join you in fourteen years. I swear. If we don’t then you can kill us.’

‘When you say we?’

‘Me and her,’ he threw a pointed glance at the little girl clutching his leg.

‘You’ll change her then.’ He gave a curt nod.

‘Goody. I can sense her power. It’s very strong.’

‘You can only tell your masters, no one else can ever know. Do I make myself clear?’ The girl nodded.

‘The same goes to you.’ She spoke as she faded into the trees.

He looked down at the tiny girl wrapped around his legs. ‘Sweet, I have to go.’ She started to cry.

‘You can’t leave. Who’ll protect me? Who’ll keep me safe?’

‘Know that I love you.’ He turned and ran. She tried to follow him. Her little legs could only carry her so far.

‘ANGEL’ she screamed. ‘ANGEL.’ She fell to her knees crying. ‘I’ll never see him again’ she thought to herself.

The shrill sound of the alarm brought me out of my sleep. My eyes were wet from the tears I wept in my dream. “Angel.” I whispered in the darkness.

“I’m sure you’ll see him again.” Amelia comforted me.

“Thanks. I just miss him so much.”

“You need to get ready for school.”

I got up and went to my closet. I grabbed my jeans and a Miser long sleeved tee, and a black hoddie. My ipod was still on my dresser. I quickly got dressed as I listened to Zombie.

“WHORE.” Kevin screamed as I got dressed.

“Kevin I swear, you are a horrible person.” Elizabeth chastised.

“In my day you’d be locked up.” Amelia informed.

“Please tell me you weren’t watching me dress.” I could tell from their guilty looks that they did.

“Sweetheart where did you get those marks?”

“Where do you think grandma? I did them. Now will you leave me in peace at least for the first day of school?” They nodded. I went into the bathroom as they disappeared from my room. I listened to my music as I applied heavy makeup on. As my music stopped I could hear banging down in the kitchen. Inwardly I groaned. “Of course she wants to make me breakfast.” I complained to myself. Taking a deep breath to gather my courage I made my way down the stairs to the soon to be tense kitchen.

“Good morning Elena.” My mother spoke without turning around. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yep. No dreams.” She turned around and the smile she had in place fell.

“Elena, do you really think it’s necessary for you to look like that?”

“You know what, I’m not that hungry. I’ll just grab something at school.” I stormed out of the kitchen and grabbed my bag waiting by the door.

“Elena, I just think that there’s a more appropriate way for you to dress.” I ignored her as I got into my car. Sure they don’t trust me with music or art, but hell give me a car, I won’t drive myself off a cliff…right? Maybe later. I drove to school not caring for the sped limits. Not caring if I got arrested.

The only space available was next to s shiny silver Volvo. I pulled in and turned off my car. Slowly I made my way to the main office. Sitting at the desk was an elderly woman named Ms. Cope. “Hello dear, could you remove your sunglasses?” She asked me kindly.

Sighing I removed them. She gasped in shock. “You have lovely eyes dear.”

“Thank you. I’m new and I was wondering if I could get my schedule?”

“Wow. I mean yeah.” She cleared her throat. “I’ve just never seen violet eyes like yours. The Cullens have golden eyes, well their eye color varies, but violet. That’s amazing. You must get complimented all the time.” I made a mental note to ask my mom where the hell my contacts went too.

“Yeah. Um…could I just get to class? I’m afraid I might be a little late.”

“ What’s your name dear?”

“Elena Summers.”

“Oh sweetie, I’m to direct you to the principal’s office as soon as you arrive. Go outside and just walk to the end of this building, it’s the last door. He’ll have your schedule.”

I sighed and just followed her directions. I opened the door Ms. Cope told me too. There sat another secretary. Geez how many did this small school need. This one was a student. Lauren Mallory. Yep preppy, my inner voice sang. “Hello I’m here to see Mr. Greene.” The girl looked up.

“Yeah hold on. Mr. Greene there’s someone here to see you.” She sneered as she looked at me.

“Thank you Ms. Mallory. Ms. Summers I presume?”

“You presume correctly.”

“Right this way.” I entered his office, surprise it was green. He pointed in to a green plastic chair. Really these people needed more color in their life than just green. Mr. Greene in a green office. Kinda like the Blue song. Inwardly a smile sprang to life.

“I assume you know why I asked you to meet with me before you went to your first class.”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, I’ve looked over your transcript and your grades are great. All A’s and B’s, so that’s good news. What I’m concerned with is the attempt you made on your life last spring. It says that you tried to kill yourself in the girl’s bathroom.”

I nodded. I could already tell where this was going. In therapy, they informed me that at my new school I would likely be monitored.

“I understand that you made a tremendous effort in your therapy. However I feel that it’s best you be monitored. Luckily you have exactly the same schedule as another student. Bella,” he called a little bit louder. A pale girl with warm chocolate eyes and silky brown hair came into the office.

“You wanted to see me sir?” She asked. Her voice was warm as well.

“Yes. Bella this is Elena Summers, Elena this is Isabella Swan.” He introduced us.

“You can call me Bella or Bells.”

“Bella, Elena has the same schedule as you do. I was hoping you could show her around. Also I’m afraid I’ll need you to report back to me if she steps over the rules.” She looked slightly shocked.

“He’s afraid I’ll off myself in a bathroom or something. Who knows I might try poison. You do have poison on campus correct?” I saw them pale even more.

“Elena, be polite.” My grandmother chastised me.

Right. Didn’t she say she’d leave me alone?

“I’m just kidding.”

“Ms. Summers, your only allowed to move here because your mother believes she could provide a better and more stable home for you. Please don’t screw this up. It’s your only chance. You screw up again, and you’ll be locked up.” Mr. Greene threatened.

“I’m sorry. It’s just hard to readjust.” The only reason I really was here was because the therapists believed the crap I sprouted out at them.

He nodded his head sympathetically. “Report back to Ms. Cope after school.” Bella and I rose to go to our first class. As we left I could see Lauren glare at us. Joy.

“So where did you move from?” Bella asked me conversationally.


“Where’s that?”

“Oregon, about forty-five minutes or so away from Portland.” She nodded her head as she understood.

“The first class we have is English. Ms. Young is pretty cool. The work is worth it. Well that’s what Rosalie and Emmett said.”

“Who’s Rosalie and Emmett?”

“Oh they’re my friends, the graduated last year. I’m dating their brother.”

“That’s Edward’s girlfriend. Eddie isn’t she beautiful?” Elizabeth gushed.

“Lizzie you already knew she was beautiful.” Edward replied.

“I know, but there’s a difference than knowing and seeing.”

I rolled my eyes at their banter.

“I guess you’ll sit next to me. That’s the only seat.” She opened the door to the classroom and the students went silent.

“You must be Elena.” I nodded at the woman. She looked to be in her late twenties early thirties. “I’m Ms. Young, you’ll be sitting next to Bella. Have you read The Catcher in the Rye?” Again I nodded. “Good. Since it’s the first day we’re just going over why it was banned and the value it has in society. Tomorrow we’ll begin reading, so please bring a copy.” Bella and I made our way to the back of the class with stares following us. “Now who can tell me why it was banned?”

When no one raised their hand she called on me. Go figure. “Elena do you know why it was banned?”

“Umm….Well Holden does have a conversation with a hooker, and there’s some pretty ‘adult’ themes. Like he smokes and drinks. Suicide. Parents believed that if their children read a story like this they would mimic his behavior. Mostly they found it offensive he paid a hooker just to talk.”

“Very good.” The class dragged on with arguments springing up about the value the book truly had on society. All the while I couldn’t help but crave IT. When the bell rang I let out a breath of relief.