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Last time, he had been there to save me. Now, no one was there. I was truly alone... Another accident occurs at Forks High School. Once again, Bella Swan is in harms way. This time, no vampire was there to help. She was on her own, and is now 'awakened' from the numbness. Can she handle what life has to throw at her now? cloakI am working on this again! The next chapter should be up soon!

All charecter belong to Mrs. Meyer, the genious who brought us the world of Twilight...

1. Chapter 1 Accident

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I turned on the old windshield wipers as I started to drive to school. It was snowing lightly, and it was making it slightly hard to see. I didn’t turn on the music as I drove. I didn’t have a stereo to use, anyway.

As I pulled into the school parking lot, I sighed. I would really like to graduate now, just to stop going to school. To not have to have people always staring at me, or people trying to talk to me. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I ignored the call of my friends as they called out to me. I waved back to them, amazed that they still cared. I thought they would be like Lauren and Jessica, who were ignoring me.

I carefully got out of my truck. It seemed that Charlie had put snow chains on my tired this morning. I was surprised that he still hadn’t given up on me. Almost everyone else had, but he still tried to cheer me up, to make me happy, or feel some emotion other than pain or sadness. He had even threatened to send me back to Florida. I had gone out with Jessica, but that didn’t go so well.

As I walked onto the ice, I dropped my keys as I steadied myself against the truck. I crouched down to pick them up. As I slowly stood up, I heard screaming. I looked up, only a little interested in what they were freaking out about.

My eyes widened, and I dropped them again.

An old beat up Mercury was screeching across the frozen asphalt, honking loudly and putting pressure on its breaks. I couldn’t do anything except turn before it hit me. I knew there was nothing I could do. No one was here to save me now. I heard growling in my head, and realized that the delusion was back.

I gasped in pain as the old car hit my side, forcing me to the ground. I felt fire erupt on my side; I probably had broken some ribs. Maybe my hip, as well. I heard his voice curse in my head.

Before I had the chance to move or call out, something cold and hard caught my jeans, dragging me away with the car. I felt my arms getting cut up as they dragged across the blacktop. I screamed, though I knew no one could do anything.

Last time, he had been there to save me. I was truly alone right now. No one could save me now, though. It all depended on where the car led me, and what happened as it did. His voice cried out my name, but I was too shocked to do anything.

The Mercury slammed into another car, and it rolled onto it sides, bringing me into the ruble it now was. There were small fires all around me, and sharp metal pointing up. I looked down at my legs, wincing as I moved my sides.

The bumper of my truck was around them. I looked back at the mess caused by the Mercury, and realized I would have been killed if the bumper hadn’t caught me. I would have been hit with the parts of other cars, and would have been impaled by the sharp metal.

The bumper was tuck to the bottom of the car, so I was only mildly exposed to the outside world. I could hear screaming, and the sounds of sirens. I smiled for the first time in months at the irony. This is what should have happened last year, except, like last time, I somehow had gotten lucky.

I gasped in pain as memories of him assaulted me suddenly. I remembered how anxious he was when he pulled me out of the way. How frustrated he had been at my insistence that something supernatural had occurred.

I laughed slightly. Somehow, right now, it didn’t hurt so bad to remember. Probably because of the blood loss, I thought. Somehow, as long as I didn’t remember him directly, it didn’t hurt.

I waited there for someone to get me. I heard deep voices yelling at my peers to back away. I heard them pull the Mercury away, and then saw some EMS workers rush forward to help me. Three went to remove the bumper from my legs, while the other went over to me.

“Are you alright?” He asked. He had a deep voice that was tainted with worry. He was checking my pulse as he spoke.

“I’m okay, I think. What happened to the person in the car?” I asked. I was surprised at the emotion in my voice. I had grown used to the dullness of it. I also felt emotions filling me up. Worry for the other person, fear, and pain. I wasn’t used to feeling.

“He seems to be fine. It looks like you got the worst of it,” he informed me. He gently touched my ribcage, and I winced in pain. “Does that hurt?”

I could only nod. Pain was threatening to overcome me now. Who knew such a simple ouch could cause that much physical pain. I could here him saying something, but I was lost in the pain.

I saw Charlie running over. He looked so frightened. I could guess why, too. I had been catatonic, then unemotional, now lying in a bloody heap on the ground. I felt horrible for what I was putting him through.

I couldn’t worry about that for long, though. I heard one of the EMS guys yelling at us to run. The guy in front of me quickly picked me up, and moved. We didn’t get far enough before a large explosion came from the car. The velvet voice roared my name in fear and anger.

The last thing I knew before I sank into the blackness was a pair of cool arms moving me away, crying dry sobs.