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The Forgotten One

When a new girl arrives to town, secrets a revealed and lives could possible be destroyed.

I don't own Twilight

4. Chapter 4

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“Mom, I’m home.” I called as I locked the front door.

“Elena sweetheart can you come into the living room?” I gulped, a terribly feeling began to build in my stomach.

“Breathe. You need to breathe.” Grandma whispered in my ear. I took a deep breath. I so didn’t need the moral support of my dead grandmother. She had nothing to worry about. I had a feeling of who’d it be. My heart pounded loudly in my chest, as I walked into the room. Waiting there on the couch was my father, next to my mother. Both of them had smiles on their faces.

“Sweetie, your father and I have decided to get back together.” Her eyes twinkled at me disgustingly. And I knew that there would be no way I could convince her otherwise.

“What about Marla?” I asked my father.

“We’re no longer together, and the judge did agree it would be best for you to have two parents who love you.” I saw his eyes light up with malice. I could feel the fear building up. “Now, your mother and I are going out this evening, I’m sure there’s something in the fridge you can eat.” He glanced at mom. She nodded her head like a love sick puppy. I ran to my room, to my refuge. Hoping I wouldn’t have to wait long. I didn’t I heard his car rumble to life. I stood by my window and watched them pull away from the curb.

“Elena, please don’t do this.” My grandmother begged me. I looked up at those who surrounded me. Kevin was cheering me on with his eyes, while the rest of them looked at me with sympathy. I went over to my closet and bent down to find the box.

“Elena, he wouldn’t want you doing this.” Amelia pleaded.

“Do it, do it, do it, do it.” Kevin chanted. I ignored them all, knowing that yeah he wouldn’t want me to do this. But I need it, I craved it. My breath caught as my eyes found the box I was looking for. Inside the plain wooden box lay my prize. I reached up to the chain that hid the key that unlocked this small box that held my life beneath it’s lid. My hands shook as I unlocked the little lock. I took a deep breath and released it shakily.

Beneath the lid was a small knife. My hands trembled with excitement as I pulled out the shiny object of my desire. I lifted it to the scarred skin of my wrist. I gasped as I pushed firmly down, and pulled the blade down my arm. I felt the skin slice open, and in the wake of the blade was blood seeping from the wound I had inflicted. I quickly grabbed a towel I had left on the floor and wrapped it around my arm to staunch the bleeding. Breathing in I raised the blade to my other arm and slid the blade across the already marred flesh. Adrenaline coursed through my body, bringing me to a high. A sense of peace settle through my rushing veins. The peace and adrenaline faded into tiredness. I carefully wiped the blade against the towel riding the silver of my blood. I relocked the box and hid it back in my closet. I then through my towel into the dirty laundry.

I clumsily made my way into the shower. I hissed as a stinging sensation flared to life as the hot water hit the open wounds on my arms. Working quickly I cleansed my flesh, hoping that the water would slow the blood flow. I turned the steady stream off, and wrapped a towel around my body as I made my way back to my room. The bleeding had stopped as I pulled a long sleeve tee over my head and slipped on pajamas. I looked up and saw my grandmother looking at me with disappointment. Ignoring her, I slipped into bed and drifted into dreams about “Angel” who I now knew as Jasper until hands clamped roughly to my arms jerking me from sleep.

My eyes took a little while to adjust to the darkness that encased my room. My heart began to triple the rate it was already beating in. Standing above me, glowering was my dad. Fear shot through me in an instant. Like always my flashed before my eyes. In my head I imagined the last time I saw “Angel”, and regret washed over me. I had to stifle a gasp as my dad gripped my arm. I could feel the wounds break open. He pulled me from my bed and dragged me down the stairs and into the basement of our new home.

“Strip,” he said in a voice that made me comply. I slowly pulled off my clothing. “Faster!” He slapped me across the face. Being so used to the sting, I didn’t notice the pain he caused from the slap. I looked around the musty basement and realized to my shock that there was a bed. I gulped. I wanted to run for my life, but I knew that there would be no way I could escape him. All my clothes laid in a pile at my feet. I heard the clink of his belt buckle loosening.

“Lay on your stomach.” I could hear the twisted pleasure he took in this act. Knowing I had no choice I crawled on to the bed. “You’re such a whore!” He screamed.

“WHORE!” Kevin screamed at me, as my father brought the belt down on my back. I felt the cold sting of metal before it was quickly covered with the burning that could only come with pain. I choked back the scream I had waiting to burst free. In time with the belt being brought down on the back of my body, Kevin was chanting the word whore repeatedly. Strangely, my father was silent except for the grunts that protruded with the effort it took to abuse my body. Footsteps sounded on the wooden stairs.

“Michael? How much longer are you going to be?” My mother asked.

“Cathy, how many times do I have to tell you? Never interrupt me when I’m punishing the whore you call your daughter? Though it doesn’t really surprise me, considering you’re on too. As to how long I’m going to be…well however long it takes. After all…” he paused, and when he spoke again I could hear the twisted sneer on his face, “it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other.”

“Okay.” Defeated I heard my mother climb up the steps. I closed my eyes tightly and felt the warm tears slip. I knew my mother didn’t love me.

“Now where were we Elena? Oh that’s right turn over.” As soon as I turned his hand connected with my exposed breasts in a hard slap. I jumped slightly causing my cheek to receive the next one. “Elena, what have I told you about moving?” When I didn’t respond he spoke in a voice that always terrified me. “Spread your legs.”

I clenched my legs tightly shut. I refused to comply. Kevin was right, there was nothing for me to live for. “SPREAD THEM YOU WHORE!” His hands bruised my delicate flesh of my thighs as he forced them apart. He pulled ropes from beneath the bed and tied my ankles to the feet of the bed. There was a wiz of leather swinging through the air as he brought the belt and it’s heavy metal buckle down on my vagina. I couldn’t stop the sob that escaped at my sensitive flesh met the brutal metal. He continued the punishment of cruel beatings until I felt the flesh spilt open and the blood spilled. Of their own volition my hands went to cover my bloodstained and swollen crotch. The belt met my knuckles in a harsh swing. The thin skin on my knuckles broke, causing blood to rush and escape from the flesh prison. “You have just lengthened your punishment Elena.”

He forces my hand into the coarse rope he had waiting at the head of the bed. When my hands were secured, placed a gag on my mouth. He then settled in between my forced spread legs. I cringed as our exposed flesh met each other. My father raised his hand and slapped my face again. “Don’t look away whore.” His meaty hands clasped around my jaw, and fear that my jaw would break, rose. My blood had created a lubricated my hole of my vagina for him to force his way in. The inside of my body however, did not provide him with the same. I could feel the delicate muscles being ripped apart as his penis forced its way in my unwelcoming body. After the first thrust I felt my body and mind began to numb. All that remained was the groans of pleasure coming from my attacker. After what seemed forever, he let out a low moan of completion and I felt his gross seamen spill into my body.

He slid out of my bruised body. My wrists were untied one at a time, he twisted my battered body so now my wrists were in reversed positions, then he re-secured my wrists. I rotated my wrists only to feel the coarse material rubbed my skin roughly. The same process was repeated with the lower part of my body. He shoved the pillow that my head had been resting on beneath my hips, raising my buttocks into the air. His hand slipped to my battered vagina and pulled the seamen and bloody combination that was flowing out of me to the puckered hole of my anus. He rubbed the combination around. When he deemed me well lubricated he shoved himself into my clenched, unyielding muscles. I could feel the tearing that mirrored the one of my vagina. Again my mind numbed. However this time he finish far more quickly.

He untied my completely and spat on me. “Go clean yourself up.” I crawled my way up two flights of stairs and into my bathroom. I crawled into the shower and felt burning of the water pouring down on my broken flesh. The water relieved some of the soreness, so I was able to stand upright. I stumbled my way into my bedroom. I retrieved the box that held my sanity. I pulled the blade from the box

“Elena don’t do this again.” Grandmother said.

“Go ahead WHORE! You know that’s all you’ll ever be good for. Just a quick poke here and there.” Kevin laughed cruelly.

I knew Kevin was right I had to do this. So I began. A series of little cuts were made on each side of each arm. I waited until the blood seemed to stop flowing, then I would re-cut each one again. And again. Eventually the amount of blood I had lost seemed to catch up with me. So I wiped the blade clean and put it away. I opened the small tin and pulled out two vicodin. I placed them on the dresser as I began to get dressed. Stiffly I pulled on my clothes, the fabrics seemed coarser, and harsher as they rubbed against my many wounds.

I carefully applied my makeup so the bruises wouldn’t show. The whites of my eyes were very red. The delicate skin of my eyelids pained me as I put on the eyeliner as lightly as I could. I then grabbed the pills and my bag and made my way downstairs. I grabbed a bowl of and poured some cereal. I ate in pained silence. My mind floated back to the cries I heard coming from mother’s room. Her sobs seemed to echo around the house. I shook my head to clear the thoughts of sympathy. She didn’t deserve it. I reached into the cupboard behind my head and pulled out a small glass.

I made my way over to the freezer and pulled out the bottle of Vodka I knew my mother had stored in there. I filled the glass half way before replacing the bottle back in the freezer. I placed the two pills on my tongue and swallowed the contents of the small glass in one gulp. I grabbed my bag after putting my dishes in the sink, and made my to my car. When my car started lyrics pushed their way through my speakers.

((Dirty little secret
Dirty little lies
Say your prayers and comb your hair
Save your soul tonight))

I pulled out of the driveway, my eyes automatically raised to my bedroom window. A lump formed in my throat as I saw HIM standing there, with that look. I knew that look. And I knew, it was back to keeping secrets and suffering alone.

“After all Elena, who’d believe that he ‘raped’ you? You’re such a whore. A tease. Girls like you deserve what you get.” Kevin whispered cruelly.

((Drift among the faithful
Bury your desires
Aberrations fill your head
You need a place to hide
And I am))

“Elena dear don’t listen to him.” Grandmother said, glaring at Kevin.

“It’s not your fault.” Elizabeth put in. “It’s his. He is a very sick man Elena.”

“No it is my fault. I’m old enough I can stop him. I could’ve gone to the police. But no, I didn’t. It’s my fault I get that.”

((Do you remember me?
And the kid I used to be?
Do you remember me?))

I pushed my car to the 100 mark, knowing I’d be arrested for not only speeding, but speeding without a seatbelt, speeding while on vicodin, and I knew if I were to be pulled over I would be arrested for drinking while driving. As I neared the fog cloaked school, I slowed to the speed limit. Again there was no choice but to park next to that damn Volvo. Unlike yesterday however, four people were in front of the car. Alice and Bella sitting on the hood, and Jasper and Edward standing in front of them.

((When your world's come crashing down
I want to be there.
Your god is looking down on me!
I'm not Jesus,
Jesus wasn't there!))

Four heads turned in my direction. I sighed, turned off my car and got out. “Elena you okay?” Bella asked worriedly.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Your eyes are really red.”

“My cat died. Car ran over it.” The lie came easily. It was always the first one to spill forth, whenever I was asked what was wrong.

“I’m sorry. That must suck.” All of them had looks of pity on their faces. Edward, Alice, and Jasper however had their heads tilted slightly. I could see the small movement of their nostrils moving from sniffing the air.

“You drove?” Jasper asked.

“No. I caught a ride with Harry Potter on a hippogriff. Didn’t you just see it?” I snarled. I turned and stomped my way to my first class.

((You could confess it all away,
But it's only shit to me
Your god ain't looking down on me!
I'm not Jesus,
I will not forgive!

No I won't!))

The day passed in a haze. I was followed around by my grandmother and her disapproving looks. My shadow had grown bigger, as Edward followed Bella and Bella was required to follow me. At the end of the day my shadow contained four. When we reached our cars there were two more vampires standing at the silver Volvo.

“Rosalie.” Edward growled. Elizabeth looked devastated as she glanced upon the beautiful face that would destroy Bella’s heart.

“Rose, Emmett? What are you two doing here?” Jasper asked.

“Well we had time off from school.” Rosalie spoke as she looked directly at me, her upper lip curling in disgust.

“She lies.” Elizabeth accused.

No duh! “Well it was nice to meet you, but I got to go.” I said in a sickening voice.

“Ooo I didn’t miss it. You know what would throw them, if you called Jasper, Jasper Whitlock.” Amelia made her presence known at last. “Oh and dear cutting? Drinking? Pills? AND driving…not very safe sweetie.”

I went to go get in my car. “Elena maybe you shouldn’t drive.” Bella quietly spoke. My back stiffened. I turned all the anger I was feeling on poor innocent Bella.

“Why’s that?” I challenged.

“I n-n-noticed that you seemed a little shaky. And your…um…your pupils are bigger.” I saw the three that followed me had nodded their heads slightly. Rosalie and Emmett had intrigued looks.

“I know you’re suppose to monitor me at school Isabella. But that doesn’t mean I need a fucking babysitter all the time.” I said in a deadly voice. “It isn’t your concern if I make it home safe. It isn’t your concern on how I drive, what I do except for in class. I suggest you back the fuck off.” I screamed the last line directly in her face. A look of rage passed over Edward’s face.

“Elena, she’s just concerned. We all are.” Jasper said.

“Don’t tell me how fucking concerned you are Jasper Whitlock!” I slammed my car shut and started. Five confused faces stared at me, while one held first confusion, recognition, concern and finally worry. I sped out of there as fast as I could. Instead of heading North, to my “home”, I headed South. It wasn’t long before a silver Volvo, began to follow me.

((I've thought you were a good man,
I've thought you talked to god.
Your Hippocratic messiah and child abusive turned satanic.

Do you remember me?
Do you remember me?
And the kid I used to be?
Do you remember?
Do you remember?))

“Shit!” I screamed.

“Dear you kind of gave that one away.”

“Shut the fuck up grandma!” A mantra of shit repeated itself. I notice them gaining on me. I pushed my car faster. However they passed me. The driver turned the car, so it was blocking my way. I had no choice but to stop. Reversing wasn’t an option, behind me there was a black car and it too turned to block my way. “SHIT.”

I got out of the car. I had options, there was a cliff, if I needed to, I could jump off it. I made my way casually over to the edge. Hoping that no one would get the hint of what I was trying to do. Four people stepped out of one car, two from the other. I turned to face them head on. A few steps and I would tumble over land and into the crashing sea below.

((When your own world comes undone,
Let me be the one to say:
I'm not Jesus,
You can't run away!))

“Elena this is ridiculous. Please sweetheart, don’t, please don’t do this. I love you, and it’s not your time. You know this.”

“What do I know? I’m just a whore!” I yelled at her, forgetting that they couldn’t see her.

“Elena, no one called you that. We just are curious, as to why you referred to Jasper as Jasper Whitlock.” The Alice said said in a kind tone.

“JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!” Kevin chanted

“Shut up Kevin!” I screamed. I felt my head pounding. Voices filled my ears. The eight of them looked at me strangely.

“There’s no one hear named Kevin.” Rosalie sneered. Hate was pouring from her every pore.

I snapped. Her voice was just one of hundred hate-filled voices.

“She thinks it would be best if you jumped.” Elizabeth said horrified. “How could our son love someone so full of hate?” Elizabeth asked Edward.

“You’re right Rosalie. It probably would be best if I jumped.” She turned ashen. “There’s no one who loves me. No one who will ever love me. And truthfully I don’t deserve to be loved.”

((And the innocence you spoil
Find a way to live
Your god is looking down on me!
I'm not Jesus
I will not forgive!

I won't forgive.
I won't be whatever you want to.))

“Elena stop this.” Jasper hissed. “You are better than this.”

“How would you know? Hmm? I fucking HATE YOU! I wish you stayed dead!” Hurt crossed his face. “I’m not that girl anymore. Because of you she’s dead. And it’s your fault.”

“Elena! What was he suppose to do?” Amelia looked outraged.

“He shouldn’t of left.” I whispered. I could feel the tears wanting to form.

“Who?” Bella questioned.

“It doesn’t matter. None of it matters.” I yelled. “It will end if I’m dead. Then nothing could ever…” I trailed off. Nothing.

“Elena.” Amelia had tears in her ghost eyes. As did grandma, Elizabeth and Edward.

“Why do you cry Amelia. I mean it’s not you that’s being affected. Why should you care?”

“You’re hurting him.”

“It doesn’t matter you’re…” Jasper flew to me. His hand covered my mouth. Onyx eyes stared into my violet ones.

“Not here.” He grabbed my forearm and I hissed in pain. “We’ll meet you at the house. Edward call Carlisle and Esme. We need to talk.” Without reservation they all went to their cars.

“I hate you.” I whispered. I was silent for the rest of the drive to the house they occupied.

((Do you remember me?
And the kid I used to be?
Not the same as I used to be!
Oh, do you remember me?


I closed my eyes refusing to see the way to his house. I never wanted to be able to trace the path in my head. I never wanted to be tempted to go to him, and ask him to solve all my problems. “We’re here.” I opened my eyes.

“Of course. How could I ever be so stupid?” I sneered. I got out of the car. “Let’s make this quick Whitlock or do you prefer Hale? Cullen? Anyway I have an appointment with a blade. They hate to be kept waiting.” Bella looked terrified.

“You’re not serious are you?” She asked. I shrugged.

“Why am I here?” The group made it’s way to the extravagant house. Rosalie opened her mouth to say something, but I beat her to it. “Fuck off Rose.” Emmett looked furious that I would talk to her like that.

“He is so angry.” This brown haired girl said. “I’ve only seen him like this when papa slapped mama. Emmy was soo angry. He didn’t talk for days.”

I burst out laughing. “I’m sorry. Emmy? He really responded to Emmy?” She nodded.

“I’m Marie. I’m so glad I get to see him again.” She sighed. “He went bear hunting and never returned. She’s pretty. And all the girls loved Emmy. They all threw themselves at him. Who does she think she is? Is my brother not good enough?” She actually stomped her foot.

“Did you just stomp your foot? Seriously?” Marie turned to glare at me. I looked around and noticed I was being stared at. “What? It was a perfectly legitimate question.” We entered the house. Waiting by the door were who I figured to be Carlisle and Esme.

“I’m Carlisle and this is my wife Esme. Why don’t we go sit in the living room?” Not so much of a question, but a statement. I trailed behind the graceful vampires and Bella. They sat but I remained standing.

“Dear what’s your name?” Esme asked kindly.


“Elena how do you know Jasper?” Carlisle got straight to business.

((When your world's come crashing down,
I want to be there
Your god is looking down on me
I'm not Jesus
Jesus wasn't there!

You could confess it all away,
But it's only shit to me!
Your god is looking down on me!
I'm not Jesus,
I will not,
I'm not Jesus,
I will not forgive!

Oh, I will not forgive, yeah yeah!
No, I will not forgive!))

I looked at Jasper, and sighed. “I see dead people.”