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The Forgotten One

When a new girl arrives to town, secrets a revealed and lives could possible be destroyed.

I don't own Twilight

3. Chapter 3

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Our next class was Spanish, complete uneventful. I drew the entire class only answering when necessary. Bella seemed to notice my bad mood.

“You know, I would be glad if you sat with me and my friends during lunch.”

“Thanks.” I accepted because I knew, we both knew I didn’t have a choice. When we got out of the class waiting for her in the hall was a pale Greek god.

“Elena this is my boyfriend Edward. Edward meet my new friend Elena.” He held out a hand I shook it already knowing it would be freezing.

“At least he has some manners. See Eddie I told you we didn’t raise and idiot.” Elizabeth crowed.

“Yes dear. He’s very gentlemanly. Too bad he’s a cheater.”

“Well that Rosalie is a tart.”

I worked so hard not to smirk. “It’s nice to meet you Edward. I’ve heard so much about you.” At this Bella blushed violently.

“Oh really?” His musical voice quirked.

“Only the best. I promise.”

“What kind of things?” He smirked.

“Edward.” Bella hissed embarrassed.

He chuckled. “It’s not important.”

“He’s too charming. No wonder he’s a two timer. Only I could only raise a son like that. I swear Carlisle promised he’d be safe.”

“Sweet, a vampire is better than being dead.”

“I know it’s just I hoped he’d settle down. I’m pleased to know he likes females.”

Edward snorted, “Of course he likes females. I’m his father.” Elizabeth just rolled her eyes.

“Have I missed it yet?” Amelia asked. The other two shook their heads.

I wanted to ask what exactly she thought she missed.

“Shall I walk you two ladies to lunch.” I shrugged. I knew no matter if I walked with someone or not I would be watched. We walked to the cafeteria. Bella and Edward talking about their classes, followed by some harsh whispers.

“She wants to know why he repeats his classes every year. Practically the same schedule every year.” Elizabeth informed me. “His response is it doesn’t matter, he can read their minds, so it really wouldn’t be a challenge. Lazy.”

“When he was human he loved a challenge.” Edward reflected.

While they talked back and forth about the qualities and flaws their son had I piled food on my tray. I noticed Edward did the same for Bella. Of course there was twice the amount mine did. Obviously to give the allusion that he actually ate. I rolled my eyes at the display. We paid for our food and made our way to the table they ate at. Already there was a cluster of people. Bella introduced me.

“Um…guys I want you to meet Elena Summers.” They all looked at me, taking in my heavy makeup, my dark clothing, and my long black hair with white under highlights. “Elena this is Jessica, Mike, Tyler, and you’ve already met Lauren, that’s Angela, and this is Alice.” There were more people who joined us and with each one Bella whispered their name in my ear. All the while Lauren kept throwing glares at me then whispering into her friend’s ear. Like I didn’t know what they were talking about. I noticed Alice watching me pick at my food.

“Oh this is Jasper.” I looked up and tried so very hard not to gasp.

“I told you you’d be seeing him again.” Amelia whispered. “Man he looks good as a vampire. I mean when he was human I was panting after him, and proper ladies don’t pant.”

A chuckle tried to force itself out of my throat. I covered it up with a cough. My cell phone vibrated, preventing me from introducing myself. “Excuse me.” My eye grew wide as I saw my father’s number. I could feel the anger and pain flaring up.


“Hi sweetheart. How’s your first day going?”


“Are you liking your classes?”


“Have you made any friends?”

“No.” I lied. He could never find out that I had some ever.

“Really. Apparently you look pretty cozy at that table. I thought I’d gotten rid of that shirt. You really do look like the whore you are.”

“How do you know that?” I paled, he could see me.

“Oh I have my ways. So whose the blond boy?”

“I don’t know.”

“Elena,” he clucked his tongue. “Already selling yourself. Such a slut. Well I have to go darling whore. Talk to you later.” He hung up.

“WHORE.” Was being chanted in my ear by numerous people.

“Who was that?” Lauren asked getting ready to make fun.

“My father.” I could see Jasper and his family stiffen. I knew they had overheard the conversation. They were looking at me with curiosity as well.

“Do you need your daddy?” She mocked.

“Lauren why do you even sit with us if your going to be a bitch?” Jasper asked. I could tell from the shocked faces that he rarely ever spoke.

“That’s just rude.” She stuttered.

“Why? Because it’s true? I’ve only met you this morning an already you’re making fun of me. Psychologists would say you have low self esteem and low self worth, or maybe you have problems at home. So which is it?” I asked. “Hey, looky there you do shut up.” I got up to leave.

“Elena, where are you going?” Bella asked worried.

“Don’t worry Bella it took me three years last time, it’s only been a few hours. I’m just going to class.” She nodded understanding that I needed to be alone.

“See you there.” I dumped my tray and headed straight for class. Mr. Banner was already there so I was able to introduce myself and get my seat hopefully people wouldn’t stare at me as they entered. That hope didn’t last. All period instead of focusing on what we would go over in class this year, every one stared at me. I took my notes, pretending they didn’t notice me. The next two classes I had, had the same routine. Gym was my last class, since I didn’t have my uniform I was allowed to sit out. The teacher was kind enough to let me turn in my slip to Ms. Cope. This time she didn’t even speak to me when I cam in.

When the last bell rang I sighed. A whole day. Wow. I get to repeat it tomorrow. Joy. I walked to my car with Kevin coming along with me. A continuous strain of whore and slut spewed from his mouth. I was to busy paying attention to the sidewalk that I ran into a hard body. I looked up and saw him. Angel, my mind whispered at me. “Excuse me.” I whispered. I could tell the tears were coming.

“He never loved you. Alice is the one he loves. You were and are just a plaything. That’s all you’ll ever be to him. Sure he plans to hand you over to that horrible girl. He’ll leave you.” Kevin said to me. Other voices rose up to agree.

I could see him staring at my tear filled eyes. He opened his mouth to say something, but I slammed the door shut before he could even begin. I turned on my car not caring if I wore a seat belt. My hands gripped the steering wheel I sped out of the parking lot. I pushed the pedal a little harder to sped up my car as I saw a silver Volvo trailing me.

“They’re not following you dear.” Grandma said.

“It doesn’t matter. Imagine how you would feel if someone you….”

“Shut up.” I said cutting off Amelia. I turned on to the street my house was on, breathing out heavily in relief. I noticed a car parked in front of my house, making me tense up again.

“It’ll be okay dear. Just breathe.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re dead. No one can see you or yell at you, or hit you.” I snapped.

I pulled up and parked my car, taking a deep breath I got out. I walked slowly to the door dreading who it could be.